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Are you looking for the best travel sewing kit? In this guide we will show you which ones we like the best.

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A travel sewing kit looks different than a regular kit to sew at home. You need something portable but still usable, and that has good needles and enough thread.

Every adult has been in a position where snags, runs, or detached buttons threatened to ruin the day, and that is why we need this type of kit always available. 

Look out for sharp scissors, threads that match every possible piece of clothing you have, and stiff needles. Other essential tools are thimbles – to protect your fingers in a rush – and needle threaders – so you don’t waste time trying to put the string through the small needle’s eye. 

To make it simpler, we researched extensively and found the ten best travel sewing kits available on the market today. 


The 10 Best Travel Sewing Kits

1. Coquimbo Sewing Kit for Traveler

Coquimbo provides a complete, compact, and practical sewing kit for the traveler in need.

The kit comes with steel scissors, measuring tape, 16 different needles, 12 colors of threads, 3 buttons, needle threaders, pins, seam rippers and thimbles.

Basically everything you need to start sewing or to carry around in case of an emergency. One of the best things about this kit is that the threads are strong.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to sew a hole in your clothes just to have the thread breaking several times before finishing. You may need to purchase more thread after some time, but it does cover all your basic needs.

2. Artika Sewing Kit

Similar to Coquimbo, Artika also offers a wide range of tools inside a practical case. In fact, there are over thirty spools and extra apparatus, such as a fabric pencil and crochet needle.

It is complete, and good for small repairs in emergencies, especially because of the many colors of spool available, different sized needles and all the sewing accessories.

It is not an advanced sewing kit though, and the threads can fray easier than a more quality type. It is perfectly suitable as a second kit for your bag, however.  

3. VelloStar Mini Sewing Kit

The new and upgraded version of the VelloStar sewing kit is an impressive kit for its size. It is small but it comes with all the basic tools you may need when traveling.

All the tools are tucked inside their own pockets inside the case, so it is easy to keep it all organized. Apart from the essentials such as needles and threads, you also get useful seam rippers, safety pins, and scissors.

This kit offers a great balance between having all the necessary items and being small enough to carry around.

Users are particularly impressed with the quality of the scissors and needles – they are made of steel and quite sturdy for their proportion. 

4. Premium VelloStar Sewing Kit

This premium assortment is the best travel sewing kit if you trust VelloStar but need something more complete than the mini sewing case.

With twenty-four colored threads, this kit is ready to be used in any wardrobe malfunction you can imagine.

This is one of the most loved kits we’ve come across, and the sheer number of tools packed in the small case has something to do with that. Safety pins, measuring tapes, seam rippers, and many other accessories are all organized inside the case.

They are of good quality too and should last a long while before needing replacement.

5. Inscraft Sewing supplies

The good thing about the Inscraft Sewing Kit is that it comes with XL-sized spools – a rarity even among the best travel sewing kits. You also get knitting needles, thimbles, magnifiers, sewing clips, and even thirty extra buttons!

It is not the cheapest of the kits available, but it is well worth it for the quality of the items in it. It is very compact, and some customers even felt it was too cramped inside – a small price to pay to have all the sewing tools you could ever need all in one place.

It is also a plus that you won’t need to purchase threads for a long time, so it is a good investment.

6. Singer Polka Dot Sewing Basket

If you are looking for something a little more fashionable, look no more! This Singer kit comes in a basket-shaped case with a colorful polka dot pattern – a nice and cute touch.

This is a very small kit, and best suited for beginners, occasional sewers or children. It contains ten needles, pins, ten spools, tape, a thimble, and a needle threader. As you can see, even though it is a small-scale kit, it still has all the essentials for sewing emergencies.

If you are an advanced sewist, however, it is best to go for a different kit. 

7. Okom Sewing Kit

Cheap and useful are the words we could use to describe this kit. If you do not love sewing, there is really no reason to invest a lot of money on it, and the Okom may be the best travel sewing kit for you.

