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Is the Brother CS5055 PRW a good sewing machine? Here is our in-depth review!

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This Limited Edition Project Runway Computerized Sewing Machine is intended to sew the ideal join without fail. It has a wide cluster of implicit lines. You can look at 294 utility and beautifying fastens, including 10 styles of one-advance programmed buttonholes and 3 lettering styles, each with 55 alphanumeric characters. Tenderfoot sewers to proficient originators can make popular tasks custom fitted toward their one-of-a-kind inclination.


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An incredible element on Brother CS5055 PRW Computerized Sewing Machine is the My Custom Stitch™ creation program. Plan your own particular fastens utilizing the inherent LCD board and spare them in the machine’s memory. This guarantees speedy access for your loved outlines. With Direct Stitch Selection catches, your pre-modified join is prepared to use with the straightforward touch of a catch.

The programmable string trimmer cuts the upper and lower string toward the finish of each assignment. Different features of this Sewing Machine incorporate coordinate 10-key line determination and an LCD screen, a propelled needle-threading framework – not any more scanning for the needle’s aperture. Other key highlights incorporate twin needlework, advanced line length and width control, and an implicit knee lift that brings the presser foot up with a specific end goal to reposition or expel texture.

The wide assortment of customization with Brother CS5055 PRW abandoning you the chance to sew any undertaking you can envision!


Features and Specifications

  • Brother CS5055 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Computerized Sewing Machine with 294 utility and ornamental lines
  • Pre-customized lines prepared for use at the touch of a catch
  • Design novel lines utilizing worked in LCD board; needle-threading framework
  • Twin needlework; hardcover; stitching foot; and strolling foot included
  • 25-year restricted guarantee; a 1-year work guarantee; 2-year gadgets guarantee
  • Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches ; 26 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 26 pounds


Brother CS5055 PRW Reviews

Our exploration of the Brother CS5055 PRW Sewing Machine essentially couldn’t locate any terrible audit for this item. Our best way to discover negative things on this item was to peruse all the great surveys and see if we could discover anything they had an issue with. In reality, we could locate some minor issues, yet first, we will go into the well done with this item.

Numerous surveys expressed Brother CS5055 PRW Sewing Machine as easy to understand, tranquil, dependable, and with various capacities at an extraordinary cost. As per those audits, this machine can truly deal with various layers of texture easily. We couldn’t discover any client that had an issue with any kinds of texture. This is a machine fit for sewing through thicker textures and additionally various layers. In general, a large portion of the audits that say anything about straight fastens claims this machine to give decent straight join.

We could discover one analyst that had an issue with the straight lines on Brother CS5055 PRW Sewing Machine and guaranteed them to be appalling lines. In an inverse to this, another commentator asserted the lines to be exceptionally excellent. The client who asserted it to be ugly fastens got another machine and was then content with the lines. Another commentator additionally had an issue with the join and guaranteed it to be unpleasant fastens. Later on, the extremely same analyst was then ready to pinpoint the issue by altering the string pressure, and after that, it backpedaled to culminate.

Numerous analysts for this Sewing Machine respect the programmed needle threader, auto string shaper, numerous highlights and choices, simple touchscreen, and a flawless buttonholer. The entire thing with the begin/stop catches is likewise calm, well known, and numerous analysts like. The vast majority are likewise content with the lines as some analysts expressed it to be even and idealize lines. About the programmed needle threader, somebody was going similar to stating, “it’s a fantasy to have a programmed needle threader (that works without fail).”


Final Verdict

In our examination, we couldn’t discover anybody grumbling that they needed to take the Brother CS5055 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Computerized Sewing Machine in to be overhauled. Numerous commentators claim to have the capacity to utilize it soon after perusing the manual once. If you need a further developed machine and simple to utilize, at that point, we feel great to suggest this machine. As one analyst expressed, “I’ve chosen to purchase this machine, and I’m so happy I did.”

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