5 BEST Sewing Tools in 2021

In any good tailor’s workshop, the sewing machine does most of the job. But this does not mean that you should give the least importance to the sewing tools and trinkets involved in sewing. These simple things also contribute to making your sewing experience efficient and enjoyable.

Sewing is an expensive hobby. Sure, you can start with a cheap second-hand machine and a basket of basic supplies. But later on, you start getting more and more into the hobby, which often  happens naturally, so don’t fight it.

Having just the right tool for your projects feels just as important as sending your kid to the right school. Much like numerous craft-related hobbies, sewing involves a lot of equipment.

The longer you take up the hobby, the more you find yourself investing in tools and accessories to enhance your experience while raising your work’s quality. When learning how to sew, it may be daunting to see all the different tools available to you when working on projects.

The options are truly diverse, but you can also simply work with the essential tools, and this list gives you the perfect guide to get you started. Feel free to pick and choose what you need to build your very own sewing kit.


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5 BEST Sewing Cabinets in 2021

Organizing your tools is very important for a good and productive sewing day.

Sewing cabinets can help you keep your fabrics, threads, spools, and other little valuable things on your sewing table. Seeing all the items you need for sewing neatly organized in one place will give you satisfaction and make your working time more pleasant.

Every sewing enthusiast knows the importance of having all these tools in front of them while sewing. To get it done correctly, they require proper storage. If you are among those looking for the best sewing cabinets or organizers, then this article can help you with your search.

Whether you are just starting, have been sewing for decades, or are looking to build your own sewing space, having the right tools can help make quilting more accessible and enjoyable. A good place to start is with these five best-of-the-best sewing cabinets on the market today.


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Sewing 101: What Is A Low Shank Sewing Machine

Have you been in a scenario where you wanted to use a particular sewing foot but found out that it isn’t compatible with your machine? This mishap happens because of the shank of a sewing machine.

But here comes low shank sewing machines. A low shank sewing machine is accommodating to changes, allowing sewers to complete different projects.

What is a low shank sewing machine? A low shank sewing machine is a sewing machine that has a smaller rod between the attachment screw and the presser foot. The length of the rod is approximately ¾ inch, and this part offers a lot of options for hobbyists when it comes to switching the foot.


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5 BEST Sewing Machine Cases in 2021

Do you want to find the best sewing machine cases for your sewing tools?

If you’re planning a major trip and want a great durable carrying bag for your sewing machine, then you’re at the right place.

We’ve all observed how difficult traveling with a sewing machine can be, mainly if you don’t have a proper sewing machine bag. With its sensitive parts, a typical bag will not be enough to safeguard your sewing machine from unexpected hits, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Sewing machine cases are bags made to properly store and transport not just your machine but also all of your sewing tools, books, and patterns all in one bag.

Most sewing machine bags, which come in a variety of styles, are equipped with wheels, allowing you to move them around with convenience – much better than actually carrying several heavy items. Some even have hard casings, and some have brightly colored fabric patterns.


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