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Are you looking for the best portable sewing machines? Check out this guide to help you choose the right one.

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Expecting stitching accessories quite perfectly at any place? Nothing but the best portable sewing machine has the capability to complete the desire.

Sewing a variety of things with the thread is quite normal to work. It doesn’t create much trouble if you have a good portable sewing machine. It really saves both your time and strength and also helps to adorn beautiful and standard materials.

Portable Sewing Machine



The Best Portable Sewing Machines


1. SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

The SINGER Heavy Duty sewing machine includes basic, decorative, stretch, and buttonhole stitches which allow you to sew a variety of projects such as – fashions, crafts, quilts, home decor, etc.

If you follow the threading path which is printed right on the machine, the built-in feature will help you to effortlessly thread the eye of the needle without any frustration or eye strain. So, this is called ‘Automatic Needle Threader Sewing Machine ‘.

This Singer 4423 sewing machine has a maximum sewing speed of 1 and 100 stitches-per-minute. So, all the projects can be seen rapidly.

The stronger Motor of the machine provides greater piercing power for thick layers. You can complete heavy-duty projects from denim to canvas with the help of its powerful motor.

Actually, the heavy-duty 4423 sewing machine is a real workhorse. This sewing machine can sew through a diversity of heavyweight fabrics and provide long-lasting permanency including a heavy-duty metal interior frame, powerful motor, stainless steel bed frame, and extra-high sewing speed.

A variety of accessories are included with the sewing machine like – zipper foot, all-purpose foot, button sewing foot, buttonhole foot, seam ripper or lint brush, bobbins, quilting guide, screwdriver, needles, spool pin felt, auxiliary spool pin. And these are all conveniently located and stored in the accessory tray.

By adjusting the presser foot pressure, you can sew very lightweight sheers, and the stainless-steel bedplate of the machine allows fabrics to glide over easily.


2. Portable Sewing Machine

This machine is a portable, lightweight, compact, and practical quick-hitting tool. It works as an invaluable tool when you need quick repairs and alterations.

It is also perfect for the tricky positioning that a normal conventional machine cannot do. The machine meets various sewing requirements in the day to day life. It is an ideal gift for moms, teens, girls, friends, and members of the family who are interested in DIY great crafts.

This portable sewing machine is great for fabric, silk, clothing, leather, wool, Hem pants, and crafts, etc.

It can repair drapes without taking them down. Also, it can recover clothing without taking it off and repair bedding without stripping the bed, and so on. You can use the machine to sew the hanging curtains as well.

To make it enable for work it needs 4 batteries or a DC power adaptor (batteries and adaptor not included). It can give some services such as – patching a torn bag without removing the pants or sewing curtains in the pole.

The machine is more convenient and quite easier to use and carry. Also, it will save both your time and money. It is fit for a beginner or master in sewing. Moreover, it can develop children’s work habits and train sewing skills as well. The sewing thickness of the machine is around 1.8MM. Too many big or hard materials can’t be sewed by this machine.


3. SINGER | Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine

The SINGER 3232 portable sewing machine includes 32 built-in stitches, a built-in needle threader, a built-in 1-step buttonhole, and a heavy-duty metal frame for making the creative sewing projects fun and easy.

In fact, threading this machine is so easy that you can have the entire machine threaded from the reel to the needle’s eye in seconds. You can thread the eye of the needle easily with the help of a built-in needle threader. The SINGER 3232 sewing machine contains a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute. So, larger projects can be sewn quickly by this.

The Simple 3232 portable machine sews several layers of thick fabric. The presser foot of the machine can be raised to a higher position for easy positioning of your project. In order to sew in reverse and reinforce the stitching, push the conveniently located automatic reverse button.

This sewing machine has an automatic needle threader. So, you will get quick-and-easy threading. You will also get adjustable stitch length and width. Above all, the set-up is very simple and frustration-free.

The SINGER | Simple 3232 machine normally remains still for skip-free sewing. This 3232 machine provides easy access to cuffs, collars, pant hems, and other difficult-to-reach areas.


