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Trying to find the best chalk markers? Here is what we recommend!

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Whether you are designing your window or writing a menu on the menu board for your restaurant, there is no alternative to shiny and charming chalk markers. It may seem a matter of less concern, but finding out the best liquid chalk marker for your project is a very important task.

In this article, we will give you the necessary information about chalk markers and help you with a quick review of some of our recommended products.

Nowadays so many manufacturers are manufacturing liquid chalk markers introducing so many features. So, buying the best chalk marker for calligraphy is quite puzzling. We will now discuss some liquid chalk markers of our preference and discuss the pros and cons them.

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The 7 Best Chalk Markers


1. Cedar Markers Liquid Chalk Markers

Cedar Markers Liquid Chalk Markers will give you vibrant, clear, dust-free, and fast-drying 12 neon colors including exceptional gold and silver color. The colors are true matching the cap colors and non-toxic.

You can use them on menu boards, chalkboard labels, chalkboard paper, bistro boards, house windows, car windows, glossy boards, mirrors, plastic, metal,, and more.

If you are using them on recommended surfaces, they can be easily erased by wiping the area with a damp cloth or paper towel.

They will provide you with a free set of tweezers to prevent the ink from getting all over your fingers.

There is also a revolutionary cap to keep the tips safe from getting damaged over time. Because the cap has no hinges so it always stays untouched and undamaged. Also, it closes better so the ink does not spill.

They are offering 40 cute black chalkboard labels and 8 different designs free with the pack. The chalkboard labels are of different fun shapes and choices.

Each chalk pen comes with a reversible dual–tip–chiseled tip and rounded tip. You can use whichever you desire for different writings.

The gold and silver chalk markers will not wash off.  There may be some leftover marks after erasing the other markers if you leave them for long.

The problem is they don’t work on chalkboard paint and a porous surface. It may be hard to write with some of the markers and you will have to push, shake and press with patience.

As some of the tips don’t absorb ink properly, they may streak thin color or bleed globs of color. In this case, the company has great customer service and they will send new markers as a replacement or refund you.


2. Chalk Markers for Chalkboard

Chalk Markers for Chalkboard is offering you 8 bright and vibrant colors. The markers have the professional quality of ink from Germany which dries in seconds. The ink is odorless and non-toxic as made of water-based ingredients.

The markers mark well once you get the tip saturated with chalk ink. You can use them for business signs and menus, weddings and parties, different projects and home decors, and more.

They are washable from any non-porous surface like chalkboards, plastic, metal, glass, mirror, vinyl, and slate. The marks do not easily smudge once dried but can easily be erased with a clean and damp cloth.

This provides a reversible tip that is easy to change. You can switch between bold and chisel tips. This allows you to write according to your preference. This angled tip is convenient for left-handed writers.

There are some drawbacks like these markers do not work on chalkboard paint and you cannot use them in rain outdoors as waters wash the colors. The upper and lower seals of the markers are not watertight so ink may leak.

There is a fewer amount of ink in the markers and they may be thin in color. You will have to go over a letter several times. You will need to shake and pump constantly and this may cause the pointed tip to smash.

Sometimes you may face some washing issues and the writing may leave strains. If you complain about this, the company will send you a cleaning solution and erase the sponge as compensation.


3. Chalkboard Chalk Markers

Chalkboard Chalk Markers gives you a pack of 8 classic pastel colors which are vivid and vibrant. The colors include amazing metallic colors which do not need the tips to be pressed in.

The markers contain high-quality water-based non-toxic ink which is xylene-free, dustless, eco-friendly, and safe for kids. The ink is perfect for crafting and long-lasting.

After priming the markers, they deliver smudge and dust-free saturated clean flowing fine lines which dry quickly within minutes. They are perfect for simplistic designs.

You can use them on any non-porous surface like whiteboards, chalkboards, chalkboard label contact paper and roll to gym boards, mirrors, mason jars, metal, outdoor posters, slate, plastic, ceramics, vinyl, glasses, coffee mugs, and more.

The marks come off as easy as went on the surface. You will need only a mere weep of wet paper towels to remove them easily and completely.

You can use these earthy liquid chalk pens on Craft paper, books, scrapbooking, hand lettering, etc.

But the metallic color markers are kind of permanent and it is hard to get the color off from chalkboards. While writing on wall chalkboards ink may not come out and you will need to angle the pen downwards which is difficult. These are not good for complex layered type designs.

