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Do you want to find the best sewing machine cases for your sewing tools? In today’s article, we will give you our top picks.

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If you’re planning a major trip and want a great durable carrying bag for your sewing machine, then you’re at the right place.

We’ve all observed how difficult traveling with a sewing machine can be, mainly if you don’t have a proper sewing machine bag. With its sensitive parts, a typical bag will not be enough to safeguard your sewing machine from unexpected hits, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Sewing machine cases are bags made to properly store and transport not just your machine but also all of your sewing tools, books, and patterns all in one bag.

Most sewing machine bags, which come in a variety of styles, are equipped with wheels, allowing you to move them around with convenience – much better than actually carrying several heavy items. Some even have hard casings, and some have brightly colored fabric patterns.



1. Luxja Sewing Machine Carrying Bag

The Luxja Sewing Machine Carrying Bag is our choice for the overall best sewing machine case for the money.

If you’re tired of rummaging through every pocket of your sewing machine bag to look for the tools you need, this high-quality, well-padded Luxja Sewing Machine Bag is perfect for you.

This durable nylon machine bag has many wonderful features, such as a large front pocket with inner smaller pockets of varying sizes for storing your sewing tools, two extra mesh side pockets, zippered pockets on the top, and a large back pocket ideal for patterns and books.

The main section is well-padded and has 16.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches measurement, making it large enough to hold most basic sewing machines.


  • Lots of space for storing all your sewing tools
  • Perfect for organizing your things
  • Well-padded for safekeeping
  • Sturdy layout
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Compact


  • Doesn’t have wheels
  • Inner organizer pouches could be bigger for your reference.


Overall review

This Luxja sewing machine carrier bag is lightweight and has two cushioned handles and flexible, adjustable straps for mobility. Several inner compartments let you arrange your stitching materials. However, it does not have wheels for more convenient transportation.



2. BlueFig TB19 Combo Sewing Machine Carrier

The BlueFig TB19 Combo Sewing Machine Carrier is our choice for the overall best sewing machine case regardless of cost.

The BlueFig TB19 sewing machine trolley, which is available in an eye-catching selection of bright colors, features a robust metal frame structure and durable ball-bearing wheels that make transportation with your sewing machine a comfort.

This sewing machine bag is intended to fit most standard sewing machines and is 19.25 x 14 x 9.5 inches.

It’s constructed of durable polyester and has several internal and external compartments for extra storage, as well as two robust carrying handles and a telescoping handle for dragging it along.

A binder strap inside the main cushioned compartment ensures that your machine stays in place during transit.


  • Vast design
  • Great variety of colors to satisfy own fashion
  • Exceptional storage space for sewing tools
  • Can be carried or pull
  • Strong and expertly made
  • Easy to carry
  • Wheels work well


  • It might be too bulky.


Overall review

Aside from its zippers that stick on the corner, there is no other major issue that you’ll find with this sewing machine bag, making it one of the best choices for your sewing machine.



3. Janome Paisley Universal Sewing Machine Tote Bag

The Janome Paisley Universal Sewing Machine Tote Bag is our choice for the best cheap sewing machine case.

Janome’s sewing machine experts understand exactly what is required in a decent sewing machine bag.

Their multipurpose sewing machine tote is compact and constructed of durable canvas, and it is suitable with most models of sewing machines.

With this lightweight 17″ x 8″ x 12.5″ stylish bag, you won’t have to settle with drab sewing machine totes. This Two-pound bag is constructed of durable canvas and has cushioned walls. It is available in 9 different bright and vivid designs.

The main compartment is gently cushioned on the inside to safeguard your sewing machine from shocks and hits.


  • Wonderful designs
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Strong construction
  • Spacious
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Pocket is a useful size


  • Not thick padding
  • No support in the base


Overall review

Overall, this sewing machine tote bag is ideal for people who love quality products at an affordable price. Everything is perfect aside from not having strong support in its base.



4. SINGER | Black Universal Canvas Machine Tote

The SINGER Black Universal Canvas Machine Tote is another great choice for a sewing machine case.

The singer is a well-known company that makes wonderful sewing machines and great sewing machine bags.

The Singer sewing machine tote has a traditional style and is constructed of durable black nylon with layers of cushioning to safeguard your machine.

