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If you already own or are considering purchasing a handheld sewing machine, you need to know the proper way to thread it. A handheld sewing machine is ideal for those who are always on the move yet still require fabric repair. 

If you travel often for work or leisure purposes, you may come into a situation where you need to mend your clothing. It’s not a good look to go around a business conference, family gathering, or vacation location with a lost button or a hole in your shirt. 

This is where the handheld sewing machine comes into play to cope with such circumstances. It is essentially a sewing machine that fits in the palm of your hand and takes up very little room while traveling.



What is A Handheld Sewing Machine?

Handheld sewing machines are handy, flexible, and a suitable last-minute option for various sewing scenarios. Whatever handheld sewing machine you select, you may obtain an easy-to-use alternative to a conventional device that is portable and powerful enough for certain repairs of various materials.


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How to Thread a Handheld Sewing Machine Properly


When you start using it, you’ll want to learn how to operate your handheld sewing machines. Threading is straightforward, and you will be able to accomplish it after reading this ultimate guide.

  1. Connect your spring, spindle, and bobbin. The bobbin is placed on the spindle, followed by the spring at the end of the spindle. Some portable sewing machines do not have a spring.
  2. Insert the bobbin, spindle, spring inside the spindle hole of your portable sewing machine. It should snap or lock into place.
  3. Insert the end of the bobbin thread into the hole above the spindle.
  4. The thread should then be passed through the tension control knob.
  5. The thread should then be threaded through the hole under the tension control knob.
  6. Then, using the needle threader (most come with one), thread through the needle.
  7. Pull the extra thread through the needle, and you’re ready to stitch.


Important Tips:


You should be aware of a few more facts regarding handheld machines before using them to sew.

The rotating wheel is the wheel you see on the side. This allows you to move the needle manually up and down. You may also use them in any direction.

You also have a fixing plate, which keeps the fabric in place during stitching. This may be raised to allow the material to be placed underneath it.

Beware!! When you don’t have the lock in place, you may inadvertently cause the machine to sew. I speak from personal experience. You don’t want to stitch your finger!


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Benefits of Using Handheld Sewing Machine


You must be curious about the advantages of utilizing a handheld sewing machine. Below are a few benefits of using a handheld sewing machine which you can reap:


Portability and Convenience

You will never know when your clothing may rip or buttons will fall out, and you will need to fix them. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry since you can carry it with you everywhere you go when you have a handheld sewing machine.

This is because the devices are very tiny or handy in size, making them highly portable. As a result, they provide tremendous convenience since they are always there when you need them. Because problems that need immediate stitching arise unexpectedly, the machine keeps you organized at all times.



You’d be glad to save some money, right? Then a handheld sewing machine is your best option. The products are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to spend a lot to acquire one. Unlike other large machines that cost a lot of money, these portable devices are very inexpensive. You will also save money on clothing repairs since the gadget can handle most of your minor repairs.

Furthermore, you save a lot of time that you might have spent going to the dry cleaners and picking up your clothes once they’ve been repaired. And you no longer have to be concerned about dealing with tailors, such as discovering that your garments were not mended or haggling over the cost of the service.



You no longer need to be concerned about your energy costs increasing due to the use of a handheld sewing machine. These gadgets are powered by batteries and therefore do not need electricity. They also don’t tire you out like sewing machines which need users to use their hands and feet to operate them. Because they run on batteries, they can be used everywhere, even if electricity is a problem. They may also be utilized by those who are unable to use their feet to control a machine.


Low Sound

Since handheld sewing machines make a low noise, there is no possible noise pollution since this machine produces very little noise. The tool’s most significant feature is that no one will know you’re sewing anything.

Even while it takes longer than using a sewing machine, it is a viable option. As a result, you need to purchase the tool and finish the threading procedure to use it when needed.



They feature a cordless design and are powered by 4xAA batteries. As a consequence, there is no possibility of power waste. When the battery no longer functions correctly, you can simply replace it with a new one.


How to Select a Handheld Sewing Machine

Nowadays, there are many sewing machines accessible on the market for any budget and every kind of job you may have. Your work would be much simpler if you get the appropriate sewing machine for your requirements.

When searching for a handheld sewing machine, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Consider your present abilities and if you wish to improve them. These devices will undoubtedly dissatisfy professionals.
  • Determine the kind of sewing project you want to work on. Handheld sewing machines work well with certain lightweight materials but not with heavier fabrics.


Some Final Words


Without a doubt, a handheld sewing machine is a small beneficial device. By following this comprehensive guide, you will undoubtedly grasp how to thread your handy sewing machine.

Moreover, they are an excellent method to create crafts without investing in more costly equipment. Even the finest handheld sewing machines are reasonably priced, and they offer the fundamental straight stitch that novices must learn before expanding their capabilities.

Happy sewing!


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