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Do you ever get frustrated whenever a fabric moves around while you’re sewing? If your answer is yes, then using the best sewing clip might just help ease that frustration.

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Sewing clips are a handy addition to sewing kits since they can hold your fabric in place without leaving any holes. Aside from that, they won’t accidentally prick you as you work.

Their flat backs will let you feed the fabric through the foot of a sewing machine without too much hindrance. While it is true that sewing clips aren’t new to the market and that they essentially aren’t any different from bulldog clips, these clips are specifically designed to work with tailors on their projects, especially those who struggle with pins.

By definition, sewing clips are small clips you can use to hold your fabric, seams, and layers all together. Using these clips is a trend among tailors and quilters since they are much easier and safer than pins.

Sewing clips do not differ much from pegs you would typically use in the office when comparing the two’s shape, structure, and design. But, a sewing clip’s main difference from the latter is that it has rubber on its pincers to prevent damage from the fabric being worked on. Having A sewing clip in your kit is helpful whether you’re a simple hobbyist or a professional tailor



1. MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips Pack

The MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips Pack is our choice for overall best handheld sewing clip for the money.

This MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing clip is one of the most versatile options available for tailors. You can use the clips in this pack to hang clothes and ornaments, or use them on a book.

This versatility is the reason for this pack’s popularity among people who sew. Upon purchasing the pack, you will have a total of 160 clips, all of which will be able to serve you and your needs for a long time.

The sheer number of clips that belong in a pack will help you in whatever and however many projects you may be working on. The clips are also color-coordinated to help you sort which clips you will use for which projects.

MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing clips come in a sturdy and reliable tin storage box to help you keep your clips in one place as you work on different projects. This addition makes it a perfect gift fit for people who enjoy sewing as a lifestyle or hobby.

Also, the plastic slips in this set uniformly measure 2.5 x 0.8 x 1.3 cm. These dimensions are an excellent fit for when you need the clips to work with multiple layers of fabric.



2. Taylor Seville Small Magic Clip Sewing and Quilting Clips

The Taylor Seville Small Magic Clip is our choice for best sewing clip regardless of price.

This clip set from Taylor Seville is an excellent quilting clip available in both the virtual and land-based markets. The clip set comes with 24 clips, all of which are marked. The markings on each clip are at the quarter and half-inch measure to make them easier to use.

These clips are molded by combining steel and plastic. The manufacturers utilize surgical-grade steel and premium quality plastic to ensure the longevity of the entire set.

Each clip in this set uniformly measures 13.4 x 5.8 x 3.8 inches. They also have a wide-angle reception when it is opened that can accommodate multiple layers and different kinds of fabrics easily.

This uniformity and sheer size of the clips make it a premium choice when tackling several quilting projects at once. The solid construction of every clip in this set makes them ideal for almost any DIY craft available at home.

Also, the clips can lie flat, making it possible for tailors to sew even while holding the fabric. Simply make sure that there will be an eight-inch clearance between the clips and the sewing needle so that no damage will befall either the machine or the clips in the set.



3. Sewing Clips Set by Ottemax

The Sewing Clips Set by Ottemax is our choice for best cheap sewing clip.

This clip set by Ottemax is one of the few clip sets that come with clear engraving on each clip to make working through projects easier and more organized. The set comes with 15 clips, all of which are made from stainless steel material.

The manufacturers use premium steel for a smooth and uniform finish for the look, which also helps the clips become resistant to rust and corrosion. Also, the clips are oil and waterproof, which only ensures the durability of the clips in this set.

Ottemax sewing clips are also lightweight and have dimensions of 4 x 3. Taking note of these dimensions is important to help you decide whether these are the clips you want to help with your projects.

Additionally, measuring hems and garments professionally is easier with the help of these clips because they have their own markings. Each of the fifteen clips in this set is tough but very flexible.

They can open at a certain limit to help you accommodate more than one layer of fabric to work on at any given time. These clips also work well whether you’re sewing by machine or by hand however, their application around the household isn’t as flexible.



4. Esnshul Multipurpose Sewing Quilt Clips for Fabric

The Esnshul Multipurpose Sewing Quilt Clips is another great sewing clip.

The Esnshul Multipurpose Sewing Quilt Clips allow you to avoid all the hassle of needing to work with pins that can prick you and destroy your fabric if you’re not careful. This set comes with 100 clips in a storage box for ease of accessibility and organization, ensuring that you won’t lose your clips during and after your projects.

The manufacturers do not specify the size and dimensions of the clips in the set. As such, for the sake of being meticulous, you may need to contact the manufacturers directly to inquire about the dimensions of the clips. This will allow you to figure out whether these are the ones you need for your projects.

