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Looking for the best sewing chair? Here is our complete guide to help you choose the right one for you.

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Are you suffering from various health issues because of wrong seating postures in the wrong sewing chairs for a long period? Does this affect your working environment? If so, choosing the best sewing chair is one of the critical factors for you to ensure a healthy working environment.

The chair for sewing is all about providing the required comfort and body support, thus improving your sewing productivity and keeping you healthy in the long run. These chairs have some unique features also that add an extra good-looking appearance to your working area.

In this article, some of the sewing chairs available in the market and their advantages and disadvantages, buying guide, some FAQs will be discussed.




The 7 Best Sewing Chairs


1. Arrow Sewing Cabinet Craft

This sewing chair is a perfect associate for any craft room. Its seat and back cushions are covered in a multicolored print with a heavy-duty cotton upholstery fabric. It has a cute gingerbread scalloped base which additionally adds to its feminine look.

The chair is quite versatile. It has also storage space under the seat cushion that is accessible by uplifting the cushion from the backside. It can be used to store needles, threads, and even large things such as embroidery hoops.

This sewing chair provides lumbar support and its soft yet firm cushion is comfortable for long sewing hours. It has 4 casters for greater mobility at your sewing cabinet or crafting surface. Its structure is available in multiple bright colors usually made of birch wood which is quite sturdy and long-lasting.

Every individual has a different size and shape. This sewing chair’s height is not adjustable and the backrest is fixed with the chair. So, it doesn’t fit all the people. It is the major drawback of this chair. You must cautious about this fact before buying this. Again, some users have complained about the fabric of the cushion.


2. Arrow Hight Adjustable Hydraulic Sewing Chair

The heavy-printed, bright fabric of Arrow Height Adjustable Hydraulic Sewing Chair has a sewing theme highlighted on a black background. This chair has a black frame that mixes very well with any craft room.

The thick padded seat and back cushions provide comfort as well as lumbar support for those sewing for long hours. The chair features a pneumatic lever on its left side. So, you can adjust its sitting height according to your comfort. This lever is very easy to handle as it needs a simple pull upwards and your weight will sink the chair.

The five casters on a rotating 360-degree star base with a long-lasting stand make this chair move easily over to your crafting desk or sewing cabinet. Storage space for small sewing supplies under the seating cushion is a great addition to this chair.

When you are not sitting on the chair, a pull makes its hydraulic system lift it to maximum height. The chair doesn’t come assembled fully. Again, this chair is a little costly comparatively others. If the manufacturers would add armrests to the chair, it would be a perfect choice undoubtedly.


3. Arrow Sewing Print Material Sewing Chair

The main attraction of the Arrow Sewing Print Material Sewing Chair is the sturdy birch wood frame in an oak finish. Its oak wood coating finish gives this frame an antique look which adds a lot of face value to it.

The seat and back fabric of this chair are usually featured in black and white with multi-colored print. With the combination of the frame’s antiquity and design of the fabric, this sewing chair blends perfectly with your sewing room. This chair has 4 legs with casters on each leg, making it very mobile.

Because of the heavy-duty cotton of the seat and back cushion, you won’t have to deal with back pain problems anymore. The seat cushion of the chair is installed on a hidden storage compartment and it is large enough to store sewing tools such as scissors, threads, and needles, etc.

The chair is not adjustable with height. Its seat is fixed with the chair. So it is not suitable for all. Some parts of the chair come up disassembled. But they are easy to install. This chair doesn’t feature any armrests and It can’t rotate 360 degrees around.


4. Arrow Sewing Print Material Sewing Chair

The brand ‘Arrow’ promotes a variety of furniture for contemporary & traditional furniture for all styles & budgets. The Arrow Sewing Print Material Sewing Chair with Scalloped Base is another traditional furniture of them. It is also available in multiple colors.

