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Do you need help threading your new brother sewing machine? In this article we will show you exactly how to thread a brother sewing machine.



Threading the bobbin: brother sewing machine

When you get your Brother sewing machine out of its box, you first need to thread the bobbin before using it. But always use brother bobbins that are appropriate with your sewing machine. 

  • Pull the spool pin-up and lay your spool of thread on it to start the bobbin-winding operation. If your unit does have a horizontal spindle, the spool cover may have to be placed over it. A spool cover is not required for a vertical spindle machine. 
  • Then, take the thread end out and wrap it around the pre-tension plate on the machine’s left side. Go under the disk and counter-clockwise around it. Once the thread slides beneath that disk, you’ll be able to feel it.
  • Place the bobbin on the shaft of the bobbin winder. As the bobbin turns clockwise, a spring on the shaft should slip into the bobbin groove. It will feel as though it has clicked into place.


Bobbin thread bunching



For fast bobbin-winding system:

  • Using your left hand, grasp the tip of the thread, and using your right hand, wrap its loose end of the thread multiple times clockwise all-around bobbin.
  • Trim the extra thread by passing through the opening in the bobbin seat’s base.
  • Toggle the speed controller toward the right by pressing the foot pedal or by simply touching the on/off button. The bobbin should start winding right away. 
  • Once the bobbin is nearly complete, it will begin to slow down, or most machines will entirely stop winding. Push the button or remove your foot from the pedal.


Without fast bobbin-winding system:

Put the tip of the thread to one of the bobbin’s holes. Set on the sewing machine and press either the start button if it is computerized or pushes down the foot pedal while keeping the tip of the thread. Apply mild foot pressure when pushing start/stop in winding the thread. Then apply more pressure to increase speed to wind the bobbin entirely.



Installing the bobbin on brother sewing machine

When your bobbin is already threaded, it is now time to install the bobbin to your brother’s sewing machine. The latest models of Brother sewing machines offer a quick set-up that usually comes with a user’s guide on how to thread a brother sewing machine

  • Turn off the power on your machine and lift the needle to its highest level. Do it using the needle button upon computerized machines or shifting the handwheel towards you and lift the presser foot. 
  • Push the button close to the bobbin cover to the machine’s base on the right in opening the cover. 
  • Insert your bobbin. The thread should exit the bobbin from the top, not the base. For a diagram guide, you should view the instructions on the base of your machine. The bobbin will spin counterclockwise when you pulled your thread. 
  • Trim the thread by feeding the tip through the base slit and pulling it around as indicated. To maintain appropriate bobbin tension, you must accurately place the tension springs on the bobbin casing.
  • Remove the bobbin case lid and replace it. Tuck the left tab beneath the base, and the right side will snap into place.



Threading the upper thread on brother sewing machine

When the lower bobbin is all set up, it is now time for the upper thread on your machine. Ensure that your sewing machine is off, the foot pedal is elevated, and the needle is positioned up. Doing these things are the right direction to help avoid tension issues. The thread spool should be positioned on the spool pin.

  • Put the thread through the machine’s first thread guide on the upper left. It’s an upside-down L-shaped silver item. With the thread, go backward and forwards.
  • Slip the thread down and move it through the guidelines and tension discs in front of your sewing machine in a U shape from right to left. The machine’s arrows will point you in the right way.
  • There will be a thread take-up lever at the very top, left of this guide. Ensure that the thread is inserted into this lever.
  • Wrap the thread all around the lever just above the needle base, a silver hook. You can get the thread via a hole on the back right.
  • Pull the thread across a few inches after passing it through the eye of a needle from front to back. Place it beneath the presser foot and then behind it.


A person is setting up the thread in the sewing machine



Automatic needle threader: brother sewing machine

While the concept of an automated needle threader is attractive, I believe the device’s dependability and convenience of use are missing. Follow the below steps on how to thread a brother sewing machine using the automated needle threader, stopping just before putting the thread into the eye of the needle. Then, using the lever, lower the presser foot.

  • Attach the thread to guide by lowering the needle threader lever halfway. It’s in the shape of an upside-down V. The thread should start at the top right corner and travel beneath the V, then around the guide to the right. As though you were threading in the opposite direction.
  • Lower the needle threader to its lowest position. As the threader spins towards you, you’ll see the hook pass through the eye of the needle.
  • There’s a little hook within the leading hook that’s currently in the needle’s eye. Pull your thread back into the vast hook all the way and catch it on the little hook. Using your hands to run the thread down the rear of the guide from bottom to top will make it easier to catch the hook.
  • Keep the thread’s free end in your hand. After then, let go of the needle threader lever. The thread will be dragged into the eye of a needle as it spins back into position. Before you begin sewing, take the thread out a few inches and lay it all behind and below the presser foot.

Brother quick-set bobbins have the advantage of being ready to use as soon as the thread passes through the eye of the needle. There is no need to mess with the bobbin thread. Once you start stitching, the sewing machine will do it for you.



Now that you know how to thread a brother sewing machine, it may be challenging to thread your machine at first, but once you get used to it, it will be easier for you to set up your machine and start sewing. Though most sewing machines have a user’s manual, remember that all the information is just one click away from your computer. 

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