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Are you looking for the best sewing basket? Here is our complete guide!

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You who do occasional sewing or mending, very often have to dig into hundred of drawers or boxes for a needle or thread or pin. Wouldn’t be it a hundred times easier to find if you could keep all of those tiny items in single storage?

The sewing basket idea has come from the thought of storing all the sewing essentials within one storage, and of course, in an organized way.

This article will provide you some of the best sewing basket reviews with the information which you should consider before buying a sewing basket and last, of all there are some tips for you on how you will organize it for daily and effortless use.

Best Sewing Basket


The 5 Best Sewing Baskets


1. Singer Vintage Print Sewing Basket

A great starter kit for someone who has just started sewing. Comes with the basic accessories to work on a sewing project. The interior organizing tray has plenty of space for storing the included needles, threads, and other items as well as much space in the bottom to keep the fabric and incomplete projects. The tray is pretty shallow and flimsy but it does its work.

The magnetic button clasp makes it easy to open and close. The handle is for an easy transition. It is for those who do occasional sewing or mending and don’t need a huge box. If you do a lot of sewing, don’t choose it.

The provided accessories are not of very good quality. So don’t expect too much from them. The pincushion is so small that the pins may go straight through the other side. If you need small storage to keep all your sewing accessories in storage to find them in occasional or sudden need, you can buy them without any hesitation.


2. SINGER Sewing Basket Kit 7276

Lightweight and portable. For those who do occasional sewing or a beginner who has recently started sewing. Will only hold the essentials. Comes with limited supplies which are useful for a beginner. But these provided equipment are not much significant for you if you are an experienced sewer.

The plastic tray is to keep the items organized and to access the most frequently used items within a second. Below the tray, there is ample room for storing the less used items, patterns, scraps, and projects. The tray is a little flimsy but does its job.

The little pocket in the lid is useful for storing small items. The pincushion is effective for poking the pins in it thus protecting your fingers from getting hurt. But the provided pins are too small to find them in the tomato cushion. You can buy pins with a plastic head which you can easily get hold of.

The cardboard bottom of the kit is flimsy. Hard plastic or wood should have been used for this purpose. It is an ok product. Can seem a little pricey to many for what they get. Therefore buy it for the box, not for the provided notions.


3. SewKit Medium Sewing Basket Organizer

This little sewing basket is just the right size for someone who is not really a sewer but needs someplace to keep all the sewing supplies together. Because very often you have to search for a needle or a thread to fix a button or hem a cloth among the ton of sewing essentials scattered here and there.

Its attractive and cute print and design will make it an aesthetic addition to your sewing room. The wooden box is covered with this stylish fabric. Price is reasonable for the product. Enough storage for basic sewing needs and all the supplies are useful for the general needs of a house. The tools are not of the best quality but decent.

Its detachable tray will allow you to store small and frequently used items on the top of the basket. Built-in pin cushion and pocket on the inner side of the lid will hold pins, needles, and some small sewing accessories. A handy size tomato pin cushion with the supplies keeps more pins and needles in place. After all a great product for casual use.


4. Navaris Sewing Box with Accessories

Wooden basket covered with attractive fabric and available in 7 colors. A sturdy product for everyday use. Comes with sewing accessories for basic needs. Magnetic snap closure to close it easily and keep the stuff secure. The removable plastic tray features multiple compartments for small trinkets and supplies like buttons and beads and will help you to keep your most needed items organized and separated.

A built-in pincushion will hold the pins and needles when you are in the middle of a sewing project. The interior pocket will hold the smaller items like measurement tape, tailor’s chalk, safety pins, etc. Its durable handle will allow you to carry it anywhere. The padded exterior has covered the wooden frame. Not big but will hold your regular sewing stuff. Would recommend you for homely use.


5. Large Fabric Covered Sewing Basket

A large basket with a sturdy wooden bottom for everyday sewing projects. The wooden bottom is sturdy and the poly-wrapped handle will allow you to transmit it from one place to another easily. Comes with some simple sewing supplies like the small scissors, little spools, measurement tape, pin cushion, and some needles.

The huge interior has a shallow, lift-out plastic tray that holds your most needed items at the top. The lid closes with a snap and keeps your accessories secure. The inner side of the lid has a small pincushion and a small elastic pocket. The handle is strong and you can carry it wherever you want. The sewing-themed fabric has given it a very attractive look.

Nice for the price but a complaint about it is that it is smaller than a large basket should be. If you need a spacious basket to keep all your sewing stuff together you can go for it!


How You Will Choose the Best Sewing Basket

Certain things will determine which type of basket befits your need the most.


A sewing basket should be chosen depending upon its user. If you or the person for you are going to buy it is a regular sewer, you will have to choose a large sewing basket which will allow you to keep the large collection of sewing essentials.

