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Looking for the best hot glue gun for crafting? Check out our review to help you choose the right one.

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A hot glue gun is a vitally important tool for anybody into arts and crafts as well as DIY in the home. It is a fast way to bind almost any materials you can imagine.

There are many brands and models out there though, all saying that they are better than the rest. Deciding which glue gun is best for you can be a tricky process. There are a lot of things to consider, such as temperature, power, size, and performance. 

You should also note that there are two standard sizes of glue guns and sticks.

The full size, with a diameter of 0.44 inches, is great for larger projects. The minute one, measuring only 0.27 inches in diameter, is perfect for small and precise jobs. You can’t use big sticks on small guns and vice versa. 

With all that in mind, we narrowed down the ten best hot glue guns for crafting available today. Happy searching!

Best Hot Glue Guns for Crafting

1. Arrow Fastener Pro Glue Gun

The Arrow GT300 glue gun is a professional-grade glue gun with an excellent pedigree. This device is equally adept at tough jobs as it is at craft jobs.

It heats to a high temperature fast for a great bonding strength, and the glue tip is drip-resistant for a clean application of the glue. The nozzle is also heat insulated so you won’t burn your fingers when using it.

On the body of the gun is a control adjustment knob. This gives you precise control over the amount of glue that you release from the gun, great for the more technical jobs.

Finally, the trigger is on the larger size, making it nice and easy to squeeze. Packaged in with the gun is a sturdy stand that is secure and stable for holding the gun when it’s not in use.

2. Elmer’s Craft Bond Hot Glue Gun

Elmer’s glue gun is a smaller-sized glue gun that is just great for home crafts and designs. Its cordless design gives it a lot of flexibility and easy access to those hard-to-reach places.

The nozzle is insulated to prevent any burns, alongside a safety fuse to prevent any shocks. These features make it child-friendly and a good choice for young learners.

There is a high-temperature feature if you need to glue metals, plastics, wood, or leather, and a low-temperature option for more delicate materials.

Overall this is a great all-around glue gun for both beginners and advanced users.

3. Stanley Glue Shot Dual Melt

This glue gun comes from the manufacturer Stanley, the makers of the famous Stanley knife. As you would expect from this company the build quality of this gun is great and we can tell it is very rugged.

There is a fold-out stand for safe placements when it is on and hot. It features an easy-to-use dual temperature control giving you access to two different glue temperatures depending on the work materials.

If you are a heavy glue gun user and work with a lot of heavy-duty materials this model can be the best hot glue gun for crafting your projects.

4. Cordless Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

This model comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that takes a swift three minutes to heat the glue for you. The small and nimble portable design is very convenient to use and operate for beginners.

Charging the gun could not be easier as it has a USB charging interface. A full charge takes 1 ½ hour to achieve and that will get you nearly an hour of cordless use time.

The build materials of this gun are sturdy enough that it can withstand very high pressures and high temperatures and will operate safely and effectively during long periods of use.

You even get a pack of 30 glue sticks included, so you can start working straight out of the box, no extra orders. 

5. Ryobi Cordless Hot Glue Gun

The Ryobi P305 One+ is a high-end glue gun manufactured for the heaviest and toughest of glue gun jobs. This model is large in size, with the trigger big enough to let you use two fingers to release the glue steadily.

Indicators on the sides show clearly with an LED light if the gun is switched on and hot. The micro hex rubber materials used in the handle grips your hand tightly, giving you complete control over where you place the glue. 

It also has a long battery life of around three to four hours per full charge. Be aware, though, that this model does not come with a battery so that will have to be purchased separately.

6. Lifegoo Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun

The amazingly named Lifegoo glue gun is rapid at heating the glue and is very versatile. It can be used anywhere from office, home to work without a hitch.

It can be maintained easily with a small daily clean and is ideal for most materials such as paper, fabrics, wood, and metals.

The Lifegoo glue gun has safety features to protect against it slipping, and protection against the hot nozzle burning your hand.