The clips in this set are made out of premium and high-quality polycarbonate, a material that ensures durability. It is because polycarbonate is one of the strongest forms that plastic can take hold of. This also allows you to be able to use these clips for commercial and domestic use when you’re not using them for sewing.

Aside from that, these clips are relatively easy to use and can hold multiple layers of fabrics well. The flat design of these clips also allows for easy feeding of the fabrics help through the presser foot. They can also hold almost any kind of fabric, ranging from silk to leather.


5. Ultima Craft Clips

The Ultima Craft Clips is also another great sewing clip.

In this list, the Ultima Craft Clips set is quite pricey and may set you back a few bucks. But, this set comes with 100 clips, 25 clips in jumbo size and 75 in regular size.

The clips are made with plastic and are perfect for any sewing project you have in line. The assortment of sizes and colors allows the performance of this clip set to really shine and allows any good homeowner to use the clips for more than just sewing projects.

With this brand, you can pick a clip that contrasts well with the fabric you’re working with for efficiency. Each clip in this set is made from highly durable plastic that will help you with your sewing project for quite a long time.

Also, its design has a flat base that level the fabric being held and the clips open to accommodate multiple layers effortlessly. It is also possible to switch between clips as layers being held together increase.



FAQs about Sewing Clips


Why Do You Need Sewing Clips?

There are plenty of reasons why any good tailor needs a reliable set of sewing clips. First, clips are the perfect replacement for pins as they have features that keep the sewing experience safe, efficient, and exciting.

Here are other reasons you should add sewing clips to your sewing arsenal if you haven’t already:


Ease of use

Having sewing clips in your kit makes the task of holding your fabric together infinitely more manageable and organized. Simply slide the clip under the edge of the fabric being worked on, clamp down to hold it in place, and begin sewing.

Some brands will need you to remove the clips as they get nearer to the presser foot. Others have such designs that you don’t need to do that, and you can leave them in place while you sew.


Holds multiple layers

The task of pinning together several layers of fabric can be quite an ordeal, especially when you’re working with thick material. Sewing clips make this task more efficient for any tailor.

Clips can open wide to accommodate multiple layers of fabric as you advance through your sewing projects. Their domestic flexibility is also a popular selling point of the sewing clips. Purchasing clips of varying sizes make it possible for anyone to handle both small and large pieces of fabric without the struggle of having to pin one or the other together.



Sewing clips are infinitely safer to use in projects whether you’re a novice, a hobbyist, or a professional seamstress. On the other hand, pins prick and damage the fabric and might injure the user if not handled with care.

Sewing clips do not pose such a threat to the fabric or the tailor, thus keeping the project’s entirety in safe hands. Losing a clip does not nearly pose the same danger as losing a pic that may potentially injure someone while working on a project.


What Features To Consider When You Choose Sewing Clips?

Knowing the features to pay attention to when shopping for sewing clips is important in ensuring that you get the best fit for your craft, hobby, or project.


Number In A Pack

Different manufacturers tend to bring a variety of sewing clip sets into the market. Knowing how much you may need is crucial in picking which set will serve you best over the course of your sewing career.

Sets like the MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips are known to have 160 pieces in one set, while other brands tend to have less. Choosing whether you need a lot of clips or not depends on what types of projects you want to complete and a number of various factors.

Determine where and how you’ll use your clips and figure out how many you will need from there. Once you do, the only thing left is to look for a brand that offers how many you’ll need.



Plastic along with stainless steel are the two most common materials used to manufacture sewing clips. Some brands combine different materials in order to produce a much more unique product like the Taylor Seville sewing clips. Meanwhile, other brands tend not to stray from traditional materials.

The type of material the clips are made of is important to consider since it affects the durability and shelf life of your clips and the type of projects you will be able to work on with them.


Clip Size

Not every sewing clip set in the market features the same size. Some sets are smaller than others, while some are larger.

You can choose whether you want a clip set with a uniform size or a set with varying sizes of clips like the Ultima Sewing Clip set. Carefully consider the types of projects you’re going to be working on for you to figure out whether you’ll need an assortment of sizes for your sewing clips or not.


How Do You Use Sewing Clips Properly?

The design of the sewing clips intuitively tells you how to use them in your projects best. But, to be safe, it’s always best to read the manual that comes with every sewing clip set for you to be educated in the dos and don’ts of using the clips you have purchased.

That being said, it isn’t really hard to learn how to use sewing clips and accommodate them in your projects. Simply identify the parts of the fabric you want to hold together and have the clip clamp onto that part to hold it in position. Use the clip to hold multiple layers of fabric at once and simply remove them as they get closer to the sewing machine’s presser foot.


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