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Are you looking for the best embroidery scissors? In this guide we will show you which ones you should choose.

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When looking for the best embroidery scissors, you will be faced with a variety of expressions. Curved blades, straight tips, bent handle – what is the ideal tool for your work?

The answer will change if you do embroidery by hand or machine, your personal preferences, if you are left-handed or not – and many other factors.

One thing is for sure: embroidery scissors are a necessity in needlework. They are sharp, small and perfect for detailed work. 

Embroidery is an intricate and beautiful endeavor, and the scissors tend to follow that trend. You can find charming ones shaped like storks and vintage-looking scissors that look like they come from 1920.

If you prefer a simple approach, there are also plenty of clean-looking tools that do the job just fine. The important thing is to get a sharp, small, and comfortable pair of scissors for your work. 

Best embroidery scissors


The 10 Best Embroidery Scissors

1. BIHRTC Gold Plum Blossom Scissors

This pack of scissors contains two of the most beautiful tools we have ever seen. There are also other designs to choose from, like bronze cranes or a very interesting cloud pattern.

They are well built, sharp and with straight blades – ideal to cut loose threads and small yarn ends. It is important to notice that they are around 4 inches long, too small for some but optimal for embroidery.

The tips are pointy and extremely sharp, good to reach corners of the project. Some models come with a silicone cap for protection, a good action since they are so pointy. 

2. Yueton Vintage European Style Scissors

Scissors are just scissors, but that does not mean they can’t be pretty. In terms of looks, the Yueton are gorgeous and loyal to pictures, you won’t be disappointed.

They are as functional as they are beautiful, however, and incredibly sharp. Measuring 4.5 inches, they work well for detailed work, and the finger holes are not too narrow that they are uncomfortable.

The blades are straight and line up perfectly, meaning they are sharp all the way to the tip. They are suited for embroidery and other thread crafts, but also handle crochet and knitting yarn.

They are brand new but are constructed in a Victorian Age style that would look great in any collection. They don’t feel flimsy and are very durable, a great choice of scissors.

3. Fiskars Embroidery Curved Scissors 

Fiskars offer straightforward, no-frills and excellent tools for a variety of crafts. These scissors are not different. They are small, 3.9 inches, the blades are made of quality steel and the handles of high-grade plastic.

They are ergonomic and have a good grasp, with a pleasant and secure grip suited for right and left-handed embroiderers.

These scissors are curved blade style, which means they can get extra near to the fabric to cut the thread very close to the project without blocking your view.

As an extra bonus, these scissors are dishwasher safe so you can just stick them in there if needed.

4. Mundial Embroidery Scissors

The Mundial scissors are reliable, affordable and effective. They are as small as embroidery shears need to be, and have a very simple and uncomplicated design.

The blades are made of stainless steel, the same grade used in cutlery. The handles have a non-slip grip due to their matte black polypropylene material, making them very ergonomic.

Mundial offers a lifetime guarantee, but most users report these tools lasting for years to come, so it mostly goes unused. The blades are straight, sharp and well-aligned – the most important thing for needlework scissors.

If you are looking for traditional style shears, these are a safe bet. 

5. Beaditive Sewing and Embroidery Scissors Set

For those who are unsure about getting straight blade scissors or curved ones, this set settles the argument. The green handled scissors have a curved tip and the pink ones, straight edges.

The rubber handles are a differential in scissors this size, as they offer a firm grip and more control for detailed tasks. The blades are rust and corrosion resistant, made from the best stainless steel there is.

If you wish, you can purchase cute, polka dot blade covers for an extra charge. It is also possible to get two straight scissors or two curved ones, but we do like the versatility that getting one of each brings.

6. Mazbot 6 Inch Bent Handle Curved Embroidery Scissors

These scissors are unbeatable in quality for machine embroidery. The difference between hand and machine needlework is that reaching the loose threads around a machine is not an easy task.

You can’t take your work out every time you need to cut something, and you have to be precise to avoid shredding fabric. That’s where the Mazbot shines! Its curved blades plus the curved handle are ideal to reach tight corners without impairing your visualization of what you’re doing.

The small, razor-sharp blades cut through the thread with no frailing or difficulty, and they reach inside the embroidery hoop comfortably.

If you are looking for a pair of shears that work on an angle, these are the best embroidery scissors to get.

