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Cutting fabric straight is really important to straighten fabric edges for any sewing projects before cutting pattern pieces from it. A poor initial cut can result in twisted joints, or joints of different lengths on two pieces that are supposed to match, or a damaged them after the garment was finished.

So, it is important for you to understand the question here is how to cut large pieces of fabric straight.

It seems to be a simple task, but in reality, there is more to it than is obvious at a first glance. Here you will find some helpful tips on how to cut fabric straight. You have to remember cutting things even and precise will make your project process a lot smoother and a whole lot less thread pulling will be involved.



How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight:

Step 1:

Wash your fabric right after you purchase it and it is a really good habit. Because when it comes time to cut something up and it hasn’t been washed, you may make a little adjustment to your measurements and such, knowing it may shrink a little.

So, if you want the best results always wash & dry before starting any project.

To have precise measurements, always iron the fabric flat.  This will release the wrinkles and allow the fabric to set smooth as its actual size.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 1


Step 2:

When cutting your large pieces of fabric, always use a solid flat surface.  If you want those lines to stay smooth and flat, it’s important to use a hard surface, and not on a carpeted floor or on top of a bed.

If you’re cutting on a table, you need to be careful that all the edges of the fabric are up on the table.  If there is extra fabric hanging over the corners, it will cause uneven lines without you realizing it.


Step 3:

Let’s talk about the necessary equipment for the cutting project. Choosing the right scissor before cutting is a very important factor. They make a huge difference. You can use quilting rulers for taking precise measurements.

The rotary cutter can also be helpful to you to cut the fabric straight. Set your fabric down with the right side facing up and cut along the lines that you drew using a rotary cutter.

If you are using a pattern to cut the fabric which keeps slipping, use paper clips or clothespins to secure it to the edges.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 2


Step 4:

You need to create one straight edge first and then you can cut everything else from there.  So look at your fabric carefully and find or create the selvage edge.

The selvage line is usually straight but sometimes you will see it waver just a bit. If so, cut off the selvage line in a straight line and you have your straight edge of the fabric to work from.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 3


Step 5:

For creating a 90 degree cut on my fabric, you can use a quilting ruler for measurement or match the fabric up with a perfectly square table corner or counter corner.

if you find it slightly angles outward or inward, trim that up with your scissors until the fabric is in line with the edge of the table.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 4


If you have a difficult time cutting a straight line that resembled the edge of the table, use a straight edge of some sort and draw a line, and then cut.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 5


Step 6:

When you have a nice 90-degree corner, and two straight edges, you can start measuring whatever size you need and start cutting.  Put your fabric down in front of you and measure from one of the straight edges, over the amount that you need.

For example, if you want to make a 12-inch square, place the end of the ruler all the way up against the right edge and measure over to the left 12 inches.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 6


Then, drive the ruler up a few inches, making sure that it’s still lined up with the edge of the fabric. Then measure over again the same amount and then continue cutting until you reach your desired measurement.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 7

How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 88


Slide the ruler up and continue measuring and cutting like the previous way until you have reached the top. Make sure to cut directly towards the measurement you need on your ruler.


How to Cut Large Pieces of Fabric Straight 9


In this way, you can get a perfectly cut straight fabric whether you want square-shaped or triangular. You need to just follow the step.

Once you’ve done with a few cuts along with your fabric, you can fold it up and keep the two edges even along the side that are already cut. You can use the folded-over fabric as a guide to cut your opposite edge of the fabric.




Cutting large pieces of fabric straight is easy but knowing how to do it the right way can make your sewing project easier. If you don’t take the basic preparatory steps, such as pre-washing, drying, ironing your complete garment could end up being too small, especially after the first time you wash it.

Once you know the basics of preparing fabric, then you can alter your technique to cut specific types of fabric, such as faux fur, chiffon, cotton, or linen. So, before you can use your specific type of fabric, you need to find out how to get a straight edge on fabric.

Proper preparation with good finishing of the fabric is vital in sewing.

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