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Most sewers probably know how important sewing pins are. But are you aware of which pins are considered the best sewing pins? In this article we will show you our favorites.

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Once you decide to start your sewing journey, you must have all of the essential tools. One of these tools is the sewing pin.

You can rely on these durable little things for various duties, including holding your pattern to the cloth and keeping things together while you stitch.

Choosing the best sewing pins is not a simple task. You should examine several factors and when purchasing a set, you must select the appropriate brand and the appropriate number of pins included. You can learn more about sewing pins after our reviews.

For now, here’s our list of the 5 best sewing pins.



1. EuTengHao Sewing Pins

The EuTengHao Sewing Pins are our choice for the overall best pin for sewing for the money.

Its glass ball caps are available in eight colors: white, black, blue, yellow, red, orange, green, and light blue. It gives them a distinct and enjoyable appearance. Aside from it, these pins are simple to use.

Every pin has a 38 mm plain shaft, making it appropriate for various tasks such as DIY crafts, décor, office or family sewing projects, and so on. We also appreciate the strength of its metallic components. It is composed of nickel-plated steel, which makes it sturdy. They may also penetrate through both strong and delicate materials. Some sewers, however, complained that they were not sufficiently sharp.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Meant for delicate and premium fabrics
  • 1,000 pieces in 4 plastic cases


  • Not sharp


Overall review

The fact that EuTengHao sewing pins come in four plastic packs is something we like. Each holds 250 pins, for a total of 1,000 pins, and it enables the box easy to store and transport. The only disadvantage is that the pins’ tips are not particularly sharp.



2. U_star Head Pins

The U_star Head Pins are our choice for the overall best pin for sewing regardless of cost.

If you’re searching for the best straight pins for sewing that aren’t too expensive, U Star Head Pins are the way to go. They come in a package of 4,000 silver bits, making them practical and easy to find while dealing with textiles. It is a huge number compared to other sets, and you will be able to use those sewing equipment for a long time.

These excellent stainless steel dressmaking pins are long-lasting, robust, and rust-resistant. In addition, they are provided in a box, which is useful for storing. As a result, you can easily take them wherever you go for stitching.


  • Quality and quantity
  • Suitable for several tasks
  • Easy to see and use


  • Pins tend to bend on hard materials.


Overall review

We like how it meets various needs and can be utilized for various reasons, such as beaded decorations, DIY crafts, project creation, and so on. Furthermore, they work well with delicate materials and silks without destroying them.

However,  pins are quite sharp, and you should use extreme caution when using them. They also bend when used on extremely hard materials.



3. Color Scissor Sewing Pins

The Color Scissor Sewing Pins are our choice for the best cheap pin for sewing.

Because of their metal shafts and glass heads, Color Scissor sewing pins are outstanding and one-of-a-kind. They are sturdy and designed particularly for quilIn addition, In addition, these heads are available in a variety of vibrant hues, including light green, blue, purple, red, orange, and white. All of these things are enjoyable, and they will make your job more enjoyable.

These metal sewing pins are also resistant to heat. It implies that if they come into touch with heat, their heads will not melt. You’ll also like how simple they are to store. The pins come in a plastic box that is convenient for storing and transporting.

Below the head is 38 mm shafts which are solid and long-lasting. Therefore, they are ideal for various tasks such as corsages, dressmaking, needlework, wedding decorating, crafts, etc.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to hold
  • Colorful heads
  • Set of 250 pins


  • Not for hard fabrics


Overall review

In terms of quality, these pins can handle nearly every task that requires the presence of a pin. But, unfortunately, they are not appropriate for really hard materials.



4. Dritz Long Color Ball Pins

The Drtiz Long Color Ball Pins are another great choice for sewing pins.

Dritz 111 Long Color Ball Pins are notable for their suitability for home décor stitching and quilt basting. These sewing pins are perfect for getting started on these sorts of tasks. Even though they’re not colorful, the big white head balls are useful because they help keep your patterns on the materials in place.

They’re also simple to use and see. When removing the pins, you can obtain a solid hold on them without having lengthy fingernails. We like how the tools come in a plastic box with a curved shape that makes them simple to remove.


  • Large heads make them easy to handle
  • Ideal for home-décor, stitching and quilting
  • Noticeable white-heads


  • Can’t easily go through hard materials


Overall review

These sewing pins are strong and long-lasting. However, they are not flexible and are excellent for pinning fabrics together. However, although they are simple to use, they might be difficult to press through some materials, particularly harder ones.



