Best Sewing Table of 2020

Having your own dedicated space for sewing can make a big difference in your daily life. Apart from

Best Thread Snips

Best Thread Snips of 2020

Sewing and embroidery are rewarding activities, but only if you have the best tools available. There

best embroidery floss

Best Embroidery Floss of 2020

The more we delve into the world of embroidery, the more we learn about it, as we are sure you know.

Best sublimation ink

Best Sublimation Ink of 2020

When working on sublimation projects, one of the most important accessories to worry about is the

Best Fabric Scissors

Best Fabric Scissors of 2020

Growing up, we have all watched our mothers and grandmothers sewing and knitting with a pair of big

best chalk markers

Best Chalk Markers Review

Whether you are designing your window or writing menu on the menu board for your restaurant, there

Best Sewing Basket

Best Sewing Baskets of 2020

You who do occasional sewing or mending, very often have to dig into hundred of drawers or boxes for

Best Fabric Dyes

Best Fabric Dye of 2020

Don’t want to toss a favorite shirt that is worn out? Stained your new cloth with bleach? Revitalize

Best Serger Thread

Best Serger Thread of 2020

The thread can make a big difference in the tension in your serger machine and the quality of your

How to Use Quilting Rulers 1

How to Use Quilting Rulers

Introduction: A quilting ruler is used to cut the fabric pieces to the correct measurements so that

How to Use Sublimation Paper 6

How to Use Sublimation Paper

Sublimation printing on your favourite t-shirt or coffee mugs at home is not a big deal at all. You