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Is the Brother XM2701 a good sewing machine? Here is our in-depth review!

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Brother has a few of the best sewing machines for beginners which are equally good for professionals. The Brother xm2701 is one of those models that provides excellent features for those who have just started with sewing as well as for those who are not so new to the sewing world but enjoy some advanced features in the sewing machine. It is high quality and yet affordable sewing machine in the brother sewing machine line.


brother xm2701 review
brother xm2701 sewing machine


Brother xm2701 Review and Key Features

Brother xm2701 is an advanced sewing machine with features versatile enough for both beginner and professional users. Let us discuss some:


1. 27 Built-in Stitches Including a One-Step Buttonhole

Brother xm2701 comes with 27 built-in stitches including decorative, blind hem, zigzag, and stretch stitches. It also includes a one-step buttonholer. It covers all the basic sewing needs and some advanced sewing stitches that can easily be used by professional users.


2. Automatic Needle Threader Provides Easy Threading System

It comes with an automatic needle threader which is basically a lever on the side of the machine that automatically threads your needle with just a push.


3. Top drop-in bobbin

This makes it much easier to insert the bobbin into the machine. This also helps you avoid thread jamming.


4. 5-Piece Feed Dog System

This feed dog system allows your fabric to move freely on the board for smooth and stable stitching without skipping any stitches.


5. Adjustable Stitch Length & Width

Adjusting dials present in the machine allows you to custom the length and width of the stitches.  With this, you change your stitches size to make them as you prefer,


6. Drop Feed

Drop feed technology is a very useful one to have if you also have quilting in mind. It allows you to drop the feed dogs and do some free motion sewing when you are stitching a buttonhole or quilting or even darning.

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7. Removable Free Arm

There is a removable storage compartment that can be removed to turn the machine into a free arm. It is highly useful while hemming a sleeve or maybe a pair of pants.


8. Extra-High Presser Foot Lift

It has an extra high presser foot lifter which is a very useful tool when you are working with bulky fabrics or multiple layers of fabrics.


9. Auto declutch bobbin winder

Auto declutch bobbin winder that will stop automatically when the bobbin is full. So, you don’t have to worry about overwinding your bobbin ever.


10. Horizontal Full Rotary Hook Bobbin System with Clear Cover

The clear bobbin cover helps you monitor the bobbin thread supply. The full rotary metal hooks run more quietly and require less lubrication. Because it only rotates in one direction.


11. Built-in LED

It has a built-in LED illuminating the workplace for your ease and precision in work.

Also, it comes with free Accessories Including 6 sewing feet, a 3-piece needle set, Button fitting foot, Twin needle, Extra spools, 4 bobbins, Instructional DVD, Screwdriver


What We Like Most (Pros)

Brother Xm2701 is a versatile sewing machine both for beginners and professionals.  It has some features that we cannot help but like.

brother xm2701 sewing machine


It is a lightweight and portable machine. This is a very suitable characteristic if you are a beginner and have to take it to classes.

It has a very good warranty offer which is a 25-year limited warranty. Their warranty covers up to one year on parts, labor and accessories. Any issues with the electronic components of the machine or the printed circuit boards will be covered for up to two years. And Brother will cover it against all manufacturers’ defects for 25 years.

It is a low price machine. It is affordable for any kind of user especially if you are looking to buy an advanced sewing machine but running low in the budget area.

It is very easy to operate making it very suitable for beginners. It is also very easy to set up and the instructional DVD is very useful in this regard.

It is a powerful machine with a high stitching speed of 800 stitches per minute which saves your time a lot more than usual.


What Users Claiming (Cons)

although Brother xm2701 is a multipurpose sewing machine with great features, the users did complain about a few things that can be improved.

The machine is maybe a little too lightweight. It can not handle heavy-weight fabric very well. And it will be safe to say it is not suitable for multiple layers of fabric either. But given the price range, it is fairly normal.

The LED is said to be dim. It is not very efficient when it comes to illuminating the workplace.

The presser foot is not adjustable and the lever is very hard to reach. It can be a problem for the users.

A speed controller would have been a nice addition to the machine. Some customers complain about not having a ‘medium’ speed. Although it is a high-speed machine it could create a problem for beginners who are just starting.



Final Verdict

Brother xm2701 is a sewing machine that can be a great starter machine for any beginner. It offers some amazing features. It has about 63 stitching functions which are more than enough for any beginner and adequate for any professionals.

Although it does have some lacking in some department but considering the price and the features presented, the cons can be overlooked.

Being a rather recent machine, there is not much review on the machine. But the beginners love the machine and the professionals also seem to be very fond of its simplicity.


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