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Is the Janome Mod-19 a good sewing machine? Here is our in-depth review!

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Janome has always offered precise and affordable machines with lots of features and has always been a trusted brand for both the beginners and the professional. The Janome mod-19 is a versatile sewing machine with a verity of the feature. It has 19 built-in stitches (hence the name), allowing you to get crafty and creative with your projects. In this Janome Mod-19 review, we will talk about the different features it has to offer, and you can compare it with the others to see for yourself how it is better.

Janome mod-19 has a lot of different features that can make sewing a lot easier.


Janome Mod-19 Review


Janome Mod-19 Review & Key Features


1. 19 built-in stitches, including a buttonhole

Janome mod-19 offers 19 different stitches in basic, fashion, quilting, heirloom, and home décor. The stitches include a four-step buttonhole which helps you customize the stitch width, the stitch length, the size of the hole, and the fabric type. This means a wide range of stitches for you to try.


2. Built-in needle threader

As the name implies, it gets the thread through the eye of the needle. You just have a thread up the machine as indicated by the arrows, and the needle threader will do the rest for you.


3. Stitch selection dial

You can choose the stitch of your like from 19 different stitches with your desired adjustment just by turning the dial. It saves a lot of effort for you.


4. Stitch length and width adjuster

It comes with a stitch adjuster. Just turn the dials to select the length and width of your stitch.  It can do a maximum of 5mm wide and 4mm long stitches.


5. Top loading full rotary hook bobbin with clear cover

A top-loading system with a clear cover helps you set up easily and monitor the supply of the threads to your bobbin. You can easily change the bobbin once you see that it is empty. Rotary hooks make the machine noiseless as the bobbin moves in only one direction and frictionless, so the machine runs smoothly, unlike the ones with an oscillating hook.


6. Drop feed

You can lower the feed dogs and drop them below the needle plate so the feed dogs won’t control your fabric. You can use free-motion sewing. The feed dogs will no longer be used. So, you will have full control over the speed and direction of your sewing.


7. 5 piece feed dog system

While we are on the subject, the machine has 5 pieces feed dog system, allowing smooth passage of fabric no matter the thickness.


8. Auto declutch bobbin winder

This is a wonderful feature. It stops winding the bobbin once it is full. So no more worrying about over winding the bobbin. Let the machine do all the work for you.


9. Free Arm

It has a removable compartment that turns the machine into a free is. It is especially useful for sewing small openings, sewing a sleeve or a pair of pants and basically the hard reached areas.


10. LED

LED illuminates your workplace for better display.


11. Other Features

Other features include thread tension control, extra-high presser foot lifter, easy reverse lever, and so on.

The machine has a 25-year warranty which offers great convenience for long time investments.

It also comes with accessories, including general purpose foot, Zipper foot, blind hemming foot, sliding buttonhole foot. Along with the feet, there are also spool holders, extra spool pins, bobbins, seam reaper, needle set, instruction book, power cord, etc.


What We Like Most (Pros)

There are lots to like about this machine. Let’s see a few:

  • This machine is reasonably priced. This could be especially helpful if you start as a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot on your machine.
  • The machine is lightweight. So, it is very portable. It has a built-in handle on it so, it is even easier. It will be most helpful if you think of taking your machine to work.
  • It is simple to use a system that makes it suitable for armatures that need many functions without complications.
  • It has easy-to-use features, suitable for even the most inexperienced users.
  • It is noiseless. So, you don’t have to worry about annoying sounds.
  • It comes with a 25-year warranty which is great for future investment.


What Users Claiming (cons)

Although this is an amazing machine, the users claim a few things that this machine fails to provide.

  • The feet are difficult to change.
  • Although the description claimed that it could be used for both heavy-duty and lightweight fabric, the machine is not very suitable for heavyweight fabric like denim and others.
  • This is a plastic-made machine and not quite sturdy or durable.


Final Verdict

To be very honest, if you look very carefully into the Janome mod-19 review, you will see that this machine works great for beginners. It is dynamic, lightweight, and easy on the eyes. It is very suitable for students as they can easily carry it to class. They can try out lots of different stitches as well. It is simple and straightforward to use.  With this electrically powered machine, they won’t have to do any manual labor whatsoever. And not to mention the price. The price is tough to beat. The features you get for so much less money are absolutely brilliant, making it a sensible choice for both beginners and low-budgeted users.

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