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Straining your eyes from sewing in low light? Read about the best sewing machine lights, their features, & pros-cons in this guide!

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Not many things are so eye-straining as attempting to see in a very dim light. If what you want to see is small and detailed as a sewing project this adds even more to the possible injuries.

It is crucial to take care of your health and a sewing machine light is the best way to prevent eye exertion. A regular lamp will not suffice here, due to the angle of the sewing machine it may even make it worse and cast shadows on your work. 

There are many types you can choose from, LED strips that stick to the machine, big lamps that stand next to your work, and even magnetic lights that are convenient and portable.

The best sewing machine lights match your appliance, your workplace, and your needs, and we are here to show you the difference between them. Whether you love to quilt, embroider or sew you need to protect your vision, so pick one of the models ahead and you will be covered. 

Best Sewing Machine


The 8 Best Sewing Machine Lights


1. Brightech LightView Pro

The Brightech Pro deserves its position on our list, it is a fantastic product with great value per money. It is not only a lamp but also a magnifying glass, perfect for those who need a little help to see the stitches perfectly.

It has a heavy base that holds the lamp in place and an adjustable gooseneck. This is ideal to position it on a good angle that lights your work. It magnifies anything 2.25% of their original size and you can point it anywhere you want.

Brightech is a giant when it comes to lamps, and this model does not disappoint in quality. The LED is bright enough you can see in very dim conditions and the colors remain true to the original ones.

2. Industrial Cnc Working Lamp

This is a product that is used for big machines so it is industrial quality. It is also simple, sturdy and with one button on the back of the head to turn on and off.

You will need to attach it with bolts but that means that it will always be there, a convenient feature for those looking for simplicity and reliability.

The LED light is bright and works with a 110 or 240 voltage. Sometimes gooseneck lamps can be flimsy and move from where you placed them, but that is not the case with this one.

The gooseneck is incredibly flexible and sturdy at the same time – you can move it too awkward positions and it will stay there.

3. Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit

This model has a different approach to sewing machine lights and is preferred by many. The concept is simple, a strip of LED lights on a peel-off adhesive paper.

The idea is to peel off the strip and stick it on the underside of the top part of your sewing machine. That way they will directly light your work from the machine itself.

There is a plug at the end of it and a foam holder you can also stick to the machine to hold the cables.

The best part is that you can cut the strip with regular scissors, as long as you do it on multiples of three. Then it is possible to adjust the length exactly to the size of your machine and even make patterns that illuminate bigger areas.

The strip is quite long – 24 inches – so you can even order a second plug to use the leftover LED lights on a second machine.

4. Razon Sewing Machine LED Light

The Razon LED light also works as an adhesive strip that sticks to the machine. It has a long power cord – 6.6 feet – so if you don’t have a plug nearby this is a good light to get.

Alternatively, it can also be powered by USB. The LED lights are bright and cool, and the stripe measures around 11 inches.

A good feature of this model is that it is dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness level according to your eyes, work, or external lights situation.

If it is too long for your machine you can also cut it, always every three LED lights. The adhesive is very strong and does not come off, sticking to virtually any surface.

5. Cutex Domestic Home Sewing Machine

Cutex offers sticky LED lights that are very bright and very cool. The unusual thing about them is that they do not come as a stripe but as a square panel.

This is good if you want a stronger and more focused light, as it provides an intense beacon of luminosity where you need it. It is one of the easiest models to install, simply peel of the adhesive paper and stick it under your machine.

All adhesives work better on clean and dry surfaces, so make sure you wipe and dry your device beforehand. It also has a dimmer switch to easily adjust the brightness.

6. Cutex Gooseneck Sewing Machine Lamp

Another model from Cutex, this one is more similar to a regular lamp. The difference is that you drill it directly into the sewing machine, and can even attach it to the motor of the machine itself to power.

This is not mandatory and this lamp also works on a wall plug. The gooseneck is highly adjustable and works well together with the machine – you can move it around to illuminate any area you need.

Note that the bulb is not included and must be purchased separately, but that also gives you control over the voltage you prefer.

This is a great alternative for those who don’t want to use LED lights.

7. Powker Magnetic Light

The Powker model is an LED lamp with a silicone neck that is incredibly malleable. The interesting thing about this light is that the base is magnetic, meaning you can attach it conveniently to any metal surface.

Most sewing machines are made of metal anyway, so this is great to adhere to any part of it – the top, side parts, or front – depending on where you need the light source.

Customers are pleased with the product and report that the magnet is decidedly strong and does not slide or move from place to place.

Definitely, a product to consider and one of the best sewing machine lights with a magnetic base.

8. Mighty Bright Sewing Machine Light

The Mighty Bright is a very affordable lighting option, so if you are on a budget you should consider this model. It works as an LED lamp, with a small flexible neck and adhesive base.

If your sewing machine is made from plastic, you won’t be able to use a magnetic lamp like the previous model, and the MIght Bright caters to that.

Another useful feature is that this is a battery-powered model, so you do not need a power source to plug it.

Although the batteries included are not top quality, the lamp works well with a different set of them.


How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine Lights – Buying Guide 

Type of lamp

There are as many types of sewing machine lights as there are sewing machines.

To give you an idea, you can choose from a lamp that clamps to the table, alight with a magnetic top that adheres to the machine, a lamp that is drilled to the inside of the sewing machine, or stripes of LED lights that stick to the underside of the top part of the sewing device.

The best one will depend on your needs, working space, and machine size. 


When looking for a sewing machine light, you have to consider how easy it is to install it and how the lamp will be attached to your machine. Do you want a light that can be moved to different locations?

Would you prefer one that is drilled into your machine for maximum power? Or you prefer a very discrete line of lights that are as simple to set up as children’s stickers? Any of these can be easily arranged.

Power supply

Unless you go for a model that can be drilled into the machine and harness the power from it, you will need a power supply.

Check your working area for wall plugs. Some models can even be powered by USB, so a computer or other device will do. 

Size and scope

Different light types offer different coverage. You do not want a lamp with a stick neck, as it cannot reach the angles a gooseneck type can. Make sure the one you choose will provide light on the inside of the sewing machine, where the needle, fabric, and thread are. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sewing Lights 


What eye issues can come up due to improper lighting when sewing clothes?

Sewing on less than optimal lighting conditions will lead to eye strain. This can result in migraines, blurred and double vision, light sensitivity, and pain around the eyes, head, and even neck.

What kind of lighting is best for a sewing room?

The best way to avoid eye fatigue is to have a bright workspace. Natural daylight is always the best choice, but not always possible.

That is why LED lights try to mimic daylight – they spread the light rays and offer a very bright but cool light. That means they do not get hot and uncomfortable. 

What is the difference between light bulbs and LED lights?

LED lights to use around 5 times less energy than incandescent bulbs. They may be more expensive but will save you money in the long run. They also have a longer life, and the best sewing machine lights will last for over ten years.

Incandescent light bulbs, on the other hand, are much cheaper to make and purchase, and have an almost perfect color rendering index. This means they don’t change the color of the objects. 

Can lights change the color of fabric or threads?

Yes, LED lights especially can make the colors of the objects seem different from the original. With sewing, this is particularly harmful as it can affect the result of the project.

Manufacturers, however, are catching up with this and improving more and more the color rendering index of LED lights. 



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