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Are you new to sewing? Is it difficult for you to differentiate between the cover stitch machine and serger? Are you worried about not getting this issue?  Stop worrying!! It’s not a big deal.

Many people like you don’t get the difference between a cover stitch machine & a serger. Some consider both of these machines the same. Though they look almost the same, they are a totally different machine.

Here are given some similarities & dissimilarities between this machine to put your worries to an end. It is better to go through the article’s best coverstitch machine reviews to learn in-depth.


Cover Stitch Machine Vs Serger
Cover Stitch Machine Vs Serger


Do you wanna make dresses or t-shirts which will have good finishing hem like store-bought garments? A cover stitch machine enables you to do this good finishing hem named cover stitch. A cover stitch is a professional hem (two rows of stitches on the edge of the fabric & serger stitches on the back). On the other, a serger which is also known as overlocker overlocks the seam. Overlocking is more strong and likes knitting than sewing. In detail, a serger joins the two edges of clothes by stitching. It trims the seams of cloth by also cut the extra allowances from the edge of the fabric.

A cover stitch can also join two fabrics but not as a serger. By cutting the extra allowance of fabric while joining two fabrics, It prevents your fabric from falling apart. Because the extra allowance was not cut, it will fray all the way to the stitching and your garment will fall apart.

Cover stitch machine has only one looper to thread whereas most sergers possess two loopers to the thread.

The cover stitch machine has three needles whereas most of the newly modeled sergers have two needles and the old one has one needle.

In a cover stitch machine, you don’t have a blade to cut the edges of the fabric. But in a serger, You have two blades for cutting the edges or the extra allowance of the fabric while trimming the seam.

The needle plate surface with side cover of cover stitch machine larger than the needle plate surface with side cover of a serger.

Generally, a sewist can attach lace or do a hem at any portion of the large You will get enough sewing space in the cover stitch machine. But in the case of a serger, a sewist only joins two pieces of fabric. So he has to work on the edges of the fabric. So the sewing space of a serger is smaller than the cover stitch machine.



Both of the machines have a differential feed mechanism & you can adjust it according to your need. You can make your fabric gathered or stretcher by adjusting the differential feed ratio in the case of both of these machines.

The stitching quality of both the serger & cover stitch machine depends on the thread’s quality. The thread used for sewing must be thin. It should also be firm & elastic.

Both of the machines have an adjustable stitch length feature. You can adjust your stitch length according to your need. By minimizing stitch length you will set smaller and stronger stitches and by minimizing it you get longer and weaker stitches.

In the case of threading both of these machines must be threaded properly according to the given guideline. In most of, both kinds of machine color-coded treading guide have to make threading easy. It makes your threading easier & also saves you time.

Both of these machines are electric appliances. You have to use them very carefully to avoid accidents. If you want a good sewing project you have to know the a to z of all available features & their set up in case of both of these machines.

Nowadays in both of these machines, the SPM of the machine is given. Spm means stitches per minute you will have while other words, it describes the sewing speed of the machine. You can control SPM according to your need.



Both the cover stitch machine & serger give your cloth professional & long-lasting sting stitches. A serger is mainly made for trimming the seam with sewing and cutting the extra fabric & a cover stitch machine is especially for doing the professional hem, decorative stitches, attaching lace, etc.  Only you know what’s your purpose. You have to buy one knowing your work.

But if your work is with both of these two you can buy both serger & cover stitch machine or a serger cover stitch combo model. Generally, the serger that takes more than 4 threads works as both a cover stitch machine and a serger itself. Now it’s your choice what you will buy to make outstanding store-bought like dresses at home.


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