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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

If you’re having a hard time searching for the right sewing machine from different sewing machine brands, why not start with JUKI? Here is a rundown of the best JUKI sewing machines, categorized according to their ideal use.

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JUKI sewing machines receive good ratings and feedback from sewers for being well made. Among the positive feedback about the brand is that the control of the units is very intuitive, and they provide a smooth stitching experience for the users.

JUKI is a sewing machine manufacturer that produces a wide selection of high-quality tailor-use sewing machines, household sewing machines, quilt-making long-arm sewing machines, small-sized lock sewing machines, and many more. The brand also offers high-precision technology developed through their years of industrial sewing machine cultivation.

Go through the items below and see which of the best JUKI sewing machines deserve a place in your sewing machine collection.



1. Juki HZL-DX7 Computerize Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Juki HZL-DX7 Computerize Sewing and Quilting Machine is our choice for overall best JUKI sewing machine.

JUKI HZL-DX7 is the high-performing sewing machine we chose as the overall best for this review. Looking into other JUKI sewing machine reviews online, this lightweight and affordable sewing machine also take the first place as it ticks all the boxes most sewers are looking for.

While most JUKI sewing machines have a user-friendly design, HZL-DX7 is among the best because of its sleek interface and features that make it efficient. It is also a well-rounded sewing machine as you can use it for home sewing and is ideal for intermediate to expert sewers.

For those of you who are looking for the best JUKI sewing machine that works for almost any sewing project, consider JUKI HZL-DX7. It provides consistent and even straight stitches thanks to its box feed and makes beautiful zigzag stitching too!

You can also free motion quilt with this computerized sewing machine because of this unique feeding system that handles multiple layers and thicker fabrics well. Aside from that, this feature makes this JUKI sewing machine pretty versatile since it allows smooth stitching of lightweight to heavyweight fabrics.

When it comes to quilting, JUKI HZL-DX7 allows you to make professional-quality quilts by setting the machine to sew while the presser foot is lifted and floating slightly without stitch pulling. Thanks to JUKI’s sensor buttonholing system, you will also love how easy it is to make buttonholes—not to mention that you can choose from 16 different buttonhole types for your sewing projects.

This JUKI computerized sewing machine is also equipped with a backlit LCD touchscreen display. With this feature, you can easily select from 80 different stitches and several patterns depending on the project you are working on.

Controlling this sewing machine is also made easier with its intuitive button system. It includes reverse stitch, thread trim, lock stitch, starting and stopping, needle position. It also features an auto-lift presser foot, and for easy access, you may assign functions to the part of the foot pedal’s heel.

You can also get 30 accessories when you buy this JUKI sewing machine, such as:

  • Standard presser foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Walking foot
  • Quilt presser foot
  • Manual buttonhole foot
  • Edge sewing presser foot
  • Patchwork foot
  • Open toe foot
  • Smooth presser foot
  • Needle set
  • Quilt guide
  • Twin needle
  • 4 bobbins
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Foot controller
  • Seam ripper
  • T-shape screwdriver
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Knee-lift lever
  • Medium spool cap
  • Large spool cap
  • Small spool cap
  • Wide table
  • Hard case
  • Instruction manual
  • Eyelet punch
  • Operation support DVD



2. Juki TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Juki TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine is our choice for best JUKI sewing machine for quilting.

Among other sewing machines from JUKI, the TL-200Qi is our best choice for quilting. It offers reverse and forward straight stitching, which is enough to make a beautiful quilt.

Quilting involves heavy fabrics and large quilts, so the sturdy frame of the JUKI TL 2000Qi sewing machine is ideal. It also has a good balance of home and industrial sewing machines with its powerful performance and heavy-duty design.

When it comes to sewing speed, this sewing machine JUKI TL model makes 1,500 stitches per minute. This speed, combined with the advanced needle up and down controls, is what most quilters dream of.

However, this quilting machine is not ideal for beginners as it takes time to master its operation. So, if you are willing to commit more time to practice, that is only when JUKI TL 2000QI makes a good investment.



3. Juki MO654DE Portable Serger Sewing Machine

The Juki MO654DE Portable Serger Sewing Machin is our choice for best JUKI sewing machine for clothing.

If most of your sewing projects involve sewing pant legs and sleeves, you need the best JUKI sewing machine serger. JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger is the leading serger sewing machine from the brand as it boasts convenient built-in hemming.

This sewing machine also has features that allow no-fuss sewing of clothing. It is very portable, making it an excellent addition to your sewing machine collection if you have a small working area.

Aside from that, this sewing machine JUKI offers convenient sewing of clothing and is lightweight. But, despite this characteristic, it will surprise you how well it performs in heavy-duty sewing.



4. Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine

The Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine is our choice for best JUKI sewing machine for professionals.

Juki MCS-1500 is among the most popular heavy-duty sewing machines of JUKI today. It performs well for your cover and chain stitch projects, allowing you to make flat, extensible seams in knitted fabrics.

While beginners might want to avoid this sewing machine JUKI MCS model in the meantime, professional sewers will definitely love to have it in their sewing arsenal. It offers a wide array of advanced features that pro sewers can explore.

Aside from that, JUKI MCS-1500 comes with a presser foot that works well with thick fabrics. With ease, you can use this sewing machine for seams and stitching thick, heavy fabrics like denim and georgette.

To top it all, this JUKI sewing machine has an extension plate with seam guidelines. This feature provides excellent ease when you are working on your sewing projects.



Questions and Answers


Is Juki better than Brother?

For advanced users, yes. Brother sewing machines might offer excellent domestic models, but JUKI sewing machines are superior in quality. On the other hand, Brother sewing machines are best for average sewers.


What’s the difference between JUKI’s TL, MO, and the HZL models?

JUKI’s TL models are intended for tailor use, making only straight lockstitch. They are designed especially for sewing straight stitches and make professional-looking seams.

Also, the TL JUKI sewing machines can handle heavyweight fabrics effortlessly, such as curtains and denim. These machines can also work with an industrial machine presser foot.

On the other hand, JUKI’s MO models are lock sewing machines or serger machines that prevent fraying at the ends of threads and fabrics. These sewing machines utilize overcasting or saddle stitches to connect the raw edges of fabrics.

Aside from that, they also work excellently with stretchy fabrics, knits and makes decorative stitches. These sewing machines are also designed to use along with a traditional machine and not as a replacement.

Lastly, JUKI’s HZL models are household sewing machines that offer a wide variety of stitches. Some models under the HZL series, like HZL-DX7, have 287 stitch patterns and four fonts that you can choose from.

You can automatically adjust the thread tension on most HZL JUKI sewing machines, too! They come with reverse stitching and are either computerized or electronic.


Where are Juki sewing machines made?

JUKI sewing machines are made in Japan. JUKI is a Japanese sewing machine brand founded back in 1938 that manufactures high-quality industrial sewing machines and domestic-grade sewing machines.


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