Cap colors are a little bit deceiving and there is no pure pink color. It is difficult to erase them if they stay on for longer times. Some of them may give watery or faint ink with no colors after few uses or may leak little from tips. Then you will need a replacement or refund.


4. Blami Arts Chalk Markers

Blami Arts Chalk Markers is a pack of 14 eye-catching colors. These high quality and amazing vibrant colors are made in Japan.

These 14 bright colors include gold and silver shiny color which is erasable from 100% non-porous surfaces with damp eraser sponge. They contain special ingredients for the shiny effect which makes them difficult to erase. They are perfect for outlining in many permanent decorations.

The ink is non-toxic, water-based, dust-free bright and vivid, and safe for your kids. This will provide you with a reversible chisel and bullet point tip and you can draw bold and fine lines. It greatly expands drawing, marking, coloring, and writing options.

There is a free magic eraser sponge to erase chalk markers from the semi-porous surface which will save your time and energy. They are also offering safe caps and 2 extra tips.

You can organize your home, office, or classroom with free strong, and durable 20 chalkboard labels. You can use them for decoration, personalizing, labeling and so more.

The problem is the gold and silver markers work like permanent markers on chalkboards and chalk paints. They are difficult to erase from even slightly porous surfaces. If you keep the markers uncapped for a moment, the ink dries quickly and builds a layer that messes up the constant flow. These do not work perfectly on vertical surfaces.


5. Chalk Markers by Fantastic ChalkTastic

Chalk Markers by Fantastic ChalkTastic will give you eight vibrant and pigmented neon colors. These colors are of high-quality and not transparent as super-concentrated. They are true to color.

You can apply them to any non-porous surfaces including chalk labels, blackboards, mirrors, glass, windows, whiteboards, vinyl, ceramics, plastics, metal, and more. The bright chalk ink is super erasable simply using a dry or damp cloth.

The tips are reversible. These will give you fine tips for detail works and broad chisel tip markers for big bold lines. So, you can write in a large variety of fonts.

The newly improved caps are redesigned to prevent nib damage while replacing the cap. These are perfect for creating menus, signs, decorating, drawing pictures, etc.

There are some flipsides too. It may take some time to get the color to start working every time. You may find some of the markers are not very smooth writing and may dry up after a few uses.

It is difficult to erase them from chalkboards or chalk paints. After cleaning the markers may leave some residue and you will need to use some cleaning solution.


6. Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors

Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors introduces you to 21 bold vibrant colors. These include 15 liquid chalk pens and 6 cool metallic markers. These chalk paint markers have water-based and odorless ink which is not toxic.

These metallic markers need no pumping and write smoothly. These chalk markers perfectly work on whiteboards, non-porous chalkboards, vinyl, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc. You can remove them easily using a wet wipe cloth.

The marker tips are of high density ensuring heavy duty. The reversible bullet and chisel tip help you to write in your desired font.

You can have fun coloring and painting canvas, wedding parties, DIY craft projects, classroom, or anywhere else with the vibrant touch of the chalk markers.

You may face some downsides as well. You cannot draw lines with these markers on another wet color as they will mix. Also, you can not dry on another dry color as it will weep off the dry one.

Sometimes some markers may disperse color unevenly and leave strains. Some of them especially the red one need to be coated more than once to be noticeable. Ink dries up quickly so you have to be careful while using.


7. Chalk Markers by Vaci

Chalk Markers by Vaci will give you 10 liquid chalk markers which including silver, gold, and two different white colors are perfect for crafting and DIY projects. The ink is non-toxic and dries fast.

These chalk markers are usable on non-porous surfaces like menu boards, pub, and bistro minus, chalkboard labels, plastics, metal, car windows, house windows, glossy boards mirrors and so more. The chalk markers can be erased easily if you weep the area with a damp cloth or paper towel.

They will gift you 2 fun stencils- one with holidays shape like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc., and the other with inspirational words. These will help you to draw cute shapes and words on any kind of surface.

They will also provide you with 16 chalkboard labels. You can label your jars, jam, spice, coffee cup, or tea tin to organize them properly.

These markers also have the feature of the reversible tip of bullet or chisel shape to make the markers user-friendly.

But the stencils may be difficult to use for you as they are small in shape. The longer you will leave the writings on the writing surface, it will be more difficult to erase the ink. The blue color may seem dull and look watery, almost like grey. There is no orange color marker in the package.


What is a Chalk Marker?

A Chalk marker is basically an instrument that is widely used for writing and drawing. They are applicable on non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, chalkboard, whiteboard, vinyl, etc.

