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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Selecting the best sewing machine for leather is essential. Otherwise, you may deal with snags, damaged leather, and trouble with stitching. In this article we will show you our favorites.

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Have you tried to sew with leather before? It may seem hard but with the right equipment, it becomes much easier. Specific sewing machines can manage the leather nicely, while some others tear and damage it to the point of being unusable.

That’s why picking the best leather sewing machine is important. We’ve put together a list of the best sewing machines for leather that will hopefully make things much easier for you.



1. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

The Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i is our choice for the overall best leather sewing machines for the money.

The Brother CS60001 is among the least costly, feature-packed sewing tools on the market for portable and lightweight machine choices that can stitch leather. It gives you a computerized set up without all the extras. Also, this machine is suitable for both newbies and expert sewers. It has a smooth start and high-quality work until the end.

Brother is recognized because of its user-friendly and compact design, both modern and classic in appearance. It’s computerized, with an easy-to-read LCD stitch selection displayed through a blue plastic component.



This Brother CS6000i sewing machine has 60 built-in stitches, offering creative stitches and seven varieties of auto-size buttonholes. It also has an Automated needle threader with a drop-in top bobbin.

Moreover, it includes a sturdy carrying bag, a large table, ten stitching feet, a needle set with twin needles, three bobbins, and more. Lastly, you can easily choose your stitches and view them on the LCD with one press of a button.


Overall review

The winning feature of this machine is the automated needle threader, as it makes it extremely handy for newbies. It helps save time, and it has a simple process that only needs essential operation since all you will do is touch the side lever.

However, some users have complained that changing the tension towards this machine is difficult. Aside from all of that, the LCD illumination is inefficient, and an overhead light would be far more attractive.



  • Installation is simple.
  • Large workspace
  • Automatic threading
  • Foot pedal use option
  • Length and width settings from a variety of stitches



  • Poor positioning of lights
  • Frail needle




2. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

The Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine is our choice for the overall best leather sewing machines regardless of cost.

When it comes to high-quality sewing machines, Janome is a trusted brand. It is, in reality, an ideal industrial sewing machine that you can utilize for both household and industrial applications.

It is commonly used to lycra, sew silk, chiffon, and denim, but it can also stitch medium to light leather.

This sewing machine, built for durability and adaptability, is ideal for newbies who wish to do modest projects while still fulfilling professional demands. The stitches are precise, and the work is of excellent quality.



The Janome HD3000 is constructed of a single-piece aluminum alloy for added strength. It includes a complete rotating hook bobbin mechanism that prevents jamming. The blind hem, over-edge, zipper, and buttonhole foot are all covered by the presser foot. It also features a built-in storage box beside the bobbin holder for all your supplies. In addition, you have the option of trying out 18 stitches. This may be attained by simply rotating the dial, which is simple to handle and efficient. When you move from one stitch to another, a tiny light illuminates beneath a picture of the actual stitch, allowing you to double-check your decision.


Overall review

It is ideal for stitching leather products because of the high foot lift and foot pressure adjustability. Its unique needles and resin-based UntraGlide foot let it glide effortlessly through artificial leather and other sticky surfaces.

However, the vertical spool stem might be causing issues. Some customers have reported issues with the stem not producing constant tension on the bobbin, creating winding issues.

Janome has created a fantastic machine at a reasonable price. Since it is a mechanical sewing machine, it is a fantastic choice for newbies looking for a sewing machine that can deal with different fabrics and leather.



  • Free arm
  • Basic stitch selection
  • Easy to control presser foot pressure
  • Quality stitch
  • Various accessories
  • Excellent for leather and other heavy-duty materials



  • Not portable
  • heavy
  • no flexible worktable
  • foot pedal cord is short
  • Not advisable for lightweight materials




3. SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine

The SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine is our choice for the best cheap leather sewing machines.

The Singer 4423 is a low-cost, long-lasting choice for both enthusiasts and professionals. It’s an excellent machine for a novice or someone on a tight budget. When it comes to quality, it’s a genuine workhorse. It features a potent piercing motor.

Sewing thick seams are quick and straightforward. This machine features a clever design and exceptional quality that may amaze and delight even the most seasoned sewers in the traditional Singer style.



The SINGER 4423 comprises 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches and weighs 14.5 pounds, with a maximum stitching speed of 1,100 SPM. It has an automatic needle threader that lets users thread the needle’s eye without having to strain their eyes or stop.

The engine is 60% more efficient, giving for more penetrating force, necessary for thicker seams. The extra-high presser foot can easily accept thick fabrics.

Threading the needle is a snap with the built-in needle threader for a faster start. There are a total of 97 stitch choices on this machine. There are various sets to select from, including simple stitching, decorative stitching, and more.

This machine comes with additional leather stitching equipment. For this purpose, the specialist even-feed walking presser feet are excellent since they are helpful when working with genuine leather, which is more expensive than imitation leather.

It is primarily due to the walking foot with its feed dog, which operates in tandem with the machine’s conventional feed dog. They work together to maintain a correct hold on the leather, resulting in precise seaming.


Overall review

The SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Portable Sewing Machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty in addition to its extras and smart features. It also includes videos for assistance and a PDF file with technical specifications for manuals included below. However, the machine’s wattage may not be acceptable for use in some countries, such as the United Kingdom. Because UK wattage is higher, the odds of machine burnout are likewise increased. As a result, because this machine does not have a converter, consumers may find it troublesome.



  • Free arm
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Ultra-fast stitching
  • Accessory tray



  • Not advisable for multiple layers
  • Lightweight
  • Loud motor




FAQ’s about Sewing Machines and Leather


Are leather sewing machines any good?

Leather sewing machines are motorized equipment that is used to bind leather together. They are typical of industrial strength that made them great sewing machines.

It enables them to pass through thick, heavy material and operate for hours without overheating. Superb leatherwork frequently uses sewing.

The usage of a leather sewing machine may considerably aid in creating more oversized items or produce large quantities.



Do leather sewing machines work well as regular sewing machines?

A leather sewing machine is designed to bind leather together. It mechanically pushes a needle into leather material, sewing parts together, using either electrical or foot power. While many different sewing machines are available, most are designed to work with various garment fabrics. You may use cotton, polyesters, nylons, rayons, linens, muslins, and other materials.

As a result, it created sewing machines capable of handling heavier materials, such as leather. Because of their potential to be utilized in manufacturing, production, or heavy usage applications, these are sometimes referred to as “heavy-duty” or “industrial” equipment.

Regular machine stitching leather is possible, although it generally involves evenly designating the holes, piercing the holes, and then creating each stitch by a regular sewing machine.

As a result, while successful, this can be time and effort demanding. This job is significantly faster, more accurate, and efficient when done using a leather sewing machine.



What is the best leather sewing machine for beginners?

Janome HD3000 heavy-duty sewing machine is an excellent choice for beginners. It is due to several factors.

For starters, at approximately $500, it is less costly than industrial leather stitching machines, which start at around $1,200. It will help you gain a knack for general leather stitching on a machine with fewer parts and lower maintenance requirements than an industrial leather sewing machine.

If you have the desire, time, and enthusiasm, the best leather sewing machine for newbies is most likely a secondhand industrial leather sewing machine. It can include the previously stated choices.




The machines reviewed here are the best leather sewing machines in 2021 available on the market, with great power and the ability to handle even the thickest leather stitching tasks.

But, before you begin your leather sewing job, grab a tiny scrap of the material you intend to use and test how the sewing machine performs.

Best wishes and I hope you have a lot of fun working with leather!

Happy sewing!

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