It has been manufactured with safety in mind, the mouthpiece is even wrapped in an insulating rubber. A nifty stand is built-in to the gun to let you rest it safely when it is not in use.

7. DeWALT Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun

The DeWalt brand is world-renowned in the craft and tools space and synonymous with quality. The DeWalt glue gun is another excellently made tool from them.

This model is made to be a high output glue gun with the ability to get through over 50 glue sticks an hour if so needs be. The tip is heat insulated and therefore super safe to use.

The heating element is made from ceramic material and heats the glue a lot faster than most other glue guns on the market.

The cherry on the cake is the fantastic lifetime warranty that comes with this gun – any issue and you can return it for a replacement.

8. AdTech Hot Glue Gun

This Adtech glue gun is small in size and as a result very portable and versatile among the jobs it can take on.

This model is all about precision and efficiency with its drip-less and accurate nozzle design.

Just because this one is mini does not mean it is not powerful, it can handle most tasks you throw at it. In addition, it comes with a stand and is compatible with both high temperatures and multi-temperature glues.

The versatility of this model is affected by its corded design, which is a shame because this is a real stand-out glue gun.

9. Tilswall Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

【50W】Hot Glue Gun, Tilswall Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 12pcs Glue Sticks, High Temperature Anti-drip Melting Glue Gun Kit for Quick Home Repair, Arts, Crafts, DIY & Sealing[/amalinkspro]” value=”button”]

This glue gun can heat a glue stick in a rapid 3 to 5 minutes and its intuitive design ensures constant temperature when applying the glue.

It is user-friendly with a specially designed anti-hot cover to protect your hands from heat. The nozzle is well made and allows for tight control over glue release speed during a task.

Hot Glue Gun’s Buyers Guide

Plug or battery-operated models

Glue guns will either be corded or cordless. Corded ones will not need a battery to be charged, simply plug them into the wall.

Cordless ones will have more flexibility of movement for harder-to-reach places, but you need to purchase batteries and keep replacing them. 

Heat uptime

This can vary widely between models, from 20 seconds to around 8 minutes. The faster the heat-up time the less time is wasted simply waiting.

Nozzle type

Nozzle types include round, flat, and anti-drip. Round nozzles release more glue and are better for big and quick jobs. Flat ones are perfect for precision-type tasks.

Anti-drip can be the best of both worlds and is the neatest and tidiest option for technical tasks. 


The lighter it is the easier it is to use, but some tradeoff in power will be seen. Bigger guns will always carry more power than portable, mini ones. 

Manual vs trigger feed

Manual feed glue guns need the user to push through the glue sticks. This makes it a little tricky to not get burned. Trigger feeds, on the other hand, are automatic and only need the user to touch the trigger, which is much simpler. 

Remember, it is crucial to be quick when using a glue gun, as the glue will cool fast.

Also, heat-resistant protective sheets underneath the work area when it is not in use will save you a lot of issues with glue going where it shouldn’t.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my hot glue gun not working?

The main reason your hot glue gun might stop working is a clogged nozzle. If you can see a bad flow from the nozzle, as well as some glue, coming out of the seams of the gun then a clogged nozzle I the reason.

To deal with this issue, simply leave your gun plugged in and heating up with no glue stick inserted to melt the blockage. 

How long does a hot glue gun take to heat up? 

This healing process takes around 2 minutes for most glue guns. You can tell when the glue is fully heated when it starts to ooze out of the nozzle when the trigger is pulled. 

Can a hot glue gun be used on wood?

Yes, it can! Wood glue is traditionally used to hold wood joints together but it takes a while to dry. Hot glue from a glue gun hardens almost instantly on wood. Perfect for holding pieces in place.  

Is hot glue toxic?

When used right, hot glue sticks are not poisonous and they should not release toxic fumes.

There is no evidence to suggest otherwise, so as long as they are heated to the correct temperature using the proper tools they are perfectly safe. 

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