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Do you wanna make a professional hem and decorative stitches on cloth like store bought cloth? The best coverstitch machine can make your dream into reality. Here is what we recommend!

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Are you tired of paying the tailor & shop and getting nothing to wear of your own choice? Do you wanna make dresses to wear & gift the near ones of your own choice? But you aren’t able to start your work as you are afraid of not getting store-bought clothes like finishing your clothes.

Stop worrying!! Only the best cover stitch machine can put your worries to an end. It can give your sewing works a professional finishing.

Well, now you know the things to be considered before buying a coverstitch machine. But there are so many coverstitch machines’’ brands in the market! Now what to buy? It’s quite confusing to select one brand among so many brands. There is 7 cheapest coverstitch machines’ description which will help you make your decision easier.


Best Coverstitch Machine


The 4 Best Coverstitch Machines


1. Brother 2340CV, Cover, Advanced Serger

You can easily set & use Brother 2340CV, Cover, Advanced Serger. Its speed is 1100 stitches per minute. It has three needles & one looper thread. So you can do both coverstitch & chain stitch with this machine. You can also get triple or double stitches on the top of your fabric.

You can easily thread it because of its built-in color-coded threading guide. It has an easy looper threading system. You can also adjust the pressure of its presser foot also. This feature enables you to place your cloth properly while sewing. The stitch length is  2mm to 4mm, it is adjustable, so you can create variation in your stitches according to your need & design.

The differential feed is from .7 to 2 m.m. You can adjust it according to how your fabric will be looked like. These features enable you to stretch or gather your fabric with its decorative stitches. As this is an electric appliance, you must be alert while sewing.


2. Juki MCS-1500 CoverStitch and Chain Stitch Machine

You can easily set & use Juki MCS-1500 CoverStitch and Chain Stitch Machine. You can easily thread the looper. Threading the machine color coded threading guide. It has four threads & three needles which enable you to sew two categories of stitches. One is coverstitch & another is chain stitch. Its stitch length is from 1 to 4mm .you can adjust the stitch length. The stitch width of this machine is 5mm. The seam guideline on the sewing space helps you to sew easily.

The presser foot can be lifted from 8mm to 10mm with a presser foot lifter. Because of this feature, you can easily insert your fabric under the presser foot easily. Differential feed is a system that stretches or gathers the fabric. In this machine, you can easily adjust it while sewing

The exterior thread cutter makes your work easier. It cuts your extra thread after finishing your sewing. The sewing speed is not known of this device. As it’s an electric tool, you will have to be work with it carefully.


3. Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger

You can do both coverstitch & overlock on your fabric with this machine. The Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger has a speed of 1300 pm that means you can have 1300 stitches per minute while sewing. You can adjust it according to your need.

It has an adjustable stitch length & stitches width feature. You can do different strengths & varieties of stitches with this. You can gather or stretch your fabric with its adjustable differential feed feature. You can also thread it easily because of its color-coded threading guide. There is a LED light in this machine with which you can have a clear view of your project.

You can choose your stitch from 12 built-in stitches. Once you select the stitch, your machine will automatically adjust the tension with your selected stitch and it only happens because of its self-adjusting tension feature. Its free arm is a much more narrow working surface and enables you to sew a small portion of your cloth or a tiny piece of cloth. As it is an electric appliance you should handle it carefully.


4. Bernette b42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine

It is to set & use Bernette Funlock 42 is a coverstitch machine. You will get an easy threading system following its color-coded threading paths. It’s a four-thread & three-thread coverstitch machine that enables you to do 2 categories of stitches with this machine. one is a chain stitch and another is a cover stitch. It features 3 different kinds of cover stitches.

You can sew at the stitch width of 2.8 mm and 5.6 mm. It has a working space to the right of the needle 87mm. So you can easily at a large piece of fabric. It has a bright LED light which enables you to see your work more properly

It has an adjustable differential feed system with which you can stretch or gather the fabric. You can stitch at a speed of 1300 stitches per minute using this machine. No free arm is given in this machine so can’t easily work with a small piece of fabric. Without electricity, you can’t work with this machine. As it’s an electric machine you have to work with it carefully.


What Does a Cover Stitch Machine Do?

