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It is easy to ruin tables and other home surfaces while cutting fabric, paper, or other materials. This is true for both sewing professionals and beginners. This is when having the best cutting mat comes in handy.

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A sewing cutting mat is one of the most critical sewing supplies you will ever purchase before starting your sewing projects. This tool will make or break the accuracy of your cuts.

Remember, precise cuts are crucial to completing your job exactly how you desire. However, there are numerous cutting mats on the market, and they differ substantially in terms of quality, durability, stickiness, and even price, among other things.

If you don’t want to take a chance on any random product, go with the items below. As a professional sewist’s, these are the best cutting mats I recommend for any sewing project.


1. Fiskars Crafts Rotary Cutting Set For Sewing

Fiskars Crafts Rotary Sewing Cutting Set is our overall best cutting mat for sewing.


  • The exact grid protects your tables and counters.
  • The portable ruler includes a highlighted edge and extra lines.


  • If you already have a ruler and cutting blade, you may not need a complete kit.


This product is our top pick as the best cutting mat for sewing because it comes in a three-piece kit, which includes everything you need. The rotary set includes a cutting blade, a cutting mat, and a measuring ruler. All of these tools are essential for measuring, cutting, and threading your fabric and thread.

The cutting mat is extra large and designed for large fabric projects. It has an 18 by 24-inch size and should be able to handle the bulk of your cuts.

The measuring grid is easy to read, and the double-sided surface self-heals for long-term use. It would be best to store the mat away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, and extreme cold when not in use.

Also, it is cleanable with mild soap and warm water so you don’t need any sophisticated cleaning products to keep it pristine.

Aside from that, every purchase has a warranty. If any of the three tools in the kit fail, they can be repaired or replaced. Overall, this is a worry-free buy that is ideal for first-time cutting board owners.



2. Alvin, GBM Series Professional Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Alvin, GBM Series Professional Self-Healing Cutting Mat is our choice for best value cutting mat for sewing.


  • Its 3mm thickness is among the best for protecting the surface from sharp things.
  • It boasts high-quality self-healing capabilities, which extends the mat’s durability.
  • It is low in weight, making it easy to transport anywhere.


  • It has an unpleasant odor


This GBM Series is a high-quality vinyl self-healing cutting mat. It is one of the best healing cutting mats available, with 4.5-star evaluations.

It can endure cutting blades and provide long-term service. This tool for sewing is also perfect for paper cutting, but you can use it for quilting crafts, too.

You can protect your work surface from cutting marks by using this durable self-healing cutting mat. You’ll also find it easier to work with the nonstick surface.

It has grid lines at 60-degree and 45-degree angles. This will not only protect the work surface but will also keep the knife sharp.



3. Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat

The Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat is our choice for best cutting mat for wider cutting surface.


  • Because you may cut cloth right from the bolt, the huge size is ideal for large projects.
  • Grids and angled guides are printed on both sides, allowing you to cut straight lines and geometric shapes.
  • The self-healing surface is so durable that the manufacturer backs it up with a lifetime warranty.



Consider purchasing the Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat if you need a large self-healing cutting mat. It is a sturdy mat that can withstand rotary blades with ease. 

The mat is more durable because of its thickness. In terms of usefulness, you’ll appreciate the central square grid, which allows you to draw straight lines.

Both sides of the mat also have measurement grids. It features angled lines at 30, 40, and 60 degrees and is composed of a variety of materials to ensure long-term performance.

Also, this mat is ideal for all types of cutting operations, whether you are sewing or quilting. It is a double-sided rotary mat that is among the best on the market.



4. OLFA Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat

The OLFA Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat is our choice for best cutting mat for extended blade.


  • It is lightweight, making it easy to move and store despite its size.
  • It provides a thorough grid with multiple angle measurements and geometric notation.
  • The three-layer material has been welded together with heat. It will not pull apart with time.


  • Straight blades may cause damage to the materials; hence you can only use rotary and circle blades.


If you’ve ever struggled with rotating your paper or card while cutting it while still trying to have a neat frame, you’ll understand how helpful a rotary cutting mat can be. This pad will help you keep your card in place while it rotates for you.

The mat is not only rotational, but it is also double-sided. So, you may use the solid green side for other cuttings without measuring.

The dampness on the mat’s surface promotes self-healing and stops your blades from dulling. The mat is excellent for all types of home improvement cutting operations.



5. WORKLION 24″ x 36″ PVC Cutting Mat

The WORKLION 24″ x 36″ PVC Cutting Mat is our choice for best budget-friendly cutting mat.


  • It comes in a set of a rotary handle, three rotary blades, and a self-healing cutting mat.
  • The mat contains gridlines in both imperial and metric units, and the ruler has angle instructions to help you cut forms.
  • The mat’s five layers of structure keep your surface and blade from dulling.


  • Because the ruler lacks highlighted edges, you don’t instantly reference where to cut while making cloth strips.


The total size of this WORKLION cutting mat is 24.8 inches by 36.8 inches, with grid lines that cover the whole 24-inch by 36-inch workspace. It self-heals after being sliced with scissors, rotary cutters, and straight blades. 

