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Are you looking for the best sewing machine for a 10-year-old? Check out this complete guide to help you choose the right one.

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Start them young. That is what people say when it comes to learning any new skill that takes a lot of time and practice. This is especially true when a child wants to learn sewing, as the skill is not the easiest to master. These days, many sewing machine options on the market cater to children.

They are extra safe, simple to use and lightweight, basically everything a child needs to get started. There is quite a large variety of these machines though and it can be somewhat daunting to make your first foray into the world of the best sewing machines for 10-year-olds.

We know you may have many questions, and we have all the answers. But first, here are our top ten sewing machines that are suited to children and young beginners.


Best Sewing Machines for a 10-year-old


1. SINGER Start 1304

The brand Singer is synonymous with sewing machine quality, and just because this is a beginner machine for children it does not mean that anything is different in that sense.

Specifically engineered for young sewers, the Start 1304 has everything you would need to get going. The frame is heavy-duty metal so it stays stable and prevents any needle skips or accidents and the threading is easy to achieve using the threading diagrams printed right onto the side of the machine.

There are 6 built-in stitches available here, which is a good place to start to learn.


2. Brother RLX3817A 17-Stitch Sewing Machine

Brother is another famous and trusted brand name in the sewing industry and here they have made a real gem of a machine, easy enough to be used by a young learner. 

Perfect for absolute beginners, this model comes with an extensive instructional manual and DVD that guides you through setting up and the early stages of sewing.

In addition, it is jam-resistant with a quick set-top bobbin as well as an amazing 25-year warranty. The patterns and design on the outside of this model are also very nice with blue flowers printed on it.


3. NKOK A2213 Singer EZ Stitch Chainstitch Sewing Machine

The NKOK by Singer is a colorful beast. Aimed at ages 8 and over it is bright and fun looking. A great starter machine, it features 3 spools of thread, measuring tape, and a plastic needle and needle threader. It is also totally battery-operated so no main plugs here.

This makes it very portable and can be taken anywhere to use. There are a few safety design choices that add protection for children’s fingers such as a protective needle cover, which is good to see. Overall, this is a good jumping-off point for those future sewing prodigies.


4 . Comeon Sewing Machine Family Mini Sewing Machine

This machine from Comeon has almost everything you could think of. It is portable and compact but full of smart features such as 12 kinds of built-in stitches and workplace lighting. Best suited to sewing lightweight fabrics, handcrafts, and clothing.

It has an elegant and pleasing design that children will just adore. The different stitches are displayed on the side so they are easy to see and to reference when needed, great for young learners. Included in the pack are a foot pedal and mains cable.


5. HEEPDD Household Sewing Machine

This machine for beginners by HEEPDD is super portable and features a neat little carry case design including a carry handle. It is made from lightweight materials such as plastic that mean it is easy to move around and take with you wherever you go.

Some other fun features include the replaceable presser foot, 12 different stitch patterns that are displayed on the side for easy reference, a reversing and overlock function as well as a sewing button.

There is a very useful sewing light that illuminates the sewing surface so you can work in any lighting condition. This particular model can be operated both by the battery and with the included mains cable.


6. RZChome 12 Stitch Sewing Machine

This model by RZZ Chrome is another cute-looking 12 stitch sewing machine that is colored with attractive pink elements. It’s super lightweight at only 5.39 pounds which means it can be taken anywhere you please very easily. It also has a carry handle to help you with that.

There is a neat little storage drawer built into the case of the machine for storing bobbins and the like. There are sticky feet on the bottom of the case so that it doesn’t slip around when in use to help those young sewers.

Considering this machine’s small design it can still sew up to 5 layers of fabric at once, not a bad effort.


7. Mini Sewing Machine

This mini machine is great for young beginners as it comes with a detailed instruction manual and logically easy-to-understand functions and buttons that are easy to follow and use.

There is a double-speed button so that you can sew at both low and high speeds depending on what you require that day. You also have the choice of a foot pedal or switch to start and stop the sewing process. Thrown in with the package you get a few accessories such as a foot pedal, light bulb for workspace illumination,  and a built-in thread cutter.

The manufacturers have also added a very generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee which means if you have any problems you can send it back. Peace of mind achieved.


Buyers Guide for the Best Sewing Machine for a 10-Year-Old

Here is what to look out for when deciding which is the best sewing machine for your child.

Size – This may seem like an obvious one but the size of the machine is very important when it will be used by a small child. For safety and ease of use reasons, it is best that the machine is as small as possible while still being able to perform all the necessary tasks. This also leads to the issue of stability as well. You need to be careful that the machine is not too unstable because of its small size. Poor stability can lead to an accident which is most definitely what we need to avoid.

Complexity – Every sewing machine will have a different number of added features that can be used by the sewer. These can be very useful and time-saving normally, but for a child may only add confusion to the activity where it is not needed. Try and make sure the machine you buy has the main sewing features but does not have too many added ones. Digital screens and a thousand stitch options may have little need, for example

Safety – Safety is the number one concern when a child is using a machine that has sharp parts and can cause injuries if accidents happen. The very nature of sewing machines means that if a child is using one there must always be adult supervision. In that respect, they are very safe. It is important the machine has the expected safety features too, such as needle protection and stability.

Design – The look of a machine is very important too. It may not affect how well one can sew but it is always nice to have a machine that looks good. Like any device, the better it looks the more you will want to use it and learn, as well as tell all your friends about it too. Especially with children, bright colors and good-looking designs will be more attractive than greys and browns.


Frequently Asked Questions

What age can a child use a sewing machine?

Children as young as 6 can be introduced to sewing. It is often best at this age to get the child to learn by hand and practice sewing. Then they can move onto a beginner machine.

As long as a child always has adult supervision when sewing they will be absolutely fine using a machine. Their attention span will be very short at his age though so getting them to sew in short bursts is recommended.


How do you teach a child how to use a sewing machine?

There are many ways to help teach a child how to sew. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Let them use a sewing machine as early as possible for them. This will encourage hand and eye coordination and get them curious.
  • Always start a sewing lesson with a safety talk so that they know this is not a toy and can be dangerous if used improperly.
  • You could always let the child start their sewing experience by working the pedal only, with you sewing with the needle. This is a super safe way to get them thinking about what is needed to make a stitch.
  • Make sure that they are aware that speed is not the aim of the game here. Quality over quantity is best; they should always take their time, enjoy the experience and make quality fabrics.
  • Have the children decide on what fabrics you will use and what you are going to make. Having them involved in the decision process more will keep them engaged for longer as well as making them feel like it is their project, not only yours.


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