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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Are you looking for threads to use when sewing leather? In this article we will share with you our picks for the best threads for sewing leather so you can choose the one that works best for you.

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The thread type you will use for sewing your leather project will define the quality of the outcome. So, check out this review on the best threads for sewing leather, as it will show you some of the leading sewing threads in the market today.

Sewing leather with the right type of thread will allow you to produce high-quality results that will last for a long time. So, here’s a tip. Nylon and polyester threads are the types you should opt for when choosing the stitching thread for your leather projects.

If you want the stitches on your leather to look good, choose heavy-duty threads. Read on to learn more about the threads ideal for sewing leather and the appropriate sizes for different sewing projects.


1. Leather Unltd Black Sinew Waxed Thread

Leather Unltd Black Sinew Waxed Thread is our choice for overall best thread for sewing leather in sewing machines.

If you want to use waterproof materials when sewing leather, crafting, and making repairs, use this Black Sinew Waxed Thread from Leather Unltd. It is made of a durable fiber that you can dye into any color you choose.

Aside from that, you can split the strands apart to use for necklaces, beading, and embroidery. It also resists mildew and mold and is incredibly durable as it can hold as much as 70 lbs.

In this review, this leather thread is our overall best choice for sewing leather in a sewing machine as it doesn’t break easily like fabric threads do. Its interlocking fibers also make it strong, spreading the weight evenly.



2. Beige eBoot Polyester Waxed Cord

Beige eBoot Polyester Waxed Cord is our choice for overall best thread for sewing leather apparel and shoes.

This leather thread from eBoot is our overall best thread for sewing leather apparel and shoes as it doesn’t break easily when sewn. This thread is easier to navigate into sewing machines and is less stiff compared to other threads.

When you look closer, the eBoot waxed cord has a flat shape, allowing it to pierce into leather smoothly. Its manufacturer claims that one spool of this waxed polyester thread is enough for a whole day of sewing.

Since it is made of synthetic polyester, your leather seams will resist damage and fraying due to ice, water, and mud. This material is similar to dental floss that doesn’t leave any residue on your hands when sewing leather, unlike most waxed threads.

The ideal leather projects you can sew with eBoot Polyester Waxed Cord are wallets, shoes, tents, luggage, and many more.



3. VIKROM Dow Leather Polyester Waxed Thread

VIKROM Dow Leather Polyester Waxed Thread is our choice for best thread for hand sewing leather.

If you need a leather thread to sew leather by hand, VIKROM Dow Leather Polyester Waxed Thread is ideal for you. Having this ready wherever you go will allow you to keep your favorite leather stuff in perfect shape.

This thread is available in brown color, ideal for sewing similar colored leather materials. Aside from that, it looks thinner than other threads due to the weaving pattern utilized by its manufacturer.

Most sewers utilize this thread for sewing leather as it can withstand an 80 to 110 lbs load before breaking. Since it causes less breakage, your sewing experience will be better, and you will be efficient while working on leather projects.

When working with this leather thread, it might be necessary to make a double knot to prevent the knots from coming undone. Also, you may add a light touch of flame using a lighter or candle to seal its ends.


Questions and Answers


What Are the Types of Leather Thread?

When sewing leather, there are also different threads to choose from. Among those threads are waxed linen, waxed polyester, and bonded nylon. Let’s explore each below:


Waxed Linen

Waxed linen threads are made of natural cotton fibers. This thread has a unique feel and look, making it ideal for aesthetic use.

Generally, linen thread is less durable compared to nylon and polyester thread. It is why this thread is only suitable for hand sewing as it breaks when used in a sewing machine.

Also, the wax coating of this natural thread adds a little durability and strength to it. For decorative use, you can choose from different colors of waxed linen thread.


Waxed Polyester

Polyester threads are essentially made from plastic, so it is light, strong, and durable thread for sewing leather. It is also coated with wax to make it stronger and move less when sewn on leather.

Another purpose of the wax is to make the thread resistant to grime, wearing, dirt, and moisture. Waxed polyester threads are also available in different color variants for sewing different colors of leather material.


Bonded Nylon

Bonded nylon is also a polyester thread. The difference is that it is bonded into a single strand, making it more durable.

This type of leather thread is commonly used for leatherwork and is popular for machine sewing and hand sewing. It is also available in many different colors for your sewing needs.


Which Type of Thread Is Best for Sewing on Leather?

When sewing leather, bonded nylon thread is the best choice. Bonded nylon threads are available in different weights suitable for sewing various thicknesses and weights of leather.

This type of thread is strong as the bonding process it passes through adds durability and lessens friction. As a result, sewing with this thread is faster and smoother when using an industrial sewing machine.

Bonded nylon thread is also ideal for hand sewing leather as the type of resin that acts as the bonding agent helps dispel friction while sewing. The strength of the agent also keeps the thread from undoing as it is drawn through the leather’s layers as well as other thick materials.

Using the right thread for leather is essential. Aside from that, the stitches ideal for sewing leather on a sewing machine is short to achieve a tight seam. Just make sure that the stitches are not too short as they can weaken the leather due to many small holes.

It is one of the reasons why bonded nylon thread is the best thread for sewing leather. This thread looks attractive and keeps tight seams, especially when used to sew decorative stitch patterns.


What Weight Thread Should I Use for Leather?

When sewing soft leather, the type of leather commonly used for bags, wallets, and purses, the ideal bonded nylon thread sizes to use are #46 or #69. These sizes are light and are commonly utilized when stitches should be decorative in nature or close together.

For sewing thicker and stiff leathers, perhaps in the range of 3 to 5 oz., thicker bonded nylon thread with size #92 is best to use. Size #138 bonded nylon thread is also recommended if sewn leather is intended for bearing load or furniture.

Aside from that, the size #138 thread is ideal to use as a decorative reinforcing thread for accenting seams. Leather weighing 6 to 8 oz., on the other hand, should be sewn with size #92 thread.

As a rule, the thread is thicker when the bonded nylon’s size number is higher. The same is true with the thread’s strength. So, choose a larger needle when using thicker threads.

Most craftsmen also recommend using size #207 or #277 bonded nylon thread when sewing heavy leather weighing 12 oz. or higher. The ideal stitch length for these thread sizes is longer to create even spacing, as uneven stitches cause too much tension on leather. When this happens, it could lead to tearing and degradation.

Lastly, use the thickest bonded nylon thread, size #346, when sewing 3/8″ tp 3/4″ thick leather. It is a heavy-duty thread that holds leather well thanks to its extreme durability and strength.


How to Select Thread for Leather?


Spool Size

When choosing the right stitching thread to sew leather, you should also consider your workload. For instance, choose a larger spool size of thread if you are sewing often or repairing a lot of leather stuff.

The reason why you should do so is to save costs. Besides, buying threads in bulk can help you save shipping costs.


The Stickiness of the Wax

A waxed thread is ideal for sewing leather, so make sure to consider the thickness of the coating of the thread. Lightly waxed thread helps prevent thread breakage when sewing thick materials like leather and helps if you consider how thick the wax is to ensure that it can go through the eye of the needle you will use.


Can I Use Embroidery Thread to Sew Leather?

Yes, you can use embroidery threads to sew leather. Leather embroidery is one of the ways to decorate leather, and if you want to embroider beautiful designs, 40-weight rayon or polyester are usually used. For embroidering large areas, use heavier rayon embroidery thread as it sews faster on leather and is stronger.


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