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Looking for a sewing machine tote for your sewing machine when traveling? Here is our guide for the best sewing machine totes.

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Usually, a sewing machine doesn’t come with a good carrying case, bag, trolley, or tote and you just can’t pack your sewing machine on any bag or even a regular suitcase. To protect it from numerous casualties, and for one to easily carry the machine, choose the best sewing machine tote for your ultimate sewing companion.

When thinking about what type of carrier is best for your sewing machine, choose one that is well-designed not just for your machine, but for any accessories you may need to take with you. All sewing machines don’t have the same shapes and sizes. Therefore, you should look at a tote that has enough place for the sewing machine as well as accessories and be concerned about the overall quality also.

Here are some of the highlighted points that a good quality tote has to offer to your sewing machine.

Best Sewing Machine Tote


The 6 Best Sewing Machine Totes


1.  Everything Mary Deluxe Sewing Machine Tote

The Everything Mary rolling sewing machine tote is not only functional but also an attractive companion for any sewer or crafter. It is made of a pink and grey microfiber pattern and crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure the best product possible.

This sewing machine tote is designed to fulfill all of your sewing storage needs. It comes with multiple storage pockets and a large sewing machine storage space. This sewing machine case fits almost all brands of the sewing machine, especially Brother & Singer Sewing Machines

It is very portable for its quad-roller wheel construction. For an adjustable, telescoping handle and inline wheels, this bag is the perfect traveling. it is made with the end-user in mind.

This sewing machine tote is very sturdy, but the only thing that does not make it perfect is the lack of a shoulder strap or carrying handle. Zippers look to be well built, but it is found broken after sometimes use.


2.  Janome Black Universal Sewing Machine Tote

The Janome Black Universal sewing machine tote is a good strong tote capable of carrying your regular sewing machines if you intend to go on a long journey. This tote is built for standard size sewing machines.

There is a front pocket that stores sewing accessories and the large compartment fit the machine. But there is not enough room for the swingarm and not enough to store all the accessories in the side pocket as some customer reviews.

The quilted carry strap makes the tote easy to handle and a Velcro strap closure provides extra security. But this sewing machine tote is not enough padded to protect the machine.

The tote opens up not only on the top but completely down the sides. This provides help with placing the machine into the tote. The bottom is supported by a vinyl-covered piece of plastic and it has four plastic feet on the outside that screw into the support.

This sewing machine tote has no wheels to move from one place to another. The construction is not as much as satisfactory, hard plastic lining and fabric not substantial to hold the sewing machine according to the price.


3. Everything Mary EVM10143-3 Quilted Sewing Machine Tote

The Everything Mary quilted sewing machine tote is a good option for the traveling sewing enthusiast. It is made with a rigid microfiber, and a quilted grey print with pink trim makes the tote even more beautiful. The fabric protects it from dirt and dings, and it is even easy to clean.

It is compatible with most sewing machines notwithstanding their brands and designs. The two handles are strong enough for a good grip and handling. Waterproofing features would let you carry your sewing machine outside even on rainy days.

With a lay-flat design for convenient storage, the Everything Mary quilted sewing machine tote is a beautiful addition for the sewer who cares about the clean and attractive workspace. Its featherweight feature lets you travel with the sewing machine smoothly. Another good feature of the tote is the padding at the bottom.

Although the bag is so handy, the bag has only one compartment inside which is a major drawback for the tote. For this, the necessary sewing equipment cannot be kept in a separate compartment, which makes the tote sometimes messy inside.


4. Darice Rolling Craft Tote Classic Black

You can handle all your essentials in one handy and organized spot with the Rolling Scrap Book Tote. this craft organizer bag has so many pockets and compartments to hold scrapbooks, notes, diaries, sewing books, etc. along with the regular sewing machine.

There are two big pockets on the narrow sides; a big zipper pocket in front, and a zipped compartment behind it that reveals even more pockets and two removable. There is a dedicated space inherited in the bag for accommodating the sewing machine. Thus, there are Velcro-style pockets along with zippered ones inside the bag.

The retractable handle lets the users carry or push the tote like a cart to the place of their likings. This portable scrapbook organizer is not just for scrapbook supplies, either, it makes a great tote to store a wide variety of craft tools.

