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Using the best embossing machine you can cut and emboss your desired materials. Here are the best embossing machines.

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Hope for creating dimensional cards, textured scrapbook pages, or paper crafting projects with a spectacular effect? The best embossing machine can fulfill all these demands in a matter of minutes!

Craft brands are constantly releasing more and more design styles and folder concepts. This is only happening because of the embossing machines. Even if card-making isn’t your thing, you can give embossing to go in gift wrapping or stationery-making. It is really very applicable to all sorts of craft.


Best Embossing Machine


The 3 Best Embossing Machines


1. Sizzix Embossing Machine

This machine is known as a CLASSIC model big-shot machine with an extended multipurpose platform. As it is portable, it accustoms a wide range of crafting materials from paper to fabric.

By using this machine you can exactly cut the shapes and emboss textures. You can create fascinating shapes for various uses by turning just a few of the handles. You can also cut multiple layers of thin material at once by using this embossing machine.

This Sizzix shot machine can be of different colors by different sizes. Nowadays, these are a pair of standard cutting pads which give you more creative options to access more.

The Sizzix shot is very easy to operate. So, you do not have to worry about handling this machine. While cutting paper you just have to give a very little pressure to keep the Sizzix shot in place. And this is one of the best parts of this machine.

Generally, you can use it when making cards, gift tags, t-shirts, scrapbook pages, quilts, jewelry, and so on. Because of being portable, you can also share this machine with your friends.

The screw of the handle is so small that it is not suitable for the torque that keeps the screw tight. So, unfortunately, it may come loose anytime. And the Big shot may have a short lifespan.


2. Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum Cut & Emboss Machine

In Spellbinders machine technology, the Platinum dies to cut and embossing machine is the most advanced version. This platinum machine provides a design that is folded up with an easy compact.

With obdurate steel gears, the machine is activated which is just for minimal rotations. This machine offers incomparable power and cutting pressure. In a single pass, you can also cut over different materials as many as 6 to 8 layers thick.

In this machine, the platinum plates are small, very clean, and soft. So, in comparison with other brands, the platinum can use texture plates and embossing folders as well as cut carved dies. With the extra width, you can prepare your own full-size bags, boxes, and dimensional crafts.

The rolling mechanism of this machine is smooth and it is very easy to rotate. It can also use the steel rule dies. So, this machine is known as a LARGE format manual die cutter.

The machine is big enough to use. But you have to buy another set of plates to complete the task. At times, it is very hard to slack, even with the small plates.


 3. Evolution Embossing Machine

This machine is mainly used for die-cutting, embossing, and letter pressing. It has an innovative height adjustment gear system that ejects puzzling mat combinations. It is bearable and mild in weight. It is also perfect for crafting at home or on the go.

This machine mainly works with most prime brand die-cuts and embossing folders. The removal handle of the machine complies the manual use. But there is an attachable motor that allows automating the system.

It has extra built-in storage. And that is fit for dies. Also, this is a space saver die to cut and embossing machine. The Evolution letterpress works with any thin metal dies and some of the thinner plastic-covered ones.

Sometimes, the handle does not turn correctly. Don’t be timid about this. Actually, it flips a particular way to be put into the process. During the use of this machine, you may find that the storage areas were too tough to open with somewhat like arthritic hands. So, it should be clear to you that often the unit may not work well.

Also, there is a preset setting. Once you get the settings right, it will be a charm to use. But until you get a new mat, you will have something carved deeply on one side as a reminder to check the settings.


What is an Embossing Machine?

Crafting is a gentle experience for everything whether it is done professionally or as a hobby. An embossing machine is what makes your craft more attractive by reshaping the materials.

The best embossing machine helps you making scrapbooks, cards and decorating several things. In some cases, the embossing machine is used for binding two or more layers of materials.

In the past, the embossing machine was well known but not like today we know about it. But nowadays, embossing is a usual technique used in all respects of crafting to add texture, an element of propagation, and detail to a project.


Guide to Buy the Best Embossing Machine

Some things should be considered before buying an embossing machine­­-


Before buying an embossing machine at first you should know that if the machine is versatile or not. Because if it cannot be used for multi-purpose work, it will not be beneficial to you. And with such a versatile machine, the options are unlimited.


Before buying you should consider that if the machine is affordable or not. Actually, if a machine is not portable, it becomes very tough to use.


The machine you will buy must be durable. You should know about the warranty and guarantee of the product.


The most leading producers will make the machines that are compatible with others provided by the same brand. Even some of them are compatible with dies that come from other brands. These are amazingly beneficial as you will not have to spend a lot of money to create several designs.

Easy to Use

Always try to buy machines which can be operated well and easily. Before buying any product get knowledge of the process of using that. Never buy any product with a complex mechanism. Because a product with complexity will create many problems during work.

Size of the Machine

Relying on the projects you want to make the size of the machine is very important to consider. Sometimes, a big machine offers various options but cannot be shared and moved around.

High Qualified

If you plan to use your machine multiple times, you need to buy such a product that will not get worse after repeated use. A stiff product like this will make the work easy and reliable. The materials you will use should not move and break. There will be no error and it would be safer to use. Thus your product will become highly qualified and it will do its job perfectly.


How to Use an Embossing Machine

Intending to use an embossing machine, you need embossing folders. Actually, embossing folders are plastic folders. These folders include one embossed side and one debossed side where your embossing materials will sit between. Once embossed, your cardstock will exactly recapitulate the pattern on the folder.

At first, your cardstock is placed in the folder just like it becomes sandwiched between the embossed side and the debossed side. Then it would be sandwiched again between the embossing plates. At last, the whole ‘sandwich’ will be passed through your machine to make your desired patterns.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lots of questions may cross over your mind before using embossing machines. Here are the answers to repeatedly asked questions –

What are embossing folders?

The embossing folders are plastic folders with a design that suits a metal plate.

Does the machine include the adapter and clear-cutting plates?

Yes, For using the thin dies the machine includes the adapter and clear-cutting plates.

Are the plates of the same size?

No, the sizes of the plates are different.

Does the machine have the capability to emboss and etch thin copper sheet metal?

Yes, this machine is capable of etching and embossing thin copper sheet metal.

Do I need to buy additional templates to punch out alphabets?

Actually, you need alphabet to die cuts to punch out alphabets from the machine.

Do I have to purchase anything additional like cutting pads?

No, you don’t have to purchase the cutting pads. Because the machine includes these.

Is there any handle in the machine? And if it has, does it need much pressure to control the handle?

Yes, there is a handle in the machine. But it needs less force and pressure to turn the handle for its particular task.

Besides the embossing machine, you should have a hot glue gun. So you may also like to read how to find the best hot glue gun.



Embossing means redesigning a surface from flat to embodied so that some parts are raised concerning other areas. To emboss the materials there needs an embossing machine. But you cannot accurately perform your works without a high qualified machine. That’s why you need the embossing machine which gives the best services.

The best embossing machines will grant you the chance to create creative designs and amazing art projects. Immensely, your choice will depend on the purpose of what you are using the machine.


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