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Are you looking for the best paper scissors for cutting paper? Here are our top picks!

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Every sewist, crafter, or embroiderer loves their scissors. Their smooth buttery cut, soft handles and – sometimes – beautiful designs bring joy and make every activity easier.

That is why it can be frustrating when a family member inadvertently uses your precious embroidery scissors for office use. Or when you accidentally grab your fabric shears to cut a paper pattern.

As you know, paper dulls even the sharpest of scissors, and it is wise to keep a pair just for paper use. They should have long and sharp blades, comfortable handles and a tight cut.

We’ve rounded up the ten best paper cutting scissors on this complete guide.

Best Paper Cutting Scissors


The 8 Best Paper Cutting Scissors

1.  iBayam Professional Scissors

These scissors are professional high-quality paper scissors are made from industrial grade high carbon steel. Carbon steel is better than stainless steel, it stays sharp longer and it is stronger.

The extremely long blades of these scissors are ideal for paper cutting, even multiple layers of it. On the pivot point, a reinforced crew ensures a tight and controlled cut great for detailed crafts.

iBayam scissors are well-constructed and, since they are also made to work on fabric, offer a lot of cutting power.

As soon as you touch them you can feel they are well-constructed, especially due to the carbon steel blades and solid handles.

2. Canary Small Precision Scissors

These Canary paper scissors are small and thin professional scissors that are manufactured specifically for paper and paper art projects. They are just perfect for precise and technical paper cutting work.

Their design was even overseen by paper cutting artists Hina Aoyama. These scissors are manufactured in Japan and take advantage of only the highest-grade Japanese stainless steel.

Every pair is handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen and the handle is thick and heavy-duty, making it ideal for exact control of the blade.

Their cut is so smooth and refined that after using them for the first time you will realize that the scissors you have been using in the past were poorly made tools. You will find no pulling or snagging here, they cut paper like butter.

As a result of this precision, they are incredibly delicate, so make sure you do not drop them, or the blades will fall out of alignment. 

3. Fiskars Premier Adult Scissors

These Fiskars paper scissors are coated in titanium nitride. This improves their resistance to scratches and wear and tear, as well as corrosion and the dulling of the sharp blades.

They have a super comfortable soft-grip handle to allow for excellent precision when cutting even the finest cuts. The blades are manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring maximum cutting ability.

They also come with a lifetime warranty, so you can return them in the case of any fault whatsoever. Fiskars is renowned for its quality and unmatchable functionality of its products, and this model of scissors is no exception.

They have been designed with the utmost care and attention, a great pair of scissors at a competitive price.

4. Allex Heavy Duty Paper Scissors

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Allex offers a fantastic pair of scissors for heavy papercrafts. They are one of a few who actually offer thick blades, and you can see just from the picture they are going to be powerful.

They are made in Japan by talented craftsmen, and the brand has been doing that since 1946. The angled blade makes it even easier to cut through thick paper, and it is not a stretch to say it cuts cardboard like butter.

If you want to do crafts that require cutting through many sheets of paper, the Allex scissors can help you.

5. Titanium Soft Grip Scissors

In just one purchase you get scissors that are suitable for any task. This set brings you three pairs of scissors – one small, one medium, and one big. They are versatile, comfortable and sharp.

Made from titanium, the blades are razor sharp and keep like that even with constant use. As a plus, they look amazing – the handles are black and grey and the blades have a pretty rainbow reflection.

The pivot is very secure, giving them a tight and precise cut. The finger holes are wide and enjoyable, and they don’t shred or chew the paper.

6. BestTitanium Craft Scissors

This set comes with no less than five of the best paper cutting scissors on the market. This is ideal if you need a pair in each room of the house, and hate to keep looking for scissors when you most need.

The titanium blades stay sharp for longer periods and are long and thin. The handles are soft and ergonomic and designed to be comfortable for both left and right-handed users.

Each of them is of a different color, so if you want to assign them distinct uses it is easy to do so.

Teachers use them all year long with their students, and report they show no signs of wear or breakage. These are reliable, sharp and simple scissors.