7. Pafason Small and Sharp Scissors

This is another set to get to cover all embroidery needs. These are tiny scissors, measuring 3.6 inches total and with blades that are just 1 inch long.

It may seem too small, but meticulous projects like embroidery beading require a very accurate cut.

The set comes with two scissors – one with curved blades and one with straight blades – and they are very sharpened, cutting the thread as soon as it touches it.

Another reason to get this set is that it comes with safety covers for both scissors, essential if you are keeping them inside a bag for example – they are that pointy and sharp.

8. Gingher Classic Embroidery Scissors

Gingher is one of the most traditional brands when it comes to craft accessories.

The brand offers repair and sharpening services on all their scissors for a small fee, and promises to return them to prime conditions within three weeks.

All shears are forged with cutlery grade steel by skilled technicians, forged and tested for sharpness and tension. They are made in Italy and the reasons why they are an established classic are they cut smoothly, feel sturdy but lightweight and come inside a nice leather sheath.

If used well, they are known to be passed down generations, so they are mode an investment than scissors!

9. BambooMn Antique Style Embroidery Scissors

If looks are important to you, these antique-style scissors may just as well be what you’re looking for. They look as they were fashioned last century, but are new and well made.

They are 6 inches long overall, and the blades are thin, straight and sharp. Unlike other small embroidery scissors, these ones have large handles that make them very easy and pleasant to hold.

Bamboo offers three years of unconditional warranty, simply save the receipt and you can return the product if you need. That is a bold move and one we appreciate on a brand!

10. Westcott Titanium Scissors

Affordable scissors made from titanium – a high-performance metal that combines the lightness of aluminum with the strength of steel – that is what you will get from Westcott.

They are also highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making them of the most durable embroidery scissors there are. Curved blades make them ideal for machine embroidery, and the large handles are eminently comfortable.

Even though they are needlework scissors, the blades are still firm enough to cut through thin pieces of fabric and thick yarn. Worth the purchase.


Best Embroidery Scissors – Useful Buying Guide 

Curved Tip VS Straight Tip

The type of blade relates closely to the type of embroidery you do. In hand embroidery, a small and straight blade will be sufficient for you, since you can point it directly to where you want it and reach specific places on your work.

On machine embroidery, however, it can be way harder to reach around corners and the inside of the hoop to cut threads. It is unrealistic to remove your project from the machine every time you need to snip loose ends and the bent blades allow you to reach angled and small corners.   

Blade Size

Embroidery scissors are small. Big and long ones just will do. Most of the models are 4 inches long, with the blades varying between 1 and 1.5 inches. This will allow you to reach deep into specific places you need to cut.  

Pointed tips

The tips must be pointed and very sharp, with the blades being able to cut all the way through the blade.

In many cases, it won’t be possible to place the thread in between the blades, and you’ll need to use the tips to sharply chop the strand. 


Chances are you will need to use your scissors for a long period of time, alternating among scissors and needles. You need a pair that is comfortable enough to not give you hand strain.

Look for ergonomic shapes, a good grip and enough space on the finger hole. 


It needn’t say – sharpness is where it is at with the best embroidery scissors. They must cut the thread on the first try, smoothly and effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Embroidery Scissors 

How do I take care of my embroidery scissors? 

It is crucial to only use your embroidery scissors on threads and, very rarely and only if the manufacturers advise, on thin fabric. Using your scissors on paper will blunt them.

After use, wipe them with a dry cloth and keep them inside a box or pouch. You can also use a drop of sewing machine oil to keep them running smoothly. 

What are the tools used in embroidery?

There is a myriad of tools you can get to optimize your embroidery hobby. The essential ones, however, are embroidery needles, thread, hoop, a piece of fabric, and scissors.

Although it is not impossible to use regular tools to do embroidery, you will definitely achieve better results working with specialized embroidery tools. 

What are the different types of scissors?

There are as many scissors as there are craft activities and house uses. Kitchen scissors, paper scissors, fabric shears, gardening scissors, the list goes on.

It is best to always use the right type of tools for the right activity. They vary on blade size, curvature type, handle grip, and many other aspects. 

Can I use my embroidery scissors on fabric? 

Unless the manufacturer clearly mentions that the embroidery scissors can also be used on fabric, it is not a good idea to do so.


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