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Is the Singer 4423 a good sewing machine? Here is our in-depth review!

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“Singer”- the name itself says a lot. It is a brand that has been well known for sewing machines all over the world throughout history.  They provide the most reliable and robust machines. The Singer 4423 model is no different. It’s a heavy-duty sewing machine designed for heavyweight fabric like denim canvas etc. Due to the powerful motor used in the machine, it gives you speed like no other. This could definitely save you a lot of time and effort. Besides, it makes quilting very easy.

The singer 4423 has many features that make it as good as a lightweight, highly featured sewing machine. The key features are:


singer 4423 review


Singer 4423 Review and Buyers Guide!

1. 23 built-in stitches

Singer 4423 has 23 built-in stitches, including a buttonhole. The stitches are ^ basic stitches, 8 stretch stitches, 12  décor stitches, and 1 buttonhole. This wide range of stitches allows you to try out different stitches in making decorations or sewing dresses.


2. High speed

As the company claims, this machine can do about 1100 stitches per minute. This is actually the fastest speed a sewing machine can have. So, the speed this model offers is going to save you a lot of time.


3. Automatic Needle threader

The needle threader is an important addition to this machine. It prevents the straining of your eyes and saves you the trouble of threading your needle.


4. Top Drop-in bobbin

The top drop-in bobbin gives you the great advantage of seeing where you are loading the bobbin. Unlike the old mechanical ones, where the bobbin goes underneath the machine body and loading the bobbin was difficult, singer 4423 gives you the best advantage.


5. Adjustable stitch length and width

With the singer 4423, you can change the length and width of the stitch. It has the largest width is 6mm, with 0 to 6 settings. The length ranges from .5mm to 4 mm with 4 settings.  This wide range of adjustable lengths and widths gives you the freedom to be creative. You can choose whatever adjustments you like to create different designs.


6. 60% stronger motor

Singer claims to make this model with a 60% stronger motor. This is why it can sew through any type of fabric; even up to multiple layers.


7. Snap-on Presser Foot

You can easily change the pressure feet pressure. Also, you can on or off or change the position of your presser feet in a snap.


8. Free Arm

What free arm does is that it lets you remove a part of your machine to make it a free arm. This is extra helpful when you are sewing small openings, like hemming cuffs or sleeves of clothing. It allows you to reach the hard-reach areas with ease.


9. Three needle positions

As a heavy-duty machine, it has three different needle positions to change for different sewing works. It can be changed for inserting zippers or cording or topstitching.


10. Extra high presser foot lifter

You can lift your presser foot for more layers of fabric no matter how bulkier they are.


11. Heavy-duty metal frame with a stainless steel bedplate

The metal body gives the machine the sturdiness it requires for heavy-duty sewing. Stainless steel bedplate allows the fabric to slide with ease.


12. Onboard storage

It has a removable sewing bed for easy access to all your sewing products.


13. Automatic reverse stitch

It also allows reverse stitching meaning backward stitches. It will help you secure your stitches.


14. Added accessories

The machine comes with accessories including an all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, seam reaper, quilting guide, needles bobbins, screwdriver, auxiliary spool pin, soft-sided dust cover.


What We Like Most (Pros)

The most likable features of singer 4423 are:

  • Its heavy-duty metal frame makes it sturdy and holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment, giving you skip-free stitches and durability.
  • It comes with a manual. So, basically, you can do anything if you read it carefully.
  • It works great with thick and stiff vinyl to silky satin to stretchy lycra even leather of multiple layers if you have the right needle for it.
  • Do not skip any stitches.
  • Adjustable presser foot lets you work with any type of fabric you want
  • It is quite cheap for the features it provides.
  • It’s not noisy at all.


What Users Claiming (cons)

A few downsides were found in the machine

  • The defective warranty is only 90 days
  • The users have claimed that the machine gets jammed up quite often.
  • It does not have the decorative or extra stretch stitches that you would have with other machines.
  • This manual machine does not allow you to stop automatically. So you have to be very careful while sewing buttonhole.
  • It does not provide a good scalloped stitch.
  • It does not work very well with felt. Sometimes users claim that it does not work well with multiple layers of leather.



Final Verdict

Singer 4423 is a powerful machine. Its rigid mainframe makes it perfect for heavy-duty works. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Although the speed it provides is not very necessary for amateur users, they don’t need too much speed. But for a professional sewist, this can save a lot of time. For heavyweight to lightweight fabric, it can sew through anything, making it a versatile sewing machine. You can try out different clothing or decorative pieces and get very crafty. It does all the heavyweight works but not a little bit noisy. It is not heavy either and allows you to carry it anywhere you like. It is a great sewing machine at a very reasonable price.

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