The sturdy birch wood frame of painted finish will add mild, feminine flair to your crafting and sewing room and it increases the durability of the chair. The beige seat on this chair looks attractive and is well-stitched.

The chair’s soft cushion on both the seat and back areas gives you quality support for more extended periods of time without feeling worn out and tired.

The four caster wheels of this chair will provide you greater movement around your craft surface. It also provides you with extra storage under your seat area.

The chair’s height is non-adjustable. It can be a problem for you if it doesn’t fit your size. The casters come with the chairs are found rough on the tiled floors. It doesn’t have a 360-degree swivel feature and armrests.


5. Arrow Sewing Print Material Sewing Chair

The Arrow Sewing Print Material Sewing Chair features a simple, classic design that will instantly add a sense of style to your room.

The printed fabric of this chair is attached tightly and made to last and available in many bright colors. The seat cushion is designed to fit adults with either big or small hips. The cotton used in the seat and back cushion is instantly made you comfortable. The seat has a hidden section for storing items such as scissors, needles, and threads, etc. under the seat cushion.

The frame of the chair is made of birch wood with an oak finish. This makes the chair more durable than higher and gives the chair a classic look. Each leg of the chair is attached to a caster, which makes it very movable.

It has no armrests and it reduces the chance of the chair colliding with your sewing table. But this can also be uncomfortable for your hand as your hands don’t get any extra support. The chair is fixed with the frame so you can’t adjust it with your table’s height. It also doesn’t have the 360-degree swivel feature.


6. PU Leather Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair

The PU Leather Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair comes with durable construction of polyurethane leather which is water and oil resistant. This chair offers much-needed padding and relaxation.

This design features a 5-star base for easy mobility. It also comes with long-lasting caster wheels. The full swivel base and included caster wheels increase easy movement around your sewing room, without getting off the chair.

The nice-looking sewing chair comes with a pneumatic gas lift. This lets you raise or lower the seat using the integrated lever to a height you’re comfortable with, but it doesn’t get as tall as other models. Shorter people will be happy with the adjustment levels on this chair, which goes low enough for smaller people but not taller people.

The Mid-Back Chair offers a modern look to your home and office undoubtedly, but it doesn’t come assembled. Some users have found assembly a little difficult. Its parts are found rusted sometimes. Some users complained about the quality of the chair.

It has been found that the quality of this chair degrades quite quickly and the backrest doesn’t give the right support all the time. Again, this chair comes with a short warranty, it is also a negative point.


7. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair is not only ideal for home but only in the office because the chair’s modern profile offers a professional look. It lets you sew in comfort all day long. This chair has a flat, back-shaped mesh back which provides you with the best back support and comfort you need to work for long hours.

This chair is available in a variety of colors and so you can have so much option that matches your sewing room environment. Amazonbasics chairs are usually famous for their quality and long-lasting design. They provide a warranty for a specific time.

The chair has a single pneumatic control that functions easily to raise or lower the seat according to your height. It comes with thick seat padding which will help you work comfortably for long stretches of time.

The curved back with a mesh-only design enhances the chair’s breathability by getting rid of smelly air. The chair comes with an arched nylon base with a 360-degree swivel plus durable nylon casters which promotes multi-tasking convenience around your working area.

This chair doesn’t have any external storage where other sewing chairs have these features. The backrest is not cotton-padded, for those with backbone issues, sitting in chairs without padding is very uncomfortable, the chair doesn’t come assembled, but you’ll get assembly instruction with you.


What is the Sewing Chair?

A chair that is designed to provide the users with the best lumbar support, reduce the risk of lower back injury while working for a long period, is known as a sewing chair. By using it, you can spend long hours in a comfortable position without experiencing any back pain.

As the science of Ergonomics, your muscles and joints react to a wrong sitting posture in a way that dangerously affects your health. that’s why manufacturers have introduced sewing chairs that offer your body the right support and comfort all day long.

The sewing chair helps to reduce the pressure piled on your spinal discs and back muscles. It also reduces stress in your shoulders, necks, arms, and legs.

