Why Is My Sewing Machine Sewing Backwards?

Sewing machines are generally designed to make sewing more efficient and more manageable. But unfortunately, they also sometimes experience malfunctions in strange and complicated ways. For example, if your sewing machine unit at home is only sewing in reverse, there might be several factors to look out for to solve the problem.

Why is your sewing machine sewing backwards? The reason lies in the reverse lever on your sewing machine. A mechanical level can push when you need your fabric to enter the machine in reverse. Just be mindful that this is prone to issues as it can get stuck or broken internally. 

In this article, you are about to learn what significant factors come into play when your sewing machine only runs in reverse. This post will also suggest what you can do to troubleshoot and fix these problems and how to work with a machine that only runs in reverse.


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Sewing Machine Foot Pedal: Everything You Need To Know

When working with fabrics, some people may prefer using a sewing machine. Among the most crucial parts of working with a sewing machine is the foot pedal as this mechanical part is key to being able to sew efficiently and accurately when using a sewing machine.

The sewing machine foot pedal lets you control your sewing machine’s speed. Because of this, it is considered among the most critical parts to keep in check and maintain.

To fully grasp control of a sewing machine, learning about the foot pedal mechanism is a good starting point. So, here is a comprehensive guide about what you need to know about sewing machines to help you work more efficiently.


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The Basics Of An Overcast Stitch Sewing Machine

Sewing fabrics does not only focus on designing and stitching patterns into them. If you want your future sewing projects to have seamless edges, investing in an overcast stitch machine or a serger is a good solution.

Below is a walkthrough of basic information about the overcast stitch sewing machine. Let’s get right into it!


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10 Common Causes Why Sewing Machine Locks Up

Like most people, there is nothing more frustrating than having your sewing machine malfunction when you are trying to sew. It’s even worse if the problem is not something undeniable like bobbin winding or threading your sewing machine.

A common cause of frustration with sewing machines is a lock-up where the motor and gears will no longer turn. To narrow down your problem, we’ve put together what causes a sewing machine lock-up and some helpful troubleshooting tips.

Keep in mind that finding your specific problem could take some trial and error, but it’s better to make one adjustment at a time than to try everything all at once!


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