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Is the Brother PC-210 PRW a good sewing machine? Here is our in-depth review!




Outfitted with awesome devices for the two learners and experienced sewers, this Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Computerized Sewing Machine makes sewing fun and energizing. With the touch of a catch, the automated sewing machine’s LED screen shows the line design number.

Brother PC-210 PRW Review
Brother PC-210 PRW Review


The needle position change work enables you to move the needle to one side or focus in this manner make it simple to sew texture at the exact point for a required join. The Brother PC-210 PRW Computerized Sewing Machine has a Quick-Set™ Bobbin which guarantees quick and simple sewing without stress. Every one of the 50 fastens is accessible for reference at whatever point you have to make your next line. Change to the vast majority of the weaving lines with a push of the catch.

Another feature on the Brother PC-210 PRW Sewing machine is the propelled needle threading framework – not any more scanning for the opening of the needle. Other key highlights are five styles of one-advance programmed buttonholes, programmed switch/fortification line and needle stop position control; presser foot weight modification and presser foot leveling catch; and join length and width control.

This Machine has a huge sewing work territory and six-point encourage canines for bolstering a wide range of material. A hardcover comes included for putting away when not being used.


Features and Specifications

  • Brother PC-210 Sewing Machine for apprentices and experienced needleworkers.
  • Choose from 50 joins; including 5 styles of 1-step programmed buttonholes
  • Touch-cushion task board with LED screen; needle-position change work
  • Quick-Set bobbin; line length and width control; hardcover included
  • 25-year constrained guarantee; a 1-year work guarantee; 2-year hardware guarantee
  • Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches ; 23 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 24 pounds


Brother PC-210 PRW Sewing Machine Reviews

This Brother PC-210 PRW appears to not have any troubles sewing through multiple layers or any kind of texture since one reviewer guaranteed to have seen through a few layers of cowhide and sewn effectively through four layers of sewed texture. In our examination, we couldn’t discover anyone having an issue with regards to sewing through a specific texture.

Most analysts guaranteed Brother PC-210 PRW Sewing Machine to be certainly justified regardless of the cash. Each reviewers experience of this machine is that it’s so natural to utilize and the self-threading needle is particularly valued. Truly both bobbin and needle are said to be anything but difficult to string. In the wake of owning this model for a year, one of those reviewers still adores the machine and we couldn’t discover any analyst that would come even near lament their buy. Some other reviewer was stating “I’m happy I ran with this model and would get it once more”.

This machine appears to performs immaculately, tranquil and exact. It doesn’t vibrate or bob at quicker speeds. Threading is uncommonly straightforward and the programmed threader works without fail. Brother PC-210 PRW makes incredible buttonholes; there is an exceptional buttonhole foot in which you put your catch. It utilizes that catch to naturally influence the correct estimated buttonhole in one to step.



The clients of this Brother PC-210 PRW didn’t have any issues beginning, as the manual is extremely informative and unequivocal! Most clients assert the guidelines to be anything but difficult to take after. For all intents and purposes, each analyst was either expressed this machine to be a decent venture or exceedingly prescribe it and obviously, numerous commentators did both of those things.


The main thing we could discover about Brother PC-210 PRW Computerized Sewing Machine that verge on anything antagonistic is that one individual was encountered the inherent lights were inadequate. So in correlation with his/her old machine this one had dimmer lights. The extremely same individual still gave the machine 5/5.



Our decision is that we couldn’t locate a solitary terrible audit for Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Computerized Sewing Machine. We could just discover top audits for this machine. The main minor issue we could discover was the dimmer lights. In view of this, we have no other choice other than to put this machine as outstanding amongst other proposals.


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