But the wheels of this tote are poorly designed and the zipper does not work properly. All the front storage causes the front to become too heavy. It is not durable enough for the storage size, even with lighter contents. The front legs buckle in also, so it falls to the ground as soon as you let it go.


5. Bluefig TB19 Wheeled Sewing Machine Carrier

Bluefig TB19 Wheeled Sewing Machine Carrier is not only affordable but also gives out all the necessary features that a high-end tote would have to offer. It is available in many colors with its ease of use.

This sewing machine tote has lots of room to carry your sewing machine and supplies with no problem. The outside pockets are padded, and hold lots of supplies. Two removable inside pockets are very handy.

The side handle extends high enough to roll the cart easily. The wheels are doubled on the backside, and they are like rollerblade wheels. It has one strap on the middle of the bag called a Velcro strap.

The fabric of the carrier is thick, nylon fabric, and seems quite sturdy. The padding of the tote is not so thick, but it is dense enough that it feels like it provides adequate protection.

The drawback of this trolley is that the machine tie-down inside is not very practical. It is attached at one side, and the strap has to be fed up over the machine, then back down into a buckle on the other side on the very bottom once the machine is in place. That seems not so user-friendly.


6. Floral Sewing Machine Carrying Case

This sewing machine tote improves the portability of your sewing machine to easily carry it every day to sewing classes or even during travel. It protects your sewing machine from dust, dirt, and moisture. This tote gives a perfect balance between functional effectiveness, ease of use, and style!

The size of the bag ensures that the sewing machine carrying case is compatible with a wide range of sewing machines of any size. The front pocket of this tote can store sewing machine feet, power cord & other important sewing notions like scissors, spools of threads, bobbins, etc.

Along with its durability and compatibility, another pointed feature is its ergonomic handle. The carry strap with extra cushioning make it comfortable to lift without putting undue strain on your hands.

The sewing machine bag is constructed to last because of the use of heavy-duty vinyl and power-packed stitching. Artistic floral print and lightweight features provide you with the much-needed freedom to carry it around to the classes.

This tote is not enough padded inside to protect the sewing machine. There is not so much compartment to store other accessories of sewing. So, it can be a drawback for you.


What is a Sewing Machine Tote?

That bag which is used to transport easily with your sewing machine and to keep organized the sewing accessories while moving is known as the Sewing Machine Tote. The best sewing machine tote can be a safeguard for your sewing machine.

Sewing machine tote protects your machine from physical damage and helps you to keep your sewing table clean and tidy. It has a lot of compartments to let you accommodate all your sewing accessories in one place. It can bear the weight of the desired sewing machines because of its strong handle and superior hold.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Here are Frequently Asked Questions and their answers with an explanation about the Sewing Machine tote:

What fabrics are used to make the sewing machine tote?

The sewing machine tote is usually made of polystyrene or heavy-duty vinyl or these types of fabrics.

Will all the sewing machines fit in the sewing machine tote?

It depends on the size of the sewing machine tote. Usually, the sewing machine tote is designed in this way most of the sewing machines can easily be fitted. But still, you have to see the details before buying one.

Will the sewing machine tote be durable enough for a heavier machine?

Yes. They are enough durable for a heavier sewing machine in most cases.

Is the sewing machine tote waterproof?

The fabric of the tote is usually a soft quilted material that feels like it could be a raincoat material. If you are looking to drop it in a swimming pool, the water would probably come in the zipper part. If you are worried about a little rain shower or humidity, it would protect the machine.

How the sewing basket is different from a tote?

Ans: Yes, sewing totes are different from the sewing basket. to learn more from the best sewing baskets.

What type of sewing machine need to make a DIY tote?

If you are a beginner then find a sewing machine for beginners but a sewing machine with quilting facilities is a plus.



Traveling with a sewing machine without a carrying tote or bag doesn’t seem so convenient for you. You might think that a suitcase is a good option. But it is inadequate for a sewing machine as most regular suitcases are designed for clothing and related items, and just don’t provide the protection you need for your sewing machine.

So, you can choose a sewing machine tote to carry your sewing machine comfortably without any harm to it. It will keep your sewing machine safe and sewing accessories organized. It is hoped that this article can help you consistently to exceed your expectations.

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