7. Scotch Precision Scissors

Scotch promises these scissors stay sharp even after one hundred thousand cuts. We cannot vouch for this figure but know that the titanium blades hold up amazingly to the test of time.

They are resistant to corrosion and – the best of all – to adhesive elements. That means you can use them to cut tape and then paper straight after, and there will be no glue build-up.

They cut well all the way from the pivot to the tips, and are one of the most affordable pair on our list. You can choose from the 6 and the 7 inches one, depending on your needs.

8. Livingo Straight Paper Craft Scissors

The Livingo paper scissors are made with a high level of craftsmanship. They feature highly accurate titanium, Teflon coated blades. This makes them very sturdy and they will not give in to corrosion easily.

Also as a result of these technically made blades, they will not stick to glue or tape-like regular scissors. This makes them perfect for paper crafting and cutting.

These blades really are well made and ultra-sharp, their density is three times that of stainless steel.

The soft-grip handle has an ergonomic design, and this pair is lightweight while still being comfortable to grip. Overall, they are pleasant to hold and cut very well. 


Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Paper Cutting Scissors 


This is always our main worry when buying scissors. Paper is easy to cut, but it is still important to get sharp scissors to use on them. This will ensure you have clean, precise cuts that are effortless.

Since paper tends to get scissors dull no matter what, it is best to invest in a good pair with quality blades. Titanium, steel, and manganese are the best materials to avoid bluntness. 

Handle comfort and grip

Having scissors with small finger holes can add unnecessary strain to your task. Consider the size of your hands and how do you usually hold the scissors, and purchase a pair that respects that.

Additionally, rubber handles offer a better grip than metal ones and are softer to hold. 


Long blades are great to get the job done faster, but smaller ones offer more precise cut. Big finger holes are more comfortable but can add too much effort if you have small hands.

Determine the size of the scissors you choose based on your needs and physical traits, and you will have the perfect pair of shears for every occasion. 


The pivot is the area the screw is, where the blades meet. Loose scissors can’t align their blades properly and have no tension to deliver precise and smooth cuts.

That is why it is important for scissors to have quality screws, that tighten the blades and compose a quality pivot. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Scissors  

Can you cut paper with fabric scissors?

It is possible to cut paper with fabric scissors but it is not recommended. This is because they will dull much quicker. Paper is cellulose and has finishing agents, while fabric has natural or manmade fibers.

Different clays and carbonates are a component of many papers, including cardboard. They are there to make the paper stiff and are corrosive, dulling scissors. If you need to use fabric scissors on paper then you will simply have to sharpen them more often.

Alternatively, make sure to keep your paper scissors for paper and fabric scissors for fabric and do not mix the two. 

How do you sharpen scissors

There are multiple ways to sharpen scissors. Here are a few:

  • Use sandpaper: Get a 100/200 grit sandpaper and use the scissors that you want to sharpen to cut the sandpaper. Make sure that the paper is facing upwards. The sandpaper helps smooth out any indents on the blades. 
  • Aluminum Foil: Find some aluminum foil around ten inches long and fold it lengthwise many times. You should end up with quite a thick strip. Next, take your time to carefully cut through the foil lengthways, making many small strips. The many layers of foil will provide enough resistance to sharpen the blades of your scissors. 
  • Sharpening stone: These wonderful devices can be found in most DIY stores and are ready-made blade sharpening tools. They have two sides to them. One course side and one fine side. Each side will sharpen your scissors to differing degrees. Use the finer side to sharpen them a little and the course side to really sharpen them a lot. 

Can you cut cardboard with scissors?

Scissors can definitely cut through cardboard but they may leave rough edges, especially if the cardboard is the corrugated kind. It is advisable to use a box cutter tool on cardboard, as it will give a much more clean-cut, or heavy-duty scissors. 

What are fabric scissors?

Fabric scissors, or as they can be known, fabric shears, are the main way to cut fabric in activities such as sewing and dressmaking. There are many kinds of fabric shears on the market, depending on the material you need to cut.

Heavy fabrics like denim need scissors with long handles, while lighter fabrics need like those used in dresses, need angled handles to aid stability. 


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