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Are you looking for embroidery software for your machine? Here is our top picks to make sure you get what you need.

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It does not matter how good your embroidery machine is, without good quality software to compliment it, it will not be working to its full potential. The amount of embroidery software available today is huge, so it often can be difficult to be 100% sure which one is the best match for your machine.

To ensure you have the best software, you must pay attention to the features and compatibility of the program and your machine.

Your decision becomes much more difficult when you have to use the program on multiple machines and using multiple file formats. 

Embroidery software gives you a large selection of designs, stitches, and patterns as well as the ability for you to add your own personal touches. If you desire, it is even possible to pick some of your own designs for digitalization.

With the ideal embroidery software, you can take your embroidery skills to the next level. 


The Best Embroidery Software of 2020

1. BuzzEdit v4 – Embroidery Design Editor

The Buzz Edit V4 is an embroidery design editor for stitches. It features basic digitizing and customizing tools.

It has a continuous border and wreath wizard that allows for easy applications and editing of these features. If you need to fix a multi hoop there is an Auto Split option.

There is a fairly steep learning curve with this program but everything you need to learn can be found easily on youtube. Overall, this is a wonderful program if you are willing to put in the time.

2. Embrilliance StitchArtist Embroidery Software

This software is level three, yet it also has level 1 and 2 designs included as well, there are features available for a wide range of embroidering skill levels.

Some advanced items include styles, quick styles, and caring lines. It gives you all the tools you need to produce your own unique designs. This program is very much focused on straightforward design creation from the user.

Again, there is a steep learning curve with this program, but your time will be rewarded. The manual is not very useful and quite dense, so we recommend that you take advantage of all the video guides instead.

3. Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Software

As the name suggests, this software provides all the most important features so that you can get started on creating brilliant designs.

This software allows you to adjust many things, including color, size, lettering, group elements as well as print templates for manual pre-cutting.

It also has a unique applique feature that allows for great control. The colorize feature is fast and easy and gives you the ability to convert every part of your design to any color you choose.

This program is very versatile and works well with all file types. If you are a beginner and need software to help you expand your skills, then this would be an excellent choice.

4. Initial Stitch Embroidery Lettering and Monogramming Software

The Initial stitch embroidery software is perfect to design custom lettering and monogramming to your heart’s desire.

This software is also very easy to use and will have you creating designs in mere minutes. It is ideally suited to 4”x4” and 5”x7” embroidery hoops, the main sizes you find on embroidery machines.

There are a total of 25 lettering fonts and 5 monogramming fonts and you can also resize and save design files with ease. In addition, it has 27 beautifully decorative frames to add flair to your pattern.

It is one of the best software for beginners, you get detailed instructions on how to download this software onto your PC. It also has an easy learning curve and it won’t take long for you to master the basics.


5. Brother PE-Design Plus Embroidery Software

The Brother PE-Design package is solely focused on giving you the ability to scan your personal photographs and images straight into your embroidery machine.

This product is state of the art and some say it will change the game of embroidery forever.

There are many nuances to this software that must be learned thoroughly beforehand, but Brother does provide everything you need to scan, digitize and create gorgeous embroidered art, including a special image scanner.

The trade-off is that you really have to put in the hard yard to get the best out of it, worth though, to create unique and personal patterns.

6. Amazing Designs APPLIQUE IT

The fantastic software allows you to make applique designs from a multitude of images. It provides you with 59 applique projects, which is a fairly large amount.

In addition, you get 103 applique shapes to help add some jazz to your work. It has to be said, the designs provided are only beginner level and as such, great for learners, but may not prevent much of a challenge to advanced users.

It is one of the software for beginners that offers the most choice, thus a great choice.


Buying Guide – Get the Best Embroidery Software for You 

Not having the right software means that you might not be able to use the whole spectrum of functions on your embroidery machine. Most machines you buy do have their own programs and designs installed, but they are not extensive by any means.

Understanding the ins and out of embroidery software on the market is a complicated business, but keep an eye on these aspects and you will master the business.

Positives of getting the best embroidery software

The main positive is that you will no longer be restrained by the lack of functions on your machine as standard. Your creativity will be emboldened by all the options you have when using embroidery software.


Some of the most important features to look out for are compatibility with your particular operating system if it is aimed at home or high output embroidery machines.

This should be very clean on the specifications of the software and the embroidery machine. 

Different operating systems

Most of the embroidery software available today is compatible with both MAC and WINDOWS operating systems. But it is still wise to always make sure you double-check this before purchasing one. 

Important functions

The most important functions to be on the lookout for are whether or not the program can edit and create designs. Also the program’s ability to handle monogramming and lettering.

Not all software lets you create your own patterns or develop a design from an upload picture. If that is what you are looking for, make sure you read the specifications carefully. 

File Formats

Each machine will use a particular file format to import and export design files. Make sure the software is compatible with those file formats. The format is represented by the letters after the dot on the filenames. Here are some examples:

  • .jpg
  • .dng
  • .pdf
  • .xxx
  • .pes

Business or at-home software

The intended use of the embroidery machine will have a big impact on the type of software that is best for you, affecting what features you need. Software for high-volume business use needs to allow for a lot of optimizations that home users simply don’t need.

As a hobbyist, it may be a mistake to get software too complicated, as they can be difficult to master and use.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know that the software will work with my machine? 

The digital program that you buy will interact with your embroidery machine. Because of this, you need to be aware of the format that the software comes in.

Then, cross-reference this with your machine format preferences, which will usually be stated in the user manual. 

How do I change the size and reposition of digital embroidery designs?

Changing the size and position of digital designs is not simple, as it is a requirement to alter the stitch and underlay settings to prevent distortions.

Each software is different in this regard and may require you to follow a few steps to achieve the right size and placing. This is why it is crucial to invest in software with a good manual.

Can I use the same software on more than one machine?

It is very rare that you will not be able to use the embroidery software on multiple machines – this is ideal for businesses where there are many machines in use.

Please do still check with the manufacturer before purchase to confirm this, though. 

How difficult is it to import designs into the machine?

This is different for every machine but is generally very straightforward. Some types allow USB’s to be used to transfer the program from PC to machine.

Others let you transfer straight from the PC. A few button presses later and you will have your program installed. 


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