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Are you in search of a best quality thread for your serger? Read our reviews and complete buying guide of the best serger threads of market and choose yourself.

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The thread can make a big difference in the tension in your serger machine and the quality of your final outcome. So choosing the right serger thread for your serger is a very important consideration both for the efficiency of your serger and the finished products. In this article, we have introduced you to some of the best serger threads of the market and some of the facts which you should consider before going to buy it.

Here we are reviewing some of the best serger threads for the ease of your consideration.


The 5 Best Serger Threads


1. 4 PACK of 6000 Yard Spools Black Sewing Thread

Comes with a total of 24000 yards of thread. So you will get lots of thread and they will last for a long time. If you sew a lot, it will be a good choice for you. Works with most of the serger machines.

It has been said to be for sewing, repairing, upholstery, canvas from the manufacturer. It is really fine for serging or overclocking but not an all-purpose thread. It is somewhat thin for some of the things mentioned in the description like upholstery and canvas. You will not get fraying and untwisting in sewing.

Polyester core ensures strength. Doesn’t break so you can sew without the fear and frustration of thread breakage in the middle of a project. It may not be as high quality as what you would get in the fabric store. But you are getting it also half the cost.


2. 4 PACK of 6000 Yard Spools White Sewing Thread

Comes in 4 different colors. You will be pleased to see how much thread you get for the price. Can be a great gift for those who sew a lot. Lasts for several months. So, buy once and avoid rushing to the store for threads every now and then. The white color will match with many of your projects.

The 4 Pack Sewing Thread is excellent for all your multiple needs. You can use it for different sewing projects, repairing, upholstery, etc. Ensures good performance in most of the machines. You will not face the problem by tying it to needles.

The polyester core construction has made it thick, strong, stretchy, and durable. It ensures a durable bond with the fabric without bulky seams. Do not break while sewing. So stitch confidently without the fear of thread breakage and pausing in the middle of your projects. One claim about this thread is that it throws more lint than other threads.


3. IZO Home Goods 4-Pack of 6000 Yards

Comes in 4 cones. You will get 6000 yards of threads in each cone. They’re pretty thick rolls too so they’ll last for a long time. When you sew much it will be a nice purchase to save money without sacrificing quality. The polyester-wrapped and polyester core construction ensures thick, strong, and sturdy thread. The thread is smooth to sew with.

You can use it for a serger, overlock, marrow, single needle stitching, and a variety of sewing projects at home or professional drapery. Works very smoothly in the serger and you won’t be troubled by thread breakage, thread snap, or tangled or frayed thread in your serger or on your regular sewing machine. So, sew with confidence for hours after hours.

There is a claim that there is too much lint on the thread. If you use it for everyday sewing, it won’t create much problem. But do not use it in quilting.


4. Thread Nanny 4 Large Cones

Comes with 4 cones, 3000 yards in each cone at a reasonable price. Useful colors in a single package. Blends in with just about any color fabric. It can be used on all regular sewing, piecing, applique, quilting, etc.

It is also good for hand and machine quilting and since it is made out of Polyester, it is strong and durable. It has very high tensile strength and thin enough to make a very nice stitch.

Doesn’t get stuck. Runs smoothly through any home/commercial high-speed serger and sewing machine. Just make sure it fits your machine or get a thread spool holder. Flows easily and you will get no skip stitches. Low lint thread and no thread breakage so you can stitch consistently without any tension.


5. Zipperstop 4 Large Cones

Perfect all-purpose thread for your serger. Comes with 4 Cones of Polyester Threads, each cone is 3000 yards long. So you are getting 12000 yards of thread which will last for a long time. Great for light to medium weight structured fabrics, garment construction, and hems. The color is pure white, not dingy or yellowish.

Mildew and UV light tolerant so you can store it for a long time, it will not damage. Shrink and abrasion-resistant and glides well through your serger machine.

Feeds well both in the serger and sewing machine and gives a nice stitch. The strong and durable thread so you will have no issues with breakage, it won’t jam your machine and you can stitch confidently for hours. Doesn’t create lint so you can sew consistently without any problem. It is worth paying a little extra for this great thread.