5. Dritz Extra-Fine Glass Head Pins

The Dritz Extra-Fine Glass Head Pins are also another great choice for sewing pins.

Dritz 61 Glass Head Pins may come in a little plastic package, but they perform their job well. They are particularly engineered to penetrate through delicate textiles and silks, giving you the finest service while avoiding holes. Furthermore, they are ideal for machine piecing.

These are reusable in as many instances as you like, robust, long-lasting due to the nickel-plated steel. The glass head provides a fun and elegant touch to these sewing pins, and they assist you get the exact stitching results you desire.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Durable design
  • Excellent for sensitive fabrics
  • Convenient box for storage


  • Others may find it too small.


Overall review

We particularly enjoy that these sharp pins arrive in a reusable plastic storage container. It has a curved form that makes it simple to remove pins. The tools are also heat-resists a result, you. As a result, you. As a result, you may safely iron your pinned items, and they will not harm or cause holes in your fabric.

Regarding its drawbacks, you should be aware that these 250 sewing pins were too tiny and delicate for certain people.



Different Types of Sewing Pins


Quilting Pins

Since quilting requires multiple layers of fabric and batting, pins that are strong and long enough to work through all of the quilt layers are preferred. In addition, those with vividly colored heads, typically yellow or multi-hued, are simple to identify wherever they may be in your project.

Although melting isn’t generally an issue, quilting pins have traditionally plastic ball heads because most ironing occurs before and after pinning. Also, because quilts are often composed of strong cotton, your fabric should be able to withstand the higher weight of these pins.

However, if you pick a thinner or less conventional fabric for your quilt, you may want to consider a different pin to match.


Glass Headpins

These are among the most common pins used by sewers. They’re made of nickel-plated steel and are sturdy but not particularly flexible. However, the 1 3/8″ length is also just right. It would be too bendy if it were much longer, and it would have difficulty pinning through thick layers of wool or other heavyweight clothing fabrics if it were any shorter.

Because of the extra-fine 0.5 mm, the metal shaft will only leave tiny holes in the cloth, and the glass head will not melt when heated by the iron. In other words, utilize these pins to keep things in place while pressing.


Silk Pins

Certain fabric is self-restoring, which means that the fiber of the weave expands to fit the pin, then return to their original condition when you remove it. Unfortunately, silk isn’t one of those materials due to the delicate nature of the threads, which is why you’ll need to have these extra-fine pins if you wish to work with them.


Plastic Headpins

If you’re working with a material like felt, you might want to use plastic head crafting pins. They often feature large multi-colored plastic tips, occasionally in creative designs such as flowers and hearts. They do not even have to be of great quality, which means you will not have to invest in them greatly, and they’re a nice way to fill out your pin collection.



T-pins are 1 1/2″ long and made completely of nickel-plated steel. They are useful for keeping down upholstery materials or for those few craft projects that require ironing. You may not use them often for stitching, but nothing else will serve when the situation demands it.



These pins feature nickel-plated 0.5 mm metal shafts and are as sturdy and stiff as glass head variants. However, because they contain plastic instead of glass heads, it’s better to avoid pressing them — or, at the absolute least, be extremely mindful of where the heads are so you will not unintentionally melt them.


Questions and Answers About Sewing Pins


What different sizes and types of sewing pins are best for delicate tasks?

Delicate materials aren’t like any other others materials and must handle them with care. As a result, your sewing pins have to be appropriate.

They should be capable of keeping your work intact on such sensitive silks without harming them or creating big holes. Stainless steel or silk pins are ideal for delicate jobs since they are thin and have flat heads. Your selections determine the size. They can, however, go up to 1-1/16″ for that purpose.


Can fabrics be iron while having pins?

Sewing pins, as you may know, can be utilized at many phases of a sewing job. As a result, while shopping, make sure these are heat-resistant and can survive ironing without melting. In general, most pins have this feature, and you can iron your garments and clothes with these pins on them, but verify the product’s description first.


What more can I do with my sewing pins?

Sewing pins might be a little, but they are multipurpose tools. Perhaps one is unable to do all sewing jobs or work with all fabrics. Therefore, it is vital to understand that you may use them for various functions, including keeping fabrics and patterns together and in position, fitting fabric on the body, attaching trimmings, embellishing, and crafting.




Sewing pins will help your tasks go as easily as possible. They will assist you in keeping your items together while easily moving the materials.

We wish that our product evaluation has assisted you in discovering the best sewing pins for your project, allowing you to begin making gorgeous clothing with convenience.


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