Again if the person whom you are gifting this is a beginner or occasional sewer then you can choose the small size sewing baskets where they can store their limited but necessary types of equipment so that they can find them in need.

Sewing Basket with Removable Tray

Now there are many sewing baskets that come with a removable tiny basket with a good number of compartments.

A removable tray on the top of the basket will help you to keep the most frequently used items organized on the top.

Basket with Handle

A sewing basket with a sturdy handle will allow you to carry it with you wherever you go. For this purpose, the basket should be small and lightweight too.

Built-in Pin Cushion and Pockets in the Lid and Magnetic Closure

A sewing basket that has built-in pin cushions and elastic pockets on the inner side of the lid will give you some space to poke the pins when they are not in use and some other small stuff like safety pins, measurement tape, needle box, etc.

Therefore your finger will not get hurt the next time when you search for something in the basket and you will get a place to keep the small kinds of stuff separately.

The magnetic closure will help you to easily close the basket and keep all your small items safe.

Material and Design

There are a variety of sewing baskets in the markets made of different materials. You will find wooden baskets ( simple and vintage design), fabric-covered wooden or plastic baskets with padded lid, metal baskets, and a variety of designs like floral or dotted prints, sewing themed prints, etc.


How to Organize Your Sewing Basket

If you buy a sewing basket and randomly keep all the items in it, again the same thing will repeat. In the beginning or middle of a sewing project, you will have to dive into the ton of little accessories resulting in spoiling your mood and energy.

It is less painful to keep the items organized than rushing to the store for just a needle or thread or such things. Organizing the items by type and needs will help you to find the needed items within a second.

Here are some tips which you can follow to organize your sewing basket:

Keep the Most Used Items on the Removable Tray

Most of the sewing baskets come with a removable tray which you will find great in keeping the small most frequently used items. These trays have compartments for keeping scissors, needles, beads, buttons scales, and many other kinds of stuff on the top of the basket.

Use the Inner Side of the Lid to Keep More Items

In many sewing baskets, you will find a built-in pin cushion and pocket which will give you a place to poke your pins and keep small items like measurement tape tailor’s chalk, needle box, and much more.

Use the Space Behind the Removable Tray to Store More Things

Make the best use of the room behind the insert tray by keeping the other necessary things. Do not keep the items haphazardly rather try to keep them in boxes.

You can use a small food container box or any small boxes to keep the little items like beads, buttons, pins, needles separately. In another box keep the thread spools of different colors.

Stock an Extra Collection of the Most Used Items

Always keep an extra bobbin of every color and at least two or more bobbins of the most used threads- white, black, brown, beige in your collection so that you may not run short of them in the middle of a project.

Store different types and sizes of needles to work with different fabrics in your stock. You will need sharp needles for general hand sewing, applique needles for sewing applique and patchwork, crewel needles for embroidery, quilting needles for stitches on heavy fabrics, etc.

Keep sewing pins organized in a pin cushion to use them for holding the pattern to the fabric or holding the fabrics together for sewing different types of fabric. There are a variety of pins to use for different fabrics and purposes.

Some Necessary Items to Organise Your Sewing Basket

Keep a pair of sharp scissors on the insert tray for cutting fabric and use those only for clothes and threads. Cutting other things like papers or plastics will make the blade dull and it will not work smoothly anymore.

Keep a pin cushion in your sewing basket to keep the pins and needles safely when they are not in use. Simply poke them in the pincushion and take hold of them easily when needed.

Measurement tape is a must for a tailor’s box which he will never forget to keep. It will help you to measure a great length but take very little room in your basket. Keep the measurement tape on the tray or the pocket of the lid.

You can keep a seam gauge in the tray that will allow you to take a small measurement.

A seam ripper is a must in your sewing basket. Keep it on the insert tray to use when you will sew on the wrong line.

Keep tailors chalks on the lid pocket to mark the area before cutting a cloth. You can keep a water-soluble fabric maker instead of it.

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People Also Ask

What is a sewing basket?

A sewing basket is a storage to store the miscellaneous items like needles, threads, pins, scissors together for occasional and regular sewing and mending. A sewing basket is very different from a sewing machine tote, so you may also like to read that.

What are there in a basic sewing kit?

A basic sewing kit includes 11 spools of threads, fabric scissors, seam ripper, tomato pin cushion, measurement tape, hand needles, thimble, sewing gauge, needle thread, and marking pencils.

What does a seam ripper do?

A seam ripper is a small tool used for ripping stitches. You will need it in case you sew on the wrong line and want to mend it.

Therefore sewing basket is a must in every house either for regular sewing or for occasional needs of simple sewing or mending. Compare the above products and choose the best sewing basket for you or your loved ones to keep all the sewing essentials in a single storage and make life easy.


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