With dimensions of 18″ x 10″ x 13″, this bag can comfortably hold most normal size sewing machines, which can be easily pulled in and out owing to the complete zip that allows the pouch to be fully opened.

There includes a large front pocket for extra storage space, as well as two cushioned carrying handles.

The base has four plastic feet to prevent it from scrapes and damages.


  • Compact design
  • Convenient storage space for accessories
  • Easy access
  • Lightweight
  • Roomy
  • Excellent quality zippers


  • Do not fit all types of sewing machines
  • The inner lining is not that durable
  • No shoulder strap


Overall review

The overall compact design of this sewing machine tote bag makes it perfect for your sewing machine. However, when buying this, make sure to measure your sewing machine first as it does not fit all machine types.



5. Embroidex Floral Sewing Machine Carrying Case

The Embroidex Floral Sewing Machine Carrying Case is also another great choice for a sewing machine case.

If you’re searching for a lightweight, useful, and elegant sewing machine case, the Embroidex Floral Sewing Machine Carrying Case is a must-have. This bag is ideal for traveling because it is lightweight and takes up little room when not in use.

The Embroidex floral sewing machine carrying bag has beautiful purple and green floral durable fabric, stitching, and top-quality zippers.

You can carry this sewing machine bag securely even when it’s full, thanks to two durable, ergonomic padded straps.

The bag has a large pocket on the front for keeping accessories.

Most common sewing machine brands and models will fit in the Embroidex sewing machine travel bag.


  • Quality materials
  • Excellent value for money
  • Looks fashionable
  • Great size for pockets
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Very sturdy
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The inner padding is not that durable.


Overall review

This Embroidex floral sewing machine bag can carry almost all sewing machines, and it is also a great value for money. However, its inner padding is not that durable.



Tips on how you should choose your sewing machine bag from this list of products.

A sewing machine bag must be durable as it is also a piece of sewing accessory that may last for many years if it is well-built and made of high-quality materials.

It should have more space so your spools, pins, fabric, scissors, patterns, and other necessities should all fit comfortably within your sewing machine bag.

You don’t want to add any extra weight to your sewing machine, which is already rather heavy, so your sewing bag must be lightweight and portable.

Rollers make transporting easier, while tote-style sewing machine carriers are offered, a trolley-style tote with wheels makes things simpler when you have a lot of walking to do.

When traveling from one location to another, your sewing machine may sustain knocks and bumps. Therefore your sewing machine bag must be able to protect your machine. In addition, it should help keep moisture, dust, and dirt away from your machine.

The finest sewing machine bags are simple to clean; you should easily wash or wipe them off, whether made of fabric or hard plastic.



Questions and Answers About Sewing Machine Bags


Is the carrying bag for the sewing machine waterproof?

Depending on the model you select and the materials used. In general, if the case is completely made of nylon or cotton material, it is not waterproof. However, if it is created of hard plastic, you can be sure that your case is at least watertight (don’t mistake it with waterproof).


What features should I consider in a sewing machine case?

Pay attention to two factors: the size of your sewing machine and the regularity with which you want to travel.

Although all of the bags on this list should accommodate standard sewing machines, if yours differs from the usual, you should double-check that the size of your machine matches the size of the bag you intend to carry before spending money.


Is it important for everyone to have a sewing machine bag?

Surely not. But, to be honest, the answer is entirely dependent on who you are and what you want to accomplish. For example, if you want to keep your sewing machine and sewing activities confined to the boundaries of your little house, you might not always need to go out of your way to purchase a suitcase.

Likewise, if you intend to travel, you cannot ignore the value of having a nice sewing machine bag. Even if you don’t intend to travel, we believe it’s still a good idea for you to get your machine bag to protect your sewing machine from any physical harm, even inside your home.



Some Final Words

If you travel regularly and want a bag to protect your sewing machine from physical harm, you should certainly get your sewing machine bag listed in this review.  After reading our sewing machine bag review and shopping advice, we hope that you will be able to select the bag that is most suited to your needs.

Knowing your demands, your regular travel habit, and the machine you own can help you pick the best sewing machine bag. Furthermore, knowing the key qualities of a sewing machine bag will allow you to be more careful when deciding which model to purchase.


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