4. KPCB Portable Sewing Machine

The double thread & double speed of the AGM portable machine helps you to create a straight, neat, and firmer stitch. It supports seam, buttonholing, fringe, auto winding, etc.

It has a free-arm for circular sewing on cuffs or trouser bottoms. This mini sewing machine with built-in 12 stitch patterns will meet your different needs of DIY sewing.

The machine includes anti-slip bottom pads to ensure the overlock stays firmly during operation. It is safe to use. There is one button to turn on or off. This heavy-duty sewing machine is equipped with a lighting lamp, replaceable foot, cut and sew overlock stitches, reverse sewing.

The LED sewing light is used for easy threading, and you can see all the little details in your work. There is a replaceable foot in this machine. You can change different presser foot ( which is not included ) for different needs. For instance – zipper sewing.

There is also a reverse sewing option which is useful for reinforcing the end of seams to ensure that there is no loose end. This portable sewing machine is great for those with small homes or limited storage. Also, it is perfect for beginners, kids, children, girls, women & sewing enthusiasts.

It performs a winding function. So, it is more convenient for you to wind the bobbin thread. This machine has a thread cutter. That’s why you need no scissors to do your work and thus you can save your time. There is also a mini hidden drawer on the side of the sewing machine for the handy storage of accessories like – threads, bobbins, needles.


5. HAITRAL Portable Sewing Machine

The HAITRAL sewing machine is such a perfect size that fits perfectly in most large carry-on bags. This machine is so lightweight that you can hang this on your pegboard to continue your creative work anywhere and anytime.

There are two-speed controls in this machine – Low or High. And the speed can be adjusted to ensure that any beginner or even experienced quilters can work on their projects in a hassle-free manner.

This unique sewing machine has a PUSH BUTTON HAND SWITCH and a FOOT PEDAL to start to sew. It’s up to you which one you want to select for your work. The product allows you to power on by the use of AA-batteries ( Not included in the package ) when you are too far from a wall plug or somewhere without a power plug.

You can use both the power supply and battery. There are two power supply modes. But the battery and the power cannot be used at the same time. If you use both at the same time, damage may happen to your machine.

The brightly lit sewing area of the machine is actually useful while sewing on the dark fabrics. In this machine, the bobbins can be replaced by automatic winding in the top drop-in bobbin. It can choose different colors thread to sew whatever you want.

You can use this portable mini sewing machine to create various clothes, sew personalized clothing or transform your home with new DIY curtains, pillows, and quilt. The machine has no reverse button. And it is unable to sew certain thick fabrics ( like thick jeans ) but can sew just ordinary thin fabrics.


6. Singer | Start 1234 Portable Sewing Machine

The SINGER Start 1234 Free Arm Portable Sewing Machine contains 6 Built-In Stitches with a built-in 4 step Buttonhole selected by the simple turn of a dial. The four-step buttonhole feature offers you to add buttonholes in four easy steps on the things like pillows, children’s clothing, fashions, and more. The removable storage compartment of the machine houses its sewing accessories which are easy to use and versatile.

This portable and lightweight machine weigh very little and this makes it great for sewing in smaller spaces or taking to a sewing class.

If you want to wind a bobbin, just follow the numbered diagram printed on top of the sewing machine. Thus, the bobbin will automatically stop turning when it is fully filled.

The SINGER | Start 1234 sewing machine is basic, simple, and very easy to use. This also includes pre-set stitch width and stitch length. There is no chance of guesswork. What you have to do is simply select your stitch and start sewing.

The machine contains Zipper Foot, All-Purpose Foot, Darning Plate, Buttonhole Foot, Bobbins, Pack of Needles, Needle Plate Screwdriver, Lint Brush or Seam Ripper, Spool Pin Felts, Power Line Cord, Quick Start Guide, Foot Control, Instruction Manual.

