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Sewing scissors are essential for every sewer. In this article we are going to review the best sewing scissors so you can pick the ones that are right for you.

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Did you know that sewing scissors are not just for cutting fabrics? Sewing scissors can also be used for different purposes such as thread, rubber, leather, and many more!  

A sewing scissor is one of the most versatile tools to have in your sewing kit. It’s going to have an essential role in your sewing career. However, with so many brands available, it can be pretty tedious to choose one that suits your needs.

But, don’t fret! We have created a list of the best sewing scissors in 2021 to ease your searching and help you decide the best one for you. So, keep on scrolling to find out which sewing scissors you should add to your cart.



1. Tailor Sewing Shears 

The Tailor Sewing Shears are our choice for the overall best sewing scissors for the money.

The Fabric Scissors Tailor Sewing Shears are the ones you need to have in your sewing kit. The reason why they are beneficial is because of their sharp blades. You will be able to cut through any fabric with ease.

Plus, if you are left-handed or right-handed, don’t worry! These scissors are suitable for both users! It has a unique design that makes it comfortable to hold while ensuring an accurate cut each time. Also, the stainless white color gives them a sleek yet professional appearance that’s ideal for craftsmen and hobbyists.

Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic handle designed for durability and comfort with a soft grip. These sewing scissors also come with two replacement blades in case the original ones get dull. When you want the best quality craftsmanship to detail small parts, this scissor is your perfect option. a



2. BIHRTC Professional 9 inch Dressmaking Tailor Scissors

The BIHRTC Professional 9 inch Dressmaking Tailor Scissors are our choice for the overall best sewing scissor regardless of cost.

This sewing scissor provides superior performance and will last long due to the durable stainless steel and great design. Also, it’s incredibly comfortable to use with an advanced handle that gives you total control when you’re cutting—making it perfect for sewing and handicrafts!

They come in a wide variety of colors to suit your style and taste, so there’s no doubt they’ll become your favorite accessory! In addition, the design and style of this product are not intended for sewing and dressmaking but also embroidery, quilting, crafting, and art projects.

You will surely be amazed at how much easier it is to make scissoring cuts for arts and crafts; they are handy when cutting out multiple pieces of fabric. Another great thing about this pair of scissors is that you can use them without stress on your wrist. In addition, the sewing scissors have an anti-slip handle which provides extra safety, making them fantastic for novices and seasoned sewers!



3. Fiskars 01-005437 Heritage Seamstress Scissors

The Fiskars 01-005437 Heritage Seamstress Scissors are our choice for the best cheap sewing scissor.

The Fiskars 01-005437 Heritage Seamstress Scissors are the ideal solution for you when it comes to heavy-duty cutting, such as through multiple layers of fabric or upholstery.

Fiskars is a well-known brand in sewing scissors, and this pair will not disappoint you. The blades do not rust, and they are very lightweight, too; perfect for extended use without getting tired. These exceptional Seamstress Scissors have a smooth motion and long-lasting sharpness. The design is something you will love about these scissors!

The ergonomic handle also provides maximum comfort and ensures there’s no slipping due to sweat or moisture on your hands. You can use them for many years, just like with all high-quality products. Fiskars 01-005437 Heritage Seamstress Scissors offer excellent results every time you need to prune your sewing/craft project!



4. Scissor-Tailed Ultra Sharp 9 inch Heavy-Duty Professional Shears

The Scissor-Tailed 9 inch Heavy-Duty Professional Shears are another great choice for sewing scissors.

Sewing Scissors Ultra Sharp 9 inch Heavy-Duty Professional Shears are made of stainless steel so that they won’t rust or corrode with constant use! The carbon-steel blades ensure ultra sharpness and durability, perfect for all kinds of sewing projects where you need to cut through many layers of fabric.

Also, the ergonomic handle is made of anti-slip rubber so that you can hold the shear firmly for maximum control. These sewing scissors are 9 inches long, and they weigh 12 ounces – not too heavy! With these great scissors, you can cut satin without fraying the edges. They come in a beautiful gift case too!

These types of sewing scissors are an ideal present for anyone who needs premium quality to help them complete their sewing project without any hindrance. In addition, the free craft knife is a great little bonus – where you can cut with the exact precision that you need.



5. H HILITING GOBOS & PROJECTORS Professional 10 inch Heavy Duty Scissors

The H HILITING GOBOS & PROJECTORS 10 inch Heavy Duty Scissors are also great sewing scissors.

These sharp, high-grade sewing scissors are made from a top-quality grade of stainless steel – which means that you can cut all sorts of materials without any problem. They also have a large finger loop, so they are more comfortable using and have sharp blades for effective cutting capabilities.

These heavy-duty scissors present an incredible value for money as they come with a free measuring tape that you can use to make more precise and accurate measurements. In addition, the chamfering procedure on tailoring scissors blade heads prevents accidental scratching of fabric.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but powerful set of sewing scissors, you should consider this model. This package is ideal if you want premium quality at a price that does not break your bank!


