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For the regular sewer storing embroidery floss is a must. Keeping above hundred of floss here and there can make you crazy. Piles of flosses is enough to mess up your sewing room.

And if you have children in your house the situation may go worse!

There are many effective ways to store the embroidery floss in organized ways. In this article, I will discuss some tips for storing and organizing your floss.



1. Use organizer box and bobbins to store the floss separately

How to store embroidery floss 1


A common way to keep your embroidery floss organized is to store it in an organizer box with plastic bobbins. In such a box, there are many plastic cases or compartments to keep the floss colors separate so that they do not get mixed and tangled. This idea is from


2. Ice cream stick

How to store embroidery floss 2


If you are an ice cream lover, do not through the ice cream sticks to your dust bin. Collect a good amount of ice cream stick and wind your flosses around them. Finally, keep them in a glass jar so you can find the colours easily.


3. Cloth pins

How to store embroidery floss 3


Wind the floss around your daily used cloth pins and hang the cloth pins from a pinboard. It will look more like a beautiful wall hanging than mere a pinboard! Your floss color shades will make an eye-catching.


4. Wooden thread rack

How to store embroidery floss 4


If you have a separate sewing space, you can keep a wooden thread rack for keeping your bobbins near your hand. It will be easier to take the floss when needed, no need to open a drawer. It can accommodate larger embroidery spools.


5. Small handy bag

How to store embroidery floss 5


You can buy such a bag for keeping your flosses and other small accessories like a sewing frame, scissors while going out or in a journey. Such bags are more comfortable to carry than an organizer box.


6. Plastic rings

How to store embroidery floss 6


You can tie your embroidery flosses with such plastic rings and simply hang them from aboard. You can turn it into a colorful and nice craft project if you want.


7. Plastic ring binders of your notebooks

How to store embroidery floss 7


Take out the old notebooks from the storeroom. The plastic ring binders of your notebooks can be a handy organizer for your floss. Stick the floss to the ring binders and keep it in a drawer. Go to  Needle n thread for the idea in detail.


8. Use key rings to hang the floss colors

How to store embroidery floss 8


This idea is from Satsuma Street. Use your old, unused keyrings as a holder of your floss bobbins. Then keep the rings on a pinboard. Again, you have got another wall hanging!


9. Card catalog drawers as storage

How to store embroidery floss 9


Drawers made from your card catalogs can be a nice storage room for your floss cardboard bobbins. You have to make 3 or 4 sleeves for the bobbins. For making sleeves you have to use poster board. Go to 1dogwoof for the detailed idea.


10. Use a corked bottle for storing floss

How to store embroidery floss 10


Some small corked glass bottles can be nice storages for your floss collection. You will easily see the colors through the clear glass. Then keep the bottles in your showcase. This nice idea is from Auribuzz.


11. Sheet Protectors

How to store embroidery floss 11


You will find these in the office supply stores. They will call them ‘trading card pages’. These are transparent sheets. Each sheet has nine trading cards. And it will hold nine skeins of floss. This idea is from Lolli and grace.


12. Project cards as floss hanger

How to store embroidery floss 12


Rectangles of stuff card’s evenly spaced holes can hold skeins of thread. Cut the skeins into ideal length and fold them in half and push the folded end through the hole.

13. Transparent mini organizer closet

How to store embroidery floss 13


You can use a transparent organizer closet for safely keeping your embroidery flosses. Keep the shades of one color in one drawer so that you can easily find them in a hurry.


14. Transparent large plastic box

How to store embroidery floss 14


You can buy some transparent plastic boxes for keeping more flosses. On one hand, it will contain more flosses safely, on the other hand you will identify the colors without opening and groping through all the boxes.


15. Plastic zipper bag

How to store embroidery floss 15


You can keep your flosses in plastic zipper bags. Bind the bags with a ring and hand them from pins.


16. Binder books or photo albums

How to store embroidery floss 16


Use your old binder books or photo albums to keep all your embroidery flosses together.


17. Floss Thread Containers

How to store embroidery floss 17


A plastic floss thread organizer will keep your flosses organized in a neat way. The rubber pads will keep the threads separate and will not let them tangled.


18. Plastic closets

How to store embroidery floss 18


If you keep the flosses in your bedroom and do not want to let anyone notice them, it is a neat option for you.


19. Custom Shelving

How to store embroidery floss 19


It is a space-saving solution for you. You can place it anywhere.


20. Tanto thread organizer

How to store embroidery floss 20


Another kind of thread organizer. Nice for keeping on your sewing table. Keep the threads away from tangling.

Thus, you can see there are hundreds of ways to keep your flosses organized and safe. It is better to invest a little time and money for the organization of the most needed item of your sewing than to rushing to the store and wasting time and money.



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