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Are you looking for a monogramming machine? Here is our complete guide to the best monogramming machines available.

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Monogramming is a popular way to add a personal touch to fabrics and materials. Today, there is a wealth of different types of embroidery machines that have the ability to monogram too.

These machines are often the entry point for enthusiast embroiderers. The thing is that they are becoming more and more complicated, and as a result, it is getting harder to decipher which models are the best. Sewing machines, quilting machines, and monogramming machines are sometimes mistakenly put in the same basket and that can lead to confusion.

To help you in your search, we have collected the best monogramming machines in 2020. 

Best Monogramming Machine


The 8 Best Monogramming Machines

1. Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE600 is a fantastic machine that is insanely popular in the monogramming community.

It features a 4×4” embroidery area, perfect for monogramming various fabrics. It has a backlit LCD screen display where you can access your fonts, stitches, and designs.

It comes pre-installed with 5 fonts already, but if you need more, this model has computer connectivity options to import designs purchased online. This keeps your machine highly future proof.

In addition, there is a ‘one-touch’ thread cutter that will cut your top and bobbin thread easily and a handy to use automatic needle threader so you can forget your tweezers and magnifying glass.

The workspace is brightly lit, making it easy to work on dark materials or in low light situations.

2. Brother PE800 5×7 Embroidery Machine

This machine by Brother has a larger than average 5×7” embroidery field that will suit monogramming very well. The PE800 has 11 fonts built-in as standard, 7 English, 3 Japanese and 1 Cyrillic.

This is a lot more flexible than other machines in a similar bracket. It has a USB port, which means you can import any new fonts that you have purchased straight into the machine’s memory. The LCD screen is touch-capable and is in full color.

This allows for beautiful looking previews of all our designs before you start to work. The work area can be very brightly lit when working in low light situations and environments.

3. SINGER | Legacy SE300 Portable

The Singer Legacy is a high-end embroidery and sewing machine with all mod cons thrown in. One of its best features is the extra-large embroidery area that is perfect for your monogrammed needs.

There are even 2 snap-on embroidery hoops included so you can change the size you are working with as needed. The hoop sizes are 10 1/4 “ x 6” and 4”x4”.

The inbuilt computer screen has touch capabilities and you can control all functions from there as well as import new fonts you have bought from online stores.

The frame is made from heavy-duty metals and feels solid and sturdy. It helps this machine to produce skip-free monogramming day after day.

4. EverSewn Sparrow QE

The EverSewn Sparrow QE is marketed as ‘next-gen’ and that is for good reason. It is a state of the art sewing machine that utilizes smart technologies to make the experience better than ever.

This model allows you to completely customize your designs as well as monitor your machine from a different room, via a specialized app. This means you can set up a job and return when it’s finished.

The app also allows you to add new fonts and designs, instead of using a USB. In addition to these technical wonders, this machine has two hoop sizes, 100 embroidery designs already programmed in and ready to go.

The only downside we can see is that the instruction manual is fairly convoluted and it is probably better to do a quick online search for better instructions. 

5. EverSewn Sparrow 30 Sewing Machine

EverSewn makes very creative machines and has a unique style and MO and this model certainly follows that.

This machine has a very high value to performance ratio. It has 310 stitch patterns, plus 2 full alphabets for all your monogramming needs.

You can then save all your individual stitch combinations in the memory and access them fast next time you need them. In addition to all this technology, this machine is famous for being as quiet as a mouse and fast as well.

All-round this is one of the best monogramming machines at a great price point. 

6. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE535 has 80 built-in embroidery designs. It has 9 built-in fonts, which means you can meet all your monogramming needs without having to resort to buying new ones online and downloading them onto your device.

If you still need to do this there is a USB for that inbuilt. The touchscreen is a beautiful looking 3.2” and it allows you to preview designs before you begin the job. The embroidery field is 4×4 and while this is not massive, it is still big enough for most monogramming jobs.

Additionally, it has a nifty little automatic needle threader that will make the tricky task of needle threading way easier.

If you are a beginner in the monogramming and embroidery space, then this machine is renowned as being very beginner-friendly. Instructions are clear and inputs are logical. 

7.  Brother LB5000S Star Wars Computerized Machine

This model of the Brother LB500 is especially aimed at star wars fans but offers a lot more besides looks.

Packaged in with the machine you get 3 interchangeable character faceplates absolutely for free. You also get 10 free star wars designs free from the online store.

This machine comes with all the modern aspects you would expect from a monogram and embroidery machine. They include a USB port, color touchscreen, and an automatic needle threader.

Is there a Star Wars fanatic in your family that wants to learn embroidery and monogramming? This might just be the best option to get them started.

8. Brother SE1900 Sewing Embroidery

The brother SE1900 is a monster of a machine and one that has 138 designs and 11 fonts to meet all your monogramming desires. It features an advanced needle threader for ease of use.

The LCD screen is 3.2” and is one of the best-looking color screens we have seen on an embroidery machine. The inbuilt embroidery field is also large and comes in at 5” x 7”.

This will allow for a lot of flexibility when sewing. The work area can be lit brightly, meaning that it is possible to work well even in poor light.

This machine is at the higher end of what is available and it is very good at most aspects of sewing. A true all-rounder that stands out with its quality and speed.


How to Pick the Best Monogramming Machine – Buying Guide


The field of embroidery and monogramming machines is dominated by Brother, but do not be afraid to consider other brands. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses and will provide something different. 

Value vs performance

Be aware of your needs and make sure you know the main reasons you use your machine. It is easy to end up paying for features on a machine that you may not use.

Don’t fall into this trap. Do your research well and you will achieve the best value to performance ratio. 

Embroidery field and hoop size

Be aware of the different sizes of embroidery fields available. The budget options will have a small area and those will stifle your creativity options somewhat.

The more space you have the more freedom. The same applies to hoop sizes. The most common size is 4×4” and will be able to stitch most monograms.

If you need to work with larger designs though, you may have to buy bigger hoops and this will bump up the price. Monogramming especially requires a bigger field to work on. 


If you are planning to work with colorful designs, then a full-color display LCD screen may be a good investment. This will allow you to follow patterns accurately and use the correct threads. 

Access ports

Make sure the machine has a port to access a computer so that you can install additional fonts. Without it, you will be limited to the ones that are built into the device.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Monogramming Machine  

What is Monogramming?

Monogramming is the process of applying fonts, letters, and numbers to fabrics and materials. It is often used for applying initials to towels and handkerchiefs, for example, or the hotel name to sheets. 

What is the difference between monogramming and embroidery?

While with embroidery you can create intricate and complex designs, monogramming only applies to small patterns and especially lettering. You get limited options with monogramming compared to embroidery, but it is also much easier to master.

To put it simply, monogramming is the embroidery of small designs and letters. 

What is a monogramming machine? Is it the same as an embroidery machine? 

A monogramming machine is the starting point for a lot of home embroiderers and owners of clothing stores and boutiques. It is an entryway to commercial embroidery businesses.

They are embroidery machines that specialize in the specific task of sewing initials and letters to fabrics. You will use an embroidery machine to do monogramming, and most include not only patterns but fonts and letters.

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