6. SINGER 00561 8-1/2-Inch ProSeries Heavy Duty Bent Sewing Scissors

The SINGER 00561 8-1/2-Inch ProSeries are a good choice for sewing scissors.

The Singer 00561 is an excellent choice for tailors, quilters, or anyone looking for a high-quality set of shears. Their serrated blades are not only rust-proof but also very sharp.

The singer has perfected the manufacturing of bent sewing scissors over decades, and they have mastered the art of combining top quality with incredible durability. In addition, the ergonomic design of these shears makes them easy to work with, even if you are using them for hours on end.

Aside from being extremely affordable, this product will last for many years to come. So if you are looking for quality over quantity, this is the best sewing scissors for you! Not just that, whether you are left-handed or right-handed, these sewing shears will provide you with top-of-the-line precision and comfortability.



7. Donrime Left-Handed Sewing Scissors 10 Inch

The Donrime Left-Handed Sewing Scissors are great left handed sewing scissors.

Are you a left-handed person? In that case, you know how complex some everyday tasks can be. This includes activities such as sewing.

Well, breaking away from the norm is an excellent way to improve your efficiency. Using a set of left-handed scissors for sewing will boost your performance and bring you one step closer to mastering this craft. Another reason why we recommend these shears is because they feature an ergonomic handle design which makes working with them very easy in fabric cutting. You won’t have to worry about excessive pain or discomfort, even if you use these shears for an extended period!

Lastly, their stainless-steel construction makes them break-resistant, meaning you’ll get to use them for many years. So we’re confident that you’ll be more than pleased with this purchase!



8. LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose

The LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors are another great pair of sewing scissors.

These shears are both affordable and practical, making them the ideal addition to your sewing kit! They have a sharpened blade designed for cutting multiple types of fabric so that you won’t have any trouble with them during your projects. The blades are made from stainless steel, which means that they’re durable and rust-resistant. You can use them without fear that they’ll get damaged or wear out any time soon!

Additionally, their ergonomic handles will give you optimal comfort while working with these sewing shears. Finally, the colorful titanium blades are one of the main reasons these sewing scissors will stand out in your collection and give you a vibrant touch.

Finally, consider that these scissors are suitable both for right-handed people as well as left-handed ones. So if you want a versatile sewing kit of excellent quality, these could be the best option for you!



Questions and Answers


How do I choose sewing scissors?

When choosing a pair of scissors, look for one that will be comfortable in your hand. In addition, you want it to have a good solid grip, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out when you’re trying to cut away at thick fabrics.

Additionally, many of the higher-quality pairs also come in larger sizes, making them easier to use without feeling fatigued in your hand. Finally, don’t look for the price alone to make your decision. Spend the money on a quality pair once, rather than be forced to buy one cheap pair after another because they keep snapping! After all, all you need is to buy the best sewing scissors to achieve the best sewing experience!



What is the difference between regular scissors and sewing scissors?

Sewing scissors have a smaller blade and are designed to cut closer to the tip, making it easier to navigate around the buttons on your sewing machine. It also helps prevent snagging fibers on your material.

While regular scissors are usually bigger and don’t have the sharp tips that sewing scissors have, instead, they are designed to be broader, making them better for cutting more extensive materials. But if you want to make the job easier and save yourself some time, then investing in a pair or two of sewing scissors is a great idea.



How do I take care of my sewing scissors?

The best way for you to care for your scissors is by keeping them sharp. A sharp pair of shears can cut through any fabric with ease, whereas a dull pair will turn the fabric into something that looks like shredded wheat. Make sure that you’re always using them carefully and responsibly so that you never have to worry about them slipping out of your hand or shattering in the middle of cutting.

Moreover, after using your scissors, clean them with cloth or tissue to get rid of materials that might have been left behind. This will make sure that your scissors are always in tip-top condition and ready for the job!



How do I sharpen my sewing scissors?

Most sewing scissors are made from stainless steel, so the best way to keep them sharp is by investing in a good quality pair of sharpening stones or even an electric knife sharpener. However, they’re not all created equally!

Make sure you completely understand how they work before trying to use them for this type of job. If you don’t know them inside and out, it’s best to bring your scissors into a professional cutting service.




Some Final Words

While you can use regular scissors for sewing projects, it is recommended that you have a separate pair just for your stitchery work. The tips are very thin, so they’re great at getting into tight spaces, but don’t expect them to last as long as standard scissors.

Scissors are not something that should be scrimped on. On the contrary, they are an essential tool in the crafting and sewing world.

Hopefully, this ultimate guide and review have given you a better understanding of what to look for and the features to consider. Purchase the best sewing scissors that suit your tastes and requirements.

Happy sewing!


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