A cover stitch is a professional-looking hem(two or three rows of stitch es on the top & serger-like stitches on the back). And A coverstitch machine is used to do this cover stitch on the folded edge of your fabric. It creates a cover stitch that is flexible like the fabric itself. This feature prevents the stitching from breaking

You can also do chain stitch with your coverstitch machine. It can also be used to attach lace to your fabric or give a decorative stitch on your fabric, create smooth necklines, attach sleeve cuffs.


Coverstitch Machine Buying Guide

Now Do you wanna buy a cover stitch machine? If your answer is yes, it will be a very good decision. But there are a lot of cover stitch machines in the market? If you don’t know the general feature of a cover stitch machine, you can’t be able to buy a good one.

Now To buy the coverstitch machine you have to consider the following important features:


Most of the coverstitch machine has its own stitching speed. The more the stitching speed of your machine, the faster you can stitch. You must buy a machine whose speed is adjustable. Then you can adjust the stitching speed according to your need, experience.

2.Threading System

Threading can be the most horrible part of the easiest part of your sewing. Nowadays color-coded threading path makes the threading of a machine easy. So if you buy a machine with a color-coded treading path, you will just follow the color-coded path and thread your machine easily.

Stitch Length

Know the stitch length of your machine. Also, know whether it is adjustable or not. Most coverstitch machines have adjustable stitch lengths. With this feature, you can get short and strong stitches. By making stitch length smaller. stitches you will get small and strong you can also get long and weak stitches by setting your stitch length larger.

Differential Feed

Ask the differential feed of your machine and also make sure to know whether it’s adjustable or not. Adjustable Differential feed is the feature with which you can make your fabric either stretcher or gathered according to your choice or design.


How to Use a Coverstitch Machine

Using a coverstitch machine is not a daunting task. So don’t be scared. Generally, you will get a manual with a coverstitch machine which will help you always. But for the people whose manual is lost or the people who are just curious how to use this machine here are facts they should know for using it:


Threading the Machine

As in most of the coverstitch machines, there is a color-coded threading guide, it’s been easy for the user to thread the machine. You have to thread the machine by doing the following two threading. You can do it by following your machine color coded threading path or by your machine’s manual:

1. Threading the looper

2. Threading the needle

  • Which stitch you want

In most of the coverstitch machines, there are three needles and a looper underneath.

With one needle and a looper thread, you can create a chain stitch.

You can get coverstitch with two or three needles. with two needles will get a coverstitch with two parallel rows on top of the seam, and with three needles you will get three parallel stitches on the top.

If you wanna wider two parallel line stitches, you can remove the center needle. If you want narrow stitches set, you can remove the left or right needle.

  • Adjust stitch length

Adjust the stitch length according to your want. You can adjust stitch length by moving the knots which are for adjusting this feature.

If you want a small stitch set your stitch length at a small number. If you want a larger & weak stitch that can be removed easily.

  • Adjust differential feed

Set the differential feed according to your fabric. The ratio or the range showing varies from machine to machine. Generally, it is between .6 to 2. And you can adjust it by press the button or moving the knob which is for adjusting the feature.

If you don’t want to make your fabric stretchy or gathering that means normal set it on 1/N.If you want a gathering feature on your fabric. Set your differential feed from 1.5 to larger. If you want a stretchy fabric set it from .8 to smaller.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the coverstitch machine cut fabric like serger?

No, a coverstitch machine doesn’t cut fabric like a serger.

Can’t I do any stitches without coverstitch with the coverstitch machine?

You can do chain stitch with your coverstitch machine.

Aren’t Coverstitch machine & serger the same?

No, they are a totally different sewing machine. To learn it more read our article coverstitch machine vs the serger machine.

Is there any light provided in the coverstitch machine

It depends on your product’s brand. Some coverstitch machine has the feature of LED light or bulb to view the sewing easily.

Can I do zigzag stitches using the coverstitch machine?

If your coverstitch machine has an adjustable stitch width feature you can easily do it.



What are you thinking about? A coverstitch machine can help you to show your creativity. You can make your dream cloth and give it a professional look using the best coverstitch machine. It will save you’re your money which you are giving your tailor. Moreover, you can start a startup of your own cloth shop and earn money & fame.

So go & get a coverstitch machine, get a professional hem on your fabric, do decorative stitches with it and show the world your creativity.

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