You just choose a straight stitch for basic sewing and sew a simple applique with a devious stitch, fix a fringe with the blind fringe stitch, or sew a decorative scallop stitch to adorn almost anything.

Also, slide off the removable extension table in order to expose the free arm for hemming trousers and sleeves or for sewing other small projects. Moreover, this machine is quite lightweight and portable and it is easy to carry or store.


7. Janome Lady Lilac Basic

The Janome Lady Lilac Basic machine is portable. And this compact sewing machine is perfect for beginners, alterations, and sewing on the go. Generally, there are 12 Built-In Stitches including straight, zigzag, crescent with two-needle positions. It includes free arm and accessory storage. Also, it has an easy reverse and too little weight.

The threading diagrams & top drop-in bobbin with the clear cover of this Janome lady machine are made for easy set-up. This machine has a presser foot with a finger guard. And thus it protects little fingers. And this is a great choice for both the experienced sewist and the young enthusiast.

The compact machine includes essential features for tackling many types of sewing projects like – paper crafting, simple sewing tasks, and mending to scrapbooking. In spite of being very little weight, it is perfectly portable and a great choice for apartment and dorm living, taking to classes, or sewing with friends.

In fact, this machine sews a nice stitch and has a nice selection of stitches and plenty for a starter. The machine doesn’t have any On or Off switch. When plugged in, it turns on when the pedal is pushed and off when it is not. It has a sewing speed which is sort of slow.


What is Portable Sewing Machine?

A portable sewing machine is a machine that is used to stitch fabric and other materials altogether with thread and you can carry it wherever you want.

The portable sewing machines can make a great variety of plain or patterned stitches. The plain stitches fall into four general categories. They are – chain stitch, lockstitch, overlock, and coverstitch.

Actually, the sewing machines reduce the time for stitching the clothes. These reduce labor resulted in women having a diminished role in household management and allow more time for their own leisure as well as the ability to seek more employment.

As the machine is portable, so if you don’t want to use the machine in any place all the time, you can make changes in your places where you want to complete your task.

The portable machine is used for both industrial and domestic works. Sometimes, it may become the earning source of the housewives of many middle-class families.


Best Portable Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Finding the correct portable sewing machine actually depends on how you intend to use it. So, there are some things that you should consider before buying a portable sewing machine –

Required Stitches

What looks exciting and what you need are two very different things. If you want to sew successfully, you just really need a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch. These two stitches will allow you to do just about everything that you want to do on a portable sewing machine.

The rest of the stitches look great, and they are just for certain fun.

Adjust Stitch Length

When you will just use the straight stitch and zigzag stitch, being able to adjust both the width and the length of the stitches can be valuable.

Most of the machines offer variable stitch widths and lengths while some of the lower-priced machines don’t. So, it’s worth checking always.

Motor Size

The heavier the motor, the stronger the machine. A strong, heavy motor will make it easier to cope up with the frequent use and heavier fabrics such as – upholstery-weight fabrics and denim.


If you are worried about the amount of noise you are making when you sew, you are far less likely to use the machine. So, take your time when you’re choosing your machine, and research quieter machines.


The FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

To help you in troubleshooting and solving some of the most common problems with your portable sewing machine, here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about the machine –

What is the dissimilation between a portable sewing machine and a standard sewing machine?

The main difference between the two types of sewing machines is the size. Rather than the standard sewing machine, the portable machine features a reduced size and it feels lighter.
Otherwise, you will also find that a portable sewing machine works at a slower rate compared to the standard machine.

Where I have to place the spool of thread?

The spool of thread is normally placed on the spool pin. The spool pin is a pin-like object located on the uppermost part of a sewing machine and holds the spool thread.



By recognizing who you are as a sewer, how much you can afford to spend, and what your sewing desires actually are, you can narrow the choices down and search for a machine with a portability feature that will give you long-time sewing fun.

The best portable sewing machine can fill up all of your needs according to your instruction. In these present days, the sewing machine has become a very familiar thing to all. People use it because of their working facilities.


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