The plastic wrapper may leave a black residue on the thread when it is removed.


What is a Serger Thread?

Serger thread is a special thread that is made for the serger machine. They are specially made to go smoothly through the serger.

Server threads are more light-weight than standard sewing machine thread as it has to be fed through the serger at extremely high speeds. They are finer enough in order to be used in the needles and loopers of a serger without forming thick knots. For its strength and tension, you will find it easy to stitch smoothly with less puckering.

3, 4, or 5 serger threads are used all together to sew a seam, trim off the raw edges, and finish the edges at the same time. It blends your seams on your fabric and avoids heapy seams thus, gives your clothes a more professional look. Serger thread forms a spiral or zigzag pattern so you can use it on the edge of a lightweight fabric to get a clean edge and avoid fraying.


How to Choose the Best Serger Thread

Choosing a good quality serger thread is very important because a low-quality serger thread can clog your serger machine and give you fuzzy and bulky seams. To buy the best quality serger thread, There are certain factors which should be taken into consideration-


Polyester is the most used thread material. Polyester serger thread is strong, flexible, and durable and has multiple usages. A poly-wrapped poly core thread has great strength, abrasion resistance, reduced puckering, matte finish, and excellent color ranges. The nice smooth stitches of this thread will give you flat seams. Polyester threads can also be made of short fibers. So, get a high-quality polyester thread.

Cotton thread will not be a very good choice. It can create a mess in your serger with its short fibers and is not very strong. Can be used on woven materials or with polyester or nylon threads in the needle.

Nylon thread is a good choice, they are enough strong and can be used for swimwear, sportswear, and much more.

For a different texture, you can also try woolly nylon thread. They are soft and stretchy. Strong and can be used for swimwear, sportswear, elasticized fabric like nylon thread.


Once upon a time serger thread comes with only a few basic colors. But you will now find a wide range of colors, basic colors, and their different shades to blend with your fabric. Getting a variety of colors in one buy will also save your cost. So, check if the color blends well with your fabrics to hide the seams and give it a more professional look. If your project demands one specific color, then choose the single color thread.


Serger thread should be smooth to go smoothly through the serger and to create compact and stretchy seams.


As you need a lot of thread while working with a serger, you should check how long the thread is. Normally serger threads come as cones that are 3000 yards long. There are some brands where you will find 6000 or more yards of thread in a cone.

Lint Free, UV resistant

You should choose a thread that has less lint for hassle-free continuous sewing. The thread also should be UV and mildew-resistant. You should also check if it shrinks.


Obviously, you should buy threads within your budget, but if a quality thread demands some extra money, you should not hesitate. Saving some pennies may cause damage to your serger later. So invest a little more and keep your serger effective.



Can I use serger thread in my sewing machine?

If you use serger thread instead of regular thread, it will break and jam in your sewing machine. Moreover, serger threads are thinner and less strong than regular thread so you will not get durable seams with them with your regular sewing machine.

Can I use a regular thread in my serger?

You can use a regular all-purpose thread in your serger but it will cost you more. Because you need a lot of threads to work with the serger. If you use regular threads in your serger, you may run out of it before the project ends. Serger thread comes as at least 3000-yard long or more and that too, at a lower price so you will not run out of them.

What is the difference between an overlocker and a sewing machine?

An overlocker is a sewing machine that stitches with 3, 4, or 5 threads altogether. It joins seams, trim off the excess seam allowance, and stops fraying in one pass. A sewing machine cannot sew, overcast, and trim all in one pass.

How much does a serger cost?

Serger machines are of different price. Serger costs around $200 if it has two to four threads. A serger with five threads will cost more. A high-end serger machine may cost several thousand dollars.

What is the difference between a regular sewing machine and a serger?

A serger is a special kind of sewing machine which works fast and more efficiently. A regular sewing machine uses one bobbin and one thread. On the other hand, a serger use 2-5 bobbins and usually 3/4 threads.


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