It contains a little bit of everything: all the basic thread colors, needles, pins, tape, scissors, thimble, buttons, and even threaders. Each product is secured inside with an elastic band, and the case is closed with a good-quality zipper.

The items themselves are not of the highest quality but are completely fine for patching up clothing and eventual fix-ups.

8. Survival Singer Kit

This is a tiny sewing kit, truly designed to be used in emergencies and to fit anywhere. It comes in a durable case made from strong plastic, and it endures a lot of bumps and bangs.

This kit is perfect for a backpacking or camping trip, as it is more sturdy than any other on the list. Apart from the usual needles, spoons, buttons, pencils, thimble, threader, and safety pins, the Singer Survival Kit also comes with fabric glue.

If you are traveling and have no time to mend it properly, the glue can be extremely useful. 

9. Storage Box Sewing Kit

Along the same lines as the previous kit, this budget option comes in handy in emergencies and small sewing needs. Even though it is very small, it is still quite an organized packet – with every tool in its place.

You won’t be lacking anything with this case, as it comes with small spools of thread, scissors, needles, thimble, and an assortment of other tools. The needles are small and the scissors are a bit flimsy – so be aware of that.

On the other hand, this makes this kit fly-friendly – you can take it on a flight with no issues, and that cannot be said about other travel kits.

10. Ownwon Travel Sewing Kit

This includes fifty very basic, very small kits. Each one comes with one needle, two buttons, one pin, and six different threads.

There is only enough thread to fix small mishaps, but the needle is strong and sharp. If you are looking for something very small to carry around and travel often, it could be a good idea to have these kits handy at home.

Just grab one and throw it in your purse and you will always be covered. Hotels, wedding parties, and teachers also vouch for this tiny – but useful – kit.

Buying Guide


The size and portability are crucial to consider when looking for the ideal kit for you. Think about your luggage and assess how much space you want to allocate to your sewing kit.

Some kits are extremely small but don’t have all the tools you may need. Or are too cramped, making them impractical. The key is to find the right balance between size and usability.

The number of tools

At home, how many tools do you normally use? We do recommend you find a kit that comes with an array of tools, but if you only use one or two that may not make sense to you.

Some are fundamental, however, such as needles, threads, scissors, and pins. Others are highly recommended, like thimbles, needle threaders, and measuring tape.

Frequency of use

If you are an occasional sewist you will have different needs than someone who sews every other day. If you find yourself sewing regularly, do invest in a more expensive kit, as it is likely you will need more and better tools.

If you only pick up a needle once in a blue moon, there are plenty of budget options you can use in a pinch.

Thread strength

If there is one thing you need to check the quality of on a kit it is the thread. There is nothing worse than having it breaking in the middle of a suture, or finishing attaching a button just to have it fall again. Strong thread is a must in any sewing kit.


Even if you are an occasional sewer, it is best if you have sharp scissors, stiff needles, and strong thread to work with. This will save you from many headaches and annoyances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry on a sewing kit on a plane?

Many travelers need to carry their kits on a carry-on bag when traveling by plane. Most of the items are fine, and all you need to worry about are the scissors.

According to TSA rules, scissors are allowed if their blades do not exceed four inches. Longer than that, and they need to be put in your checked bag.

Where should I keep my sewing kit?

It is a good idea to have a sewing kit in your car, your place of work and your travel bag.

In that way, you’ll always be covered in case of an emergency and won’t need to worry about moving the kit around.

How do I sew a button?

This is one of the most needed skills when it comes to sewing. To do that, you need a slim needle, twelve inches of thread (preferably on the same color as the piece of clothing), and a button.

All of this can be found in the best travel sewing kits. After threading the needle, start by making an “x” stitch on the back of the fabric – exactly where the button is needed.

This works as an anchor for the button. On the right side, position the button in place and begin sewing back and forth at least six times through the holes of the button.

To finish it off, wrap the thread on the space in between the button and the fabric. Pull tight and pierce the needle from the front to the back, tying it firmly.


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