Best Sewing Chair Buying Guide


Sewing chairs come in different sizes and you need to buy your chair according to your size. There are two things to consider regarding size when buying; seat cushion size and chair height. The seat cushion needs to be that size in which you can fit comfortably. The chair you choose to buy needs to be compatible with your height.


The backrest should be separate from the seat and adjustable in height. The back cushion must have a locking mechanism for good back support and must be cotton padded. The backrest must have the ability to support the natural curvature of the backbone.


You should keep in mind that the sewing chair must have the specifications to rotate a full 360˚ freely so that you can reach different parts of your work area without straining.

Pedestal Base and Casters

A five-leg or four-leg pedestal base is essential for stability and your safety. Best sewing chairs have top quality casters with split wheel design for balance and weight distribution. You should choose a chair which is designed for carpet or hard surfaces also.


Armrests should be contoured, cushioned, comfortable. You should prefer sewing chairs whose armrests are positioned closer to the back edge of the seat.


There are both low and high-end models in the market. So, you should have a clear idea about the price of the sewing chair you plan to buy. You should fix your budget before going to the market.


You should know about the warranty and guarantee of the sewing chair you’ll buy. Your chair might face some issues like failing to adjust, breaking down, etc. A warranty will give a solution to such matters; you can contact the manufacturer to fix the problem or replace a new chair in the place of your old one. The average warranty or guarantee time for a sewing chair should be around 1-2 years. It would be better if the duration is longer.


How to take care of your sewing chair?

As the sewing chair provides a better working environment for long hours, it requires the ultimate care and maintenance to keep it in good shape for an extended period of time.

Different types of chairs have different processes to keep clean. Like, for a leather seat, use a leather conditioner to maintain the material quality.

For the mesh fabric, use the vacuum cleaner for the best cleaning results. You can use diluted vinegar rather than soapy water to clean the moving parts or attachments of the sewing chair.

You can use a spot cleaner to clean any stain. But in the case of vinyl chairs, you can easily clean them by brush and soapy water.

You can also spray your chair with a fabric freshener to keep it smelling fresh. Clean your chair castors and chair frame regularly for easy movements.

You need to check all the chair screws and tighten them every two-three months. Keep alert to re-check all the seat handles after every 2-3 weeks to assure that the chair functions properly.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Here are Frequently Asked Questions and their answers with an explanation about Sewing Chair:

Do the chairs come fully assembled?

If you are shopping through a website, then you will get chairs as RTA (ready to assemble) and your order will arrive at your home in boxes to be assembled with a manual. If you are buying chairs from a local dealer, you can purchase fully assembled chairs.

How can the seat cushions on sewing chairs be so comfortable when they are also so firm?

Usually, a sewing chair cushion is made up of a special type of foam-like urethane that is near twice as dense as most other chairs. This kind of foam is guaranteed not to break down or compress like other chairs.

For those suffering from the back problem, can the sewing chairs help them feel better when sitting for a long period?

Though it is not guaranteed that the sewing chairs will eliminate back pain but many customers have told that after using sewing chairs, they are satisfied with the comfort.

What do you use to lubricate the gas chambers on sewing or desk chairs?

They come sealed up with permanent lubrication.

From where can we get fully assembled chairs?

Fully assembled chairs can only be purchased through a local dealer. Assembled chairs do cost more than ready to assemble.



When you are sitting for a long time in sewing work or your workplace, you will need the right chair which can significantly improve your working or sewing experience. Sitting on just any ordinary chair for prolonged hours, you can experience back pains, or something worse if you have any existing neck or back issues or you can get tired along the way.

So, why sit on the wrong chair that will directly harm your health and sewing productivity? Sewing chairs are ergonomically designed to give you the right amount of health support and comfort. So, choose the best sewing chair according to your requirement for improving your health condition and increasing your sewing productivity.

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