This huge cutting mat is made of durable materials and weighs a heavy 6.78 pounds. It is a long-lasting instrument for cutting huge quantities of fabric in a sewing room, craft room, or art studio.

This mat is imprinted on both sides with easy-to-see grid lines for cutting, allowing users to flip it over for extended use. There are white lines on a blue background, while on the other, there are yellow lines on a green background. The cutting mat also has metric and inch measurements, as well as angles and diagonal lines.



6. US Art Supply Professional Self Healing Double-Sided Mat

The US Art Supply Professional Self Healing Double-Sided Mat our choice for best cutting mat for small cuts.


  • The high-contrast grid is simple to read on both sides with half-inch grid markings and eighth-inch accuracy guides.
  • A sturdy core, self-healing exterior layers, and protecting inner layers are among the five layers of structure.
  • The 12 x 18-inch dimension is small, compact, and portable, making it ideal for persons who don’t need to make large fabric cuts.


  • If you wish to measure in centimeters, you’re out of luck because the mat doesn’t have any metric units of measurement.


If you’re a newbie or frequently work on small projects, this double-sided cutting mat will come in handy. It consists of tough 5-ply layers. The good news is that you might acquire this self-healing cutting mat in a variety of sizes. 

This healing cutting mat is non-slip, as opposed to other healing cutting mats, which is a feature that prevents it from moving while you’re cutting. It also comes with a half grid with 1/8′′ markers for perfect alignment, as well as 45° and 60° guidelines.

The measurements are simple to read and will assist you in making accurate cuts. This cutting mat features grid marks on both sides because it is double-sided.

There are additional markings on the mat for cutting diagonals. With the help of this sewing cutting mat, you can protect your table from any cut marks. This cutting mat can endure cutting with sharp blades, writing instruments, and other art and craft items.



7. Olfa 1119734 Folding Mat

The Olfa 1119734 Folding Mat is our choice for best folding cutting mat.


  • The material is easy to carry around and is versatile 
  • Light and visible markings 


  • One-sided only mat 


Olfa 1119734 Folding Mat is another self-healing cutting mat on the list. But unlike the others, users can fold it.

It absorbs cuts made with rotary cutters and art knives. If you want a long-lasting healing cutting mat, this is the one to get.

This cutting mat has fold lines that are virtually visible when flat. The cutting surface is robust and enables smooth operation.

This self-healing cutting mat is great for sewing and quilting enthusiasts. It protects the surface you’re working on with a thickness of 2.5mm.

Also, green measurements and grid lines are printed on the green mat. It ensures that the markings are legible. The non-slip quality of the rug keeps it in place during cutting.



8. Dahle Vatage 10673 Self-Healing Cutting Mat

The Dahle Vatage 10673 Self-Healing Cutting Mat is our choice for best cutting mat for color option.


  • Includes metric and imperial dimensions
  • It consists of a stabilizing inner core and a self-healing outer layer
  • The 18 x 24-inch dimension is large enough to accommodate most project cuts without being too huge for comfort.


  • Ruler print is only on one side.


This mat is another excellent option for sewers. It is made of five layers of self-healing material and has a total thickness of 1/2 inch.

After being cut, a self-healing mat will bounce back into shape. The surface will not hold the cut, allowing it to be used repeatedly without losing its smoothness.

The usual problem of sewists is that sharp things harm rugged plastic mats, causing them to lose their smoothness. For this reason, they fail to protect your blades. Good thing that self-healing mats are now a thing.

Meanwhile, Dahle Vantage 10673 Self-Healing Cutting Mat 18 by 24-inch dimension is large enough to handle most jobs while not being as cumbersome as the prior one. If you’re not cutting fabric directly from the bolt, 24 inches will probably suffice for most of your projects.

Also, this mat has a central grid and angled lines that allow you to cut beautiful shapes. It is available in black, blue, and transparent colors.

The five layers of PVC structure safeguard your work surface from even the most powerful cuts. This mat also protects the edges of your blades from dulling when they come into contact with hard surfaces.

The guides are available in both inch and metric measurements. You can easily match up your needs whether you’re cutting by the foot or the centimeter. In fact, you may make complex shapes that are nonetheless uniform in their construction by employing angle guides.

Dahle Vantage 10673 Self-Healing Cutting Mat is double-sided. But, only one side has guidelines printed on it.

The other side is suitable for freehand work that does not necessitate measurements. Since PVC building components are matte rather than shiny, you won’t have to deal with glare from the lighting.

Also, the dense central core of this mat provides stability, while the thinner outside layers have long-lasting self-healing characteristics. Unlike many other cutting mat materials on the market, the substance is also odorless.



Questions and Answers About Cutting Mats for Sewing


What is a self-healing cutting mat?

Cutting mats are “self-healing” when no markings from cutting equipment are left behind. These mats are from tiny, independent pieces of PVC material that have been crushed together. This permits a blade to cut between these parts, close together, or “heal” after removing the blade.


How do I maintain my cutting mat?

Keep the flattened cutting mat out of direct sunlight and excessive temperatures. Never roll it up when storing. Clean the cutting mat with mild dish detergent and water regularly, then dry it with a lint-free cloth.


How long do cutting mats last?

Cutting mats should last between 5 and 10 years, depending on how often you use them and how well you care for them.


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