These are opening new ways of art for artists day-by-day. From kids to adults everyone likes to decorate their home, offices, classrooms with simple and complex designs using chalk markers.


Guide to Buy the Best Chalk Markers

All the chalk markers are not the same. You have to look for some qualities that make your choice unique. The qualities and features you should consider before buying a liquid chalk marker are discussed below

Variety and Quality of Colors

From kids to adults everyone looks for a wide variety of colors in the pack of markers. Besides, it is also important to sort out high-quality colors. Different brands use different formulas while producing colors. But a good quality color will be vibrant, bright, and intense.

Type of the Tip

Chalk markers mainly contain two kinds of tips. One is a bullet or rounded type which helps you to unleash big bursts of colors and another one is chisel type for making clean and sharp lines.

Some markers will provide you with reversible tips containing these two types of tips. You can easily flip the tip and you don’t have to change markers.

The reputation of the Company

Any company can fool you with a fascinating advertisement. So, do a little research about the company before buying. Amazon introduces you to popular manufacturers all over the world.

Easy to Erase

If you don’t want to damage your board, select a set of markers that are easy to erase saving your time and energy. All liquid markers are removable from only non-porous surfaces.


Choose a pack of liquid chalk markers that applies to a wide range of surfaces enhancing your opportunity of crafting or making any project.

Free Gifts

Now so many brands are offering you interesting gifts like chalkboard labels, magic erasers, stencils and so more. After ensuring the good quality marker, look for these offers.


Look for a good set of chalk markers with reasonable prices matching your budget.


Types of Chalk Markers

From schools to business establishments, chalk markers are used everywhere. There are so many types of markers available in the market, developing from the traditional dusty chalks. The types are discussed below

Traditional Chalk

These are still commonly used everywhere. Although they are dusty, you can draw or write anything using the right amount of pressure and sharpen it when required.

Water Proof Chalk Pen

Waterproof chalk pens are mainly used for outdoor drawings as the ink doesn’t come in rain. They are perfect for store signs, glasswork, and ceramics.

Wet Wipe Chalk Pen

These markers are the reverse type of waterproof ones. It comes off easily with water. They are perfect for artworks and displays.

UV Wet Wipe Chalk Pen

These are erasable with water and fluorescent under darkness. They are perfect for LED flashboards.

Chalk Pencil Crayons

They are mainly semi-permanent type markers that do not smudge. They are perfect for sketching.

Permanent Pigment Markers

These are not generally used for regular drawings. These are used for permanent works on glass, metal, and tiles.


How to Use a Chalk Marker?

Chalk markers have a wide range of use in our life. But still, most of us don’t know how to work with a chalk marker properly. By following the instructions below, you can use a chalk marker well not messing anything

  • Always first go through the instructions of the product carefully.
  • Initially, the markers’ tip remains dry. So, you have to prepare it. Hold the chalk marker downwards at an angle with the cap on it and shake it. Then press the tip inside on a flat surface and release. Then pump the marker gently until the ink flows.
  • After activating it, select a clean and dry surface. Make a spot test on the surface you are planning to work to see the chalk marker is compatible with the surface and the surface is perfectly non-porous.
  • Draw as you have planned to hold the marker at an angle. Give a minute to dry the ink.
  • If you need to erase something, use a wet and clean cloth.
  • Don’t forget to cap the marker while you are not drawing as it may dry.
  • If the market starts to dry give it a bounce to refresh the flow.
  • When you are done cap it properly and store it upright or horizontally to prevent seeping out of the ink.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are so many questions about chalk markers that often come to your mind. We will try to answer them below

Are chalk markers permanent?

No, they can be easily erased off non-porous surfaces.

Why I cannot totally erase chalk markers from porous surfaces?

Because some of the pigments get absorbed by the porous surfaces leaving a shadow.

Can I use Windex for cleaning my chalkboard?

No, Windex is an ammonia-based cleaner that can damage your chalkboard.

Can I apply chalk markers on woods?

Yes, but remember it will work as a permanent marker as the wood surface is porous.

Can I use chalk markers on my clothes?

Waterproof markers are applicable but they will be difficult to wash off.

Are chalk markers contain toxic ink?

If they are water-based and odorless, they are non-toxic.



No one likes a dull or boring type chalk marker. The best chalk marker hooks everyone with its bright and vibrant color, also easy to erase with only rubbing my wet cloths or paper towel. If you handle the marker properly and use it on recommended surfaces only, it will make thousands of creative projects possible.

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