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Are you looking for the best thread snips? Here is our guide to help you choose the right one.

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Sewing and embroidery are rewarding activities, but only if you have the best tools available. There is nothing more annoying than trying to snap off a piece of thread and being stopped by dull scissors.

Or trying to reach a small part of your work but not being able to. To make sewing fun and effective, you need a good and reliable thread snip. With one of these in hand, you will avoid yarn frailing and thread wastage.

Look for tools that are sharp, ergonomic, lightweight, durable, and easy to use.

The best thread snip is exponentially better than scissors for sewing and craft projects and does not tire your hands in the process. 

Best Thread Snips


The 9 Best Thread Snips

1. Gingher Featherweight 

The Gingher Featherweight is not the cheapest of the thread snips, and its shape is slightly unconventional. It is, however, one of the best thread cutters you can get.

The ergonomic handle is long and very comfortable to hold on to, and the sharp blades efficiently cut through threads and yarn. It can reach places regular scissors can’t, and there is even a slot you can hoop some yarn through and wear it as a necklace – that way it is always at hand.

These snip scissors come with a cap for protection and are very sharp – as many of the Gingher products.

2. Yoshihiro Nigiri Hasami Japanese

The Yoshihiro cutter comes from Japan and it looks as good as it sounds. It is forged from carbon steel – the same grade of the ones used in sushi knives – by skilled artisans in Japan.

Different from traditional snips, Japanese ones do not have a hinge and were one of the first types of thread cutters to develop. It looks clean, stylish, and classy.

It is specially designed for small and detailed work, and it cuts through thread and yarn without damaging the fabric around it.

There are two sizes to choose from, the 4.13 and the 8.25 inches, so be attentive when purchasing. 

3. Ultima Thread Cutters

These cutters are made in Italy from hot-forged steel. That makes them very durable and lasting, and one of the toughest snips out there.

If you are prone to dropping and misplacing your possessions (we know we are!) these are the ones for you.  The blades are great and cut through thin threads and thicker yarn.

The handles are small, but they come with a finger hole that other brands don’t have – fantastic for extra support. They are made with springs, effortless to use as they reliably jump back open after pressing them shut.

Older users are especially happy with this product and report it does not give them hand strain.

4. Fiskars Premier Thread Sip

Fiskars is well-known among sewists and crafters. It provides quality products while being incredibly affordable.

The brand has a patented spring-action design that promises to reduce the effort when cutting thread, yarn or fabric. It is great for people with arthritis or simply for those who want to keep their hobbies simple and easy.

As evidence of that, the product gained the Arthritis Foundation® Ease of Use Commendation. We do recommend you be careful with it around kids, as it is very sharp and, unfortunately, does not come with a cap.

The lack of a cap also means the tip can get dull in a drawer after long periods – a point of improvement for Fiskars.

5. JSSHI 4 Pieces Thread Cutter 

If you are looking for something inexpensive to keep in different places, this kit is a great choice. It comes with four-thread snips, which are made of plastic handles, steel blades and have caps.

You can leave one at work, one in the kitchen, and one in your purse, and not worry about losing them since they are so affordable. As a plus, they are allowed on a plane – a useful alternative to scissors.

On a slightly negative note, the points are so sharp some users noticed they pierce through the caps, not ideal since they are there to protect the blades.

6. Singer Pro Series Thread Snips

You can expect clean and quick snips from this thread cutter. It has a solid feel in your hands that other cutters lack, a heavy and sturdy sensation.

The small and sharp tips are great to reach details on your work, and the blades are good enough that it provides a precise chop with no fraying. Note that this model does not have a cap or a locking mechanism, what can be a bit dangerous if you keep it around your neck or laying around.

If you like to own stylish tools that make your workroom pop, this is the best thread snip we found, with a very nice shape and teal color.

7. Penta Angles Thread Scissors

This straightforward thread cutter is easy to use and lightweight to carry. The set comes with four snips, and you can use one at a time and have years worth of supply.

They are made of carbon steel and are sharp all the way from the base of the blade to the tip, meaning you don’t have to think about which part to use. The tension of the spring mechanism is just right, providing a good grasp.

They come with a protective oil on the blades, so wipe that off before the first time you’re using it. Since they are só lightweight they cut the time in half, especially in big sewing, embroidery, or quilting projects with several ends to chop off.

They do not come with caps or sleeves, it would be a good idea to purchase some separately or be extra careful around children and pets.

8. Anley Set

Another set of thread snips, this one comes with twelve cutters. Good for teachers, someone who is running a course or people who like to have spares of tools for peace of mind.

They are completely black and look quite neat, with sharp steel blades and plastic handles. The blades are coated with a rust-resistant oil to increase durability. Use for trimming fabric, fishing line, thread, yarn, and even thin branches.

Anley offers three months of warranty, and all snips come with a plastic cap for the blades. It is a very affordable and simple set. 

9. Bamboo Set

If you are looking for the best thread snips but also need regular embroidery scissors, you will be best served by this set. It is composed of an elegant, gold pair of scissors and two black thread cutters.

They are made of titanium and are very sharp, with a plastic protective case included. The set is perfect for traveling and the snips are incredibly precise – one of the most important features you need.

The blades are small – 1.75 inches – and can reach everywhere on your project, with the spring mechanism that makes them easy to use. 


Buying Guide for the Best Thread Snips 


It is crucial that your thread cutter has sharp blades with pointy ends. Even slightly dull blades will fray the yarn and make your work harder than it should be. Some tools come with a cap or pouch, good for protection. 


Thread snips are not expensive items, but that does not mean that there is no range. Different prices will provide for different experiences, so it makes sense to match your expectations to the budget. 

Cutting range

Thread snips work by having a wide cutting range. That means that you can cut a thread using the point of the snip, the middle part and the base of the blade line.

That happens because the blades are curved, and some models fail to offer that feature – not ideal since you want a yarn cutter with a line blade sharp in all its contour.


Carbon steel, metal, ceramic – all these offer distinct specifications to the snips. Carbon steel is durable and very sharp, but more expensive. Ceramic is more versatile and safe, it is not that sharp but can cut through more elements. 


One of the biggest differences between regular scissors and thread cutters is that the latter can reach places scissors can’t. For that, you need sharp and pointy tips with a long-range. 


How easy is the blade to hold? How does it fit in your hands? These are decisive points to make since you probably be using the snip on a regular basis. To avoid hand strain, they should be ergonomic and easy to grasp.  

Spring mechanism

Snips with spring technology reopen automatically once you let go of the handles, making for a much more efficient experience. 


Remember you are going to be using thread cutters in small areas that need precision. You don’t want to cut through a strand and end up cutting a little bit of fabric too. For that, you need snippers that are easy to control. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Thread Snips 

How can I sharpen thread snips?

If your snip is feeling dull, there are some ways to bring it back to life. Firstly, thoroughly clean and dry the blades. Then, a few choices are cutting foil, using a metal file or cutting sandpaper. 

What are thread snips used for?

Thread snips are used for craft and sewing projects, such as quilting, embroidery and hand sewing, to cut loose thread ends. 

Can I use thread snips for cutting paper or other materials?

It depends on the snip. Some more resistant (especially with ceramic blades) ones can cut through thin pieces of fabric, small branches, and paper – but reading the specifications is essential to understand if that is harmful to the blade or not. 

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