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Are you looking for the best mini iron for sewing? In this article, we will share our favorites with you.

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Like any other product, mini irons are not made equal. So choosing the right one for you might be a bit challenging, specifically if you are new to sewing and would like to have your mini iron for the first time.

This might be the perfect opportunity to get a mini iron to aid your demands with your delicate fabrics and limited working space. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to understand about mini irons, including which products are the best on the market today.

Pressing your garments is a necessary step in practically every sewing, quilting, patchwork, or embroidery job.

Using your regular iron is sometimes all that is necessary. However, there are occasions when you require more control over your actions. Unfortunately, a conventional full-size iron cannot provide everything you need, so using a mini iron is beneficial.

This review will show you the best mini iron for your sewing projects to provide ease and comfort.



1. SMAGREHO Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

The SMAGREHO Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage is our choice for the overall best mini iron for sewing for the money.

This mini steam iron is so compact that it might fit in your palm. Because of its small size, all of the controls for adjusting the set are situated at the handle, in which you can change the steam and temperatures settings very easily.



There seem to be three temperature settings to let you deal with nearly any type of cloth, from sensitive to heavy-duty. The water tank heats up in 15 seconds, allowing you to use the steam feature to eliminate any obstinate wrinkles.

The nonstick Teflon soleplate allows the iron to glide easily across any cloth material without rusting. In addition, this tiny iron has a maximum temperature of 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the handle part of the iron is rather big compared to other small irons due to the need to accommodate all of the controls, the iron’s lightweight design means that it is not tough to keep comfortably or navigate about your cloth.



  • Affordable
  • Indeed small that can fit your palm
  • With all the functions you need in steaming and pressing.


  • The handle is quite bulky than other brands.


Overall review

Overall, this lightweight design provides all of the features required in sewing, making it an excellent addition to any craft kit.



2. Rowenta DA1560 Travel-Ready 1000-Watt Compact Steam Iron

The Rowenta DA1560 Travel-Ready 1000-Watt Compact Steam Iron is our choice for the overall best mini iron for sewing regardless of cost.

This Rowenta Mini Steam Iron is highly acclaimed in the craft world because of its compact form a full-sized iron feature. In addition, the handle of this iron is adjustable and may be tucked in for storage or traveling.



This 1,000-Watt iron heats up rapidly and reaches the same temperature as a standard full-sized iron. You may modify the temperature setting to meet the needs of your fabric.

The iron has a two-ounce water reservoir that you may fill to enable the steam feature. To iron out any stubborn creases, use continuous steam or even bursts of steam.



  • Two-ounce water reservoir
  • Same temperature as the regular iron


  • A bit expensive than any other mini iron


Overall review

The ironing plates are constructed of stainless steel and glide easily across the fabric as you work. Because of this substance, the soleplate will not rust over time, making it one of the best mini iron.



3. Pursteam Mini Iron

The Pursteam Mini Iron is our choice for the best cheap mini iron for sewing.

PurSteam’s small iron features a unique design, with an angled handle and a contoured rectangular soleplate. As a result, it is extremely light and small. Because of its smooth soleplate and compact size are ideal for little clothes and easy ironing chores.



This tiny iron is extremely strong — 800 Watts – and nearly as large as a full-sized iron. However, because there is only one temperature control, you will be limited to working with popular fabrics like cotton, cotton blends, or polyester. In addition, when using this iron, you risk damaging natural, fragile textiles such as silk.

If you desire a strong steam iron, the steam option provides up to 50% more steam flow than other comparable-sized irons. Considering the iron’s ergonomic handle is easy to grasp and manipulate. All of the iron’s functions are conveniently accessible on the handle.



  • It has 50% more steam flow than other brands
  • The handle is easy to grasp
  • Affordable


  • There is only one temperature control


Overall review

Depending on your demands, this iron may be sufficient to help you with your daily sewing plans. However, if you need a great iron to work with basic fabric, this iron is indeed an option worth considering.



4. Sharper Image SI-755 Mini Steam Iron

The Sharper Image SI-755 Mini Steam Iron is another great mini iron for sewing.

The Sharper Image Mini Steam Iron has the first impact with its bulky adjusted handle, making it very easy to grasp and simple to move. Moreover, this small iron has both steam and a dry setting, which is ideal for working with a wide scope of texture types.



The tube-shaped handle likewise helps the iron lay on one side while you work, so getting and putting down as you work is beneficial.

There are three temperature settings, which you can change with a handle on the iron’s body. You can likewise top off the tank to utilize the huge steam settings. You can use the steam work for six persistent minutes without the water running out.



  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Three temperature settings
  • Six minutes continuous steaming


  • Only 350 watts


Overall review

This lightweight iron can heat up in less than a moment, even though its power is just 350 Watts, reasonable for a mini iron for clear pressing points. As a little something more, this steam iron ability with two voltage yields, 120 or 220V, will work in numerous countries and function as a regular iron.



5. Conair EZ Press 800 Watt Handheld Steam Iron

The Conair EZ Press 800 Watt Handheld Steam Iron is also another great mini iron for sewing.

This smooth handheld steam iron is another extraordinary choice if you seek a lightweight design that agrees with all of the important functions. The soleplate is made of hardened steel, so it glides entirely on the textured surface.



You can change the temperature setting using a handle on the body of the iron, and you can select dry or steam choices. Assuming you need to shower the texture with a steam burst, the button is strategically located at the handle to assist you with working without any problem.

The elastic feet and the plastic triangular handle are structured to help the iron lay easily on its side as you work. Getting and putting down the mini iron will be very simple, yet be cautious about the hot surface as you can brush against it if you do not watch your move.



  • Easy to handle
  • Dry and steam option
  • Not too expensive for a mini iron


  • Only 800 watts


Overall review

One downside about the Conair EZ Press Steam Iron is that it is just 800 watts, implying that it does not get as hot as regular irons do. However, this warmth setting is sufficient for you to work with normal sewing textures so that this smaller-than-expected iron might be ideal for you based on your necessities.



Questions and Answers

What Is A Mini Iron?

There is a wide range of irons accessible to buy; however, not all irons are made equal. For example, an ordinary iron that you would use to press your shirts probably will not work for your little sewing projects.

So what is a mini iron? All things considered, as the name suggests, a mini iron is only that – a reduced rendition ideal for voyaging or utilizing on little sewing, applique, and sewing projects.

Why Do Sewers Need Mini Irons?

Pressing for sewing designs is more than taking out wrinkles. It incorporates form and appearance into your projects and is more efficient than a standard iron can give.

Would you be able to use your conventional iron? Totally. For most things, your conventional iron can do something amazing. However, there will be times when you find that having a more useful iron — in this case, a mini iron — would be amazingly beneficial.


What are the important features to look for in a mini iron?


Temperature Settings

Reliable temperature power and variation are both necessary when it comes to sewing. You will run with different materials, each needing separate temperature settings. A one-size-fits-all strategy will not work, so look for a mini iron that enables you to regulate the heat settings.


Steam Function

Here is another relevant feature, and shockingly one that several small irons do not possess. There will be moments when you demand to use a little steam on your project to support press it the way you want it. So save yourself the trouble and look for a great steam function.



Pay attention to the form and appearance of the iron and where the switches are. These factors affect the convenience of using a mini iron when you’re sewing.



Some Final Words

Being a sewer is not just about sewing; there are many things to consider so you can perform and sew with ease, such as a mini iron for sewing. It is important to work with your fabrics without any trouble from unwanted creases and wrinkles.

We hope that with this review, you’ll find the perfect mini iron for you!


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