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Do you need a new sewing table? Here is our guide to the best sewing tables to help you choose the right one.

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Having your own dedicated space for sewing can make a big difference in your daily life. Apart from the sewing machine, you’ll always need needles, thread, bobbins, feet, fabric, and a number of different accessories.

If you don’t have them at hand in their own dedicated spaces, you’ll waste time and energy looking for them and putting them away. The best sewing tables available solve these issues completely, they are useful companions any sewist will love.

That is why we encourage you to consider storage space and areas when shopping for a sewing table. Some of them even use the space intelligently and transform it into a cabinet when not in use!

Other factors to have in mind are the sewing area in itself, the material, portability, and stability.

With all that in mind, we found the ten best sewing tables to make your sewing time a pleasure!


The 8 Best Sewing Tables

1. Kangaroo Table Arrow K8605

This true unit of a table is much more than a sewing area. When it is all closed, it looks like a simple cabinet. Start opening it though, and you’ll find all the compartments and special places for your sewing accessories.

There are three drawers with different sizes and three-door shelves, great for bobbins and smaller items. All the doors are lockable and secure. Any machine fits on the table, as long as it weighs up to 55 lbs.

It has three positions that change with a hydraulic lift – the free arm, flatbed, and cabinet. The shape is completely ergonomic and you will find yourself sewing for longer without noticing!

This table is certainly an investment, but a worthy one if you value the health of your back and arms.

2. Arrow 900 Auntie Sewing

The Arrow 900 is not so easy to put together, but if that is not a problem for you, then you have one of the best sewing tables here.

It has wheels so you can move it extremely easily, four square drawers on the side, and a big and flat workspace.

The machine is safely put away when not in use, and the top opens up for a longer area. It allows for free arms and it is very sturdy and firm.

The manufacturers even included instructions on how to sew a little curtain that can be used to hide the machine when it is in its down position!

3. Arrow 1004 Olivia Sewing

If you are looking for a statement piece as much as you are looking for a sewing table, the 1004 Olivia may be for you. It comes in a very pleasing pistachio color, with ornaments in strategic places that make it really pop.

It is bigger than most and it has two sizable drawers on each side, accompanied by two nice opened spaces for fabrics, baskets, or anything you may want.

Note that the sewing machines it accommodates can’t be larger than 9 1/2″ deep and 18 1/2″ wide. Many customers attested for the durability of this table, a great feature for a piece of furniture to have.

4. Arrow 611

If you are looking for a more minimalist look and just want a sturdy and reliable sewing table, the 611 caters to your needs.

It is a simple, white table with no drawers that lets you use free arm and flatbed positions when sewing. It comes pre-assembled, which is great as a present for an elderly person or if you simply don’t want to connect dozens of little parts together.

It is portable, sturdy, and reliable and will keep your sewing machine safe and at reach. Even when you are sewing at high speed it does not wobble or move, and the legs even collapse for extra motility.

5. Sullivan’s Portable Sewing Table

This Sullivan table is white with black rims. It is a combination of a cabinet table with a collapsable table.

The working area folds down if you want, leaving only the four drawers up, a great middle term between something with a lot of storage but still compact. It also has wheels on it, which adds to the convenience of this unit.

The assembly is not so straightforward and can take some time, and tools are not included. Keep this in mind before purchasing. 

6. Soft White Sauder Table

This table has a lot of features that more expensive ones have but at a fraction of the cost. It looks just like a regular, cute and white cabinet when closed.

The sewing machine hides inside in a satisfactory way. When stretched, you have two shelves attached to the door to easily access all your supplies, a long working space and a comfortable area for the sewing foot.

Even though it needs to be assembled, you can do it by following the available directions, they are very clear. The wheels are very smooth and roll well on different surfaces.


7. Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table

The Sew Ready is another simple table with no drawers, but it has something other models of this type don’t – a storage space between the legs.

This little shelf is great for keeping all the essentials you can’t live without while sewing. The table is quite long – 23.5 inches – and there is a foldable side top that makes the table shorter if you need it.

The drop-down part you put your machine on is adjustable, which means you can match the height of it to the height of your machine.

That does wonders for comfort and ergonomics. The legs are very steady and have floor levelers to ensure you are always aligned no matter the surface you’re on.

8. Lifetime 80160

Maybe you are just looking for a comfortable, simple table that you can use for sewing as well as other activities. If you don’t want any frills and overcomplicated tables, take a look at the Lifetime 80160.

The best thing about it is that you can adjust its height! It can be 24, 29 or 36 inches high depending on your needs, so you can use it yourself and even set it up for your kids if you need it.

The corners are strong and impact-resistant, the top is resistant to water and this table will not rust, chirp or peel away, no matter what you do.


Buying Guide for the Best Sewing Table


One of the worst things that can happen when sewing is to have a wobbly table that moves around while you’re working. Look for tables that have strong and sturdy legs and a steady top.

If they have wheels, they need to have a lock-up function so the table doesn’t roll.


The type and amount of storage you need will depend on your sewing practices and form. Drawers are essential, and inside shelves also help a lot.

If you are used to keeping pieces of fabric together with your sewing supplies, it is important to look for tables that have ample capacity. 


If the table turns into a cabinet when closed, or if it has a number of drawers and shelves, chances are it will need assembly upon arrival.

In that case, it is better to check if the instructions are clear or, even better, if there is a video available. If your table is simple and with no frills it is likely it will come ready to use. 


Measure your work area before purchasing a table, and factor in aspects like chair space, free-arm sewing, and accessibility to drawers. 


The material of the sewing table influences the built, durability and feel. Although most of them are not made of wood, of particleboard, they are still very powerful and lasting.

The important thing is that they support the weight of a sewing machine well and last for years to come. 

Extra features

Some cool extra features are heat resistance, water resistance, and a pneumatic lift.

Sewing Tables – Frequently Asked Questions 

Can any sewing machine fit in a sewing table?

Most tables are made for any sewing machine. It is still a good idea to check the table specifications, as they will clearly state the maximum dimensions your machine has to be to fit.  

What size should a sewing table be?

Most tables are around 28 inches high, based on the average 5 foot 3 person. They should be quite long, and we recommend you look for one that is at least 23 inches long.

How do you attach a sewing machine to a sewing table?

All tables come with instructions, but the basic idea is that you will line up the screws of your sewing machine to the ones on the table, and then secure it with bolts to it. 

Is there a difference between a sewing table and a sewing cabinet? 

A sewing table is a simple table with a lower shelf for a sewing machine. It is great and very comfortable, and still allows for free arm or not.

A sewing cabinet turns into a dresser